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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


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Well I too missed the comments that strayed from the "norm" here - I like this site since it isn't about calling each other vile names - all the others are way out of line.... now to the show - it was so boring... I had nothing that needed to be done but it was the most productive hour I've had in ages - cooked, cleaned, ironed and on and on...
I have never voted this year and last year I voted non stop for Taylor .. by the way I've seen him in concert and he knocks your socks off - he is fantastic. I have his cd's and even bought that terrible "do i make you proud" .. He is my favorite idol ever. I didn't think Chris looked or sounded good last night - I did like him last year but he was not up to par last night and the eyeliner thing - yikes! Anyhow - thanks for this site/blog .. love it and love the comments!!

I have only recently started posting here, although I have been reading for a while.

I posted my first comment (actually, it was an answer to a question) in a forum many years ago and was attacked by someone who obviously had nothing better to do than to make vicious comments to other people. It annoyed me enough that it kept me from participating in any forum for about 5 years, since it didn't seem worth my time. Of course people have differing opinions, but that doesn't make it right to attack anyone. Thanks for caring enough about what goes on here to moderate, and for not letting the bad apples ruin it for everyone.


Screw that Moron!

Where's my AI recap?

What the hell is Randy wearing? A reject costume from the Rhythm Nation?

What drugs are paula on tonight and what did ryan mean by saying the "B-word" on air?

And Simon is just one sexy devil.

Blake and the Argyle is just a little freaky and dare, I say it but after Blake's first 2 songs, I think he's doing a little better than Jordin. Let's hope her last two songs will rock the house.


I didn't see the offending comments before they were deleted, but glad to see that some Bush voters are finally seeing the light that ALL voters were lied to and we are in a deceptive war.

BTW, this is the first time I have posted on a blog site.

Believe me, it is not a feather I relish having to bring into play.

I have deleted all the comments from The Stone Age entry at this point. I did not like having to do it as there was some truly great discussion taking place up to last evening.

For the record, I have had to ban the same individiual in the past when it became clear the only intent was to demean, marginalize, and trivialize other posters.

Call me Captain Kirk or Spock, but "the needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few - or the one".

Rational, thoughtful dialogue is always welcome here - there is no requirement to agree with me or any other poster. But when it devolves so badly? Well, there are more than enough boards in cyberspace where that can be indulged. Here is just not one of them.

Linda, if you haven't already, you can officially add the "Moderator" feather to your cap. Unfortunately, it's an ugly, shrived-up little feather because nobody likes to have to ban another poster, and nobody likes being banned. However, in your position, you've gotta do what's best for _your_ blog and _your_ readers. As for your bannee? Hopefully he'll do the mature thing: own up and apologize. He did have a lot of good things to say on other subjects.

Linda: YOu are one class act! Keep up the great blogs, love reading them, agree with everything I've read so far. You say so eliquently what most of us wish we could stammer out. I go from laughing my arse off at your comments on the crazy laughable things in life, to being totally shocked and infuriated about the horrors that exist as well. Thank you for saying what needs to be said.

First of all...

To Lori-- Thank you for responding to this particular person yesterday after something I said somewhat started his little tirade. I was busy with work and couldn't respond and you basically said everything I would have said and then some. :)

To Linda-- Thank you for taking the time to read all of our comments and for taking action when it is necessary. The fact that this particular person attacked you for taking such action just demonstrates the kind of character he possesses. As you said, these topics can spur debates among your readers, but there is no reason for a person such as him to berate other people simply because those people happen to disagree with him. Debates can be handled in a mature manner when both parties are mature enough to agree to disagree as you said. Anyway, in short... Thanks!


Sorry a troll had to come and ruin your blog. This is one of the few sites that I visit pretty much daily, even if I don't always post.

As a fellow parent of 3 girls, I can relate very easily to a lot of the opinions and views that are presented here.

Keep your chin up!

WOW. I finally went back and read the stone age thing and comments. Some people are so vehement.

I would say "violence begets violence"

Personally, I think Osama's laughing all the way to the cave as he watches the U.S. bankrupt itself fighting this "war in Iraq".

Hate it or love it, this is about economics. I find myself shocked to think that this may very well have been what Osama Bin Laden (or however his name is spelled) wanted all along. To bankrupt the United States. It's real, it's happening and it will come home to roost, most specifically for my children's generation.

As to the comment about a woman being President and not getting respect from all these little dictator types, call up Margaret Thatcher and run that by her. I think you'll get a differing opinion.

I truly think that a great nation like ours could have come up with a better response to the WTC bombings than a war in Iraq. What it should have been, I'm not smart enough to know, but putting the money spent in Iraq into education or health care or shoring up our own borders or even our own food supply looks like it might have been a better plan.

As long as this counrty keeps spending money we don't have, Osama wins.

Ok, I came here to see what was being discussed about the headline "Paula Abdul hurt in freak dog accident". I was looking for clarification as to what constitutes a freak dog. The Pussycat Dolls sing "...a freak like me" so does that imply she had an accident with a species-confused animal?
Then, her comment that the accident was caused by her "little chubby Tulip" sort of put me over the edge. I've had a chubby tulip (though, thankfully it's much smaller now) but I never tripped over it.

Thomas J - Thank you, thank you, thank you for the comments. I swear, seriously, you got me a little misty-eyed there... and that's a difficult thing to do.

Re: Barack Obama... please read his books, "The Audacity of Hope" and "Dreams From My Father." IMHO, Barack Obama is exactly what this nation needs right now. He is truly an inspiration.

Much Love to you, friend.


After seeing this post, I decided to go check out the commentary on the previous post, "The Stone Age." I had made a comment in there on Friday about it coming dangerously close to reverting to a man-bashing discussion after Trixie's comment sat a bit wrong with me. I originally intended to respond to one of Linda's comments she made in response to me. After reading your responses, however - which, by the way, couldn't have been worded better - I decided that I had nothing else useful to add, so I elected to let that particular mini-thread go away.

I kept reading after I left the discussion, however, and I'm quite impressed with the way you handled yourself in the debate with you recently departed adversary. I don't think I could have kept above the fray for nearly as long as you did - I would have been responding in kind to the personal attacks much earlier. Also, as a fellow registered Republican and two-time Bush voter who also was a bit late to recognize the deception fed to us from the Oval Office and the upper levels of the current Bush administration, I have to tell you that you're right on target on the issue of the Iraq war.

While I don't agree with you about everything (Barack Obama? I'm not so sure...), I just felt compelled to thank you for expressing yourself so intelligently. So, thank you!

Also, to Linda - the images that you gave me with the "70 male virgins" comments looked suspiciously like a comic book convention. Made me chuckle in spite of myself. Nice going. : )


I'm shocked that someone(gee, I wonder who it could be!) had the nerve to call you any of those names. I hate that you bore the brunt (and Lori too) of such pent-up anger and apparent lack of understanding of anyone's opinion other than his own. Debate IS healthy. My husband and I cancel each other's vote in every election, but we continue to vote and debate. Our marriage is healthy because of it and I'd be bored out of my mind if I heard my opinions and thoughts coming out of his mouth 24/7 anyway!

Please don't allow one person's bad day to change a thing about you...you're awesome! I read you before I blog on my own site...you give me lots of things to think about and I really appreciate all you do and stand for!

So, not sure what caused all the "shut down" etc. but have definately noticed on other blogs people can get insulting, primarily because they can write it anonymously (sp?). However, charting and statistics are very interesting. It could also be "charted" that the increase in obesity in the U.S. is attributable to a) making amphetamines illegal - lots of people loved the black beauty, b) the decrease in the number of people smoking cigarettes and c) the increase in the quantity of "prepared" foods we're eating, i.e. frozen dinners, snack foods, pop (as we called it in the Midwest), so virtually anything you want to chart can be applied to the increase in obesity. I do like the sales of Lazy Boy recliners tho....that got me laffing. So, not to get everyone all in a twist, but I was glad to see Charlie Crist had passed a bill in Florida to mandate PE. I wish Texas would do the same. (however hair boy is too focused on using our daughters as fodder for Merck's testing of their new vaccine - oops, DGMS on that) Too often the focus of obesity is the foods we eat rather than the exercise we are not getting. So I guess I agree with you Linda, we need to get off our duffs and walk, run, bike, skip, scooter more often. P.S. that being said, it wouldn't hurt our school system to stop serving whole milk and a myriad of other fattening foods, tater tots, fish sticks, chicken nuggets, and on and on and on. My kids are younger than yours and they've already figured out DGMS which either stands for "don't get me started" or in their case "don't get Mom started" - try health care for example......DGMS.
Finally, yes there are great men out there who are doing their share or more than their share of the parenting, my hubby included. I'm lucky.

Shawn -

Thank you very much for your compliments and words of encouragement! After the debacle of yesterday, that means quite a lot to me.

I truly enjoy a good, thoughtful, educated and intelligent debate. As a Libra (ha-ha), I pride myself on getting balanced facts and weighing all options before forming an opinion - and the Iraq War has been a very tough issue for me, personally. I started off 100% in favor of our actions there, based on the information we, as a country, were given leading up to March 2003. As I have said many times, I voted for President Bush in 2000 and again in 2004. I have been a registered Republican voter since the day I turned 18. I consider myself to be a moderate Independent with some liberal leanings (militantly Pro-Choice and Pro-Gun Control) and some conservative leanings (Pro-Military and Anti-Tax).

But on the subject of the Iraq War, I feel there can be no other stance for me, personally, but to be against this criminal war and demand that our valuable, precious and heroic troops be brought home immediately. I don't have a problem with our troops - I love our troops. I have a problem with a President who lies and, as a result, makes my country hated around the globe.

I try very hard not to be drawn into personal attacks but, damn, it's so hard sometimes when the person you're debating knows no other way to defend their undefendable position. Maybe I should have let it go yesterday, but I chose not to - and the result was that the individual made the decision to stoop to all-time new lows in a desperate attempt to save face in a losing battle. I find that so very sad, but, even more, it angers me that he would do something so dishonorable on Linda's own forum.

Thank you again for your support, Shawn. I always enjoy reading your comments, as well!

Thank you - all of you who have chimed in this morning.

I want open dialogue in here. I want expressive thought, and a sharing of viewpoints (even if sum peeple like Crystal kant spel).

I appreciate the support!

We love Linda! I must have lucked out, making this the first blog I ever started reading daily. So the few times I have dabbled at other blogs, what I found made this one seem all the better. Yes, we disagree here sometimes but it rarely, almost never gets ugly with personal insults and attacks. The comments that are posted here are almost as fun to read as Linda's original post (I think we all have a long way to go before we're on Linda's level of intelligent and entertaining writing, she types green with envy!) But I truly enjoy reading the various comments and opinions from across the country and can't help but add my two cents. I like that it IS a dialogue - that you add YOUR two cents to the comments once in a while and that the topics you cover are so varied.

First and foremost, this blog is YOURS - it is YOU. And you have every right to expect certain basic, decent rules of common courtesy and decency. The rest of us grown-ups have no problem abiding by your rules. Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows where you stand on commenting respectfully. Sometimes bullies need to be put in check...

P.S. I'm with Thomas - Shallow? No way. Hypocritical? Never. Spoiled? Uh, no. Pampered, maybe? :) And Bitch? The classic shut-the-woman-up put down. Not even close!!!

Linda, it is nice to know that you do monitor what is happening on your blog. Knowing that you do read the comments and respond personally makes this one of my favorite places to visit for enlightenment and entertainment. Many of the people who comment are very well educated about the events going on in this world and I learn from them.

To Lori - I just want to say how impressed I am with your knowledge and ability to express that knowledge. You remind me of my brother who could debate others about any topic. Me on the other hand do not do so well in that area despite being fairly educated myself. I enjoyed reading your articulate and thoughtful responses to those who were personally attacking you.

On a side note - I was in Washington state over the weekend, and stayed at my cousins in Bothell Washington and according to my cousin, Blake Lewis lives only a short distance from him. Since I DROVE there from the airport and did not require a SEAPLANE to get there, I was curious why Blake needed one. Guess it was more dramatic that way? :)

I also come to your blog for differing opinions, debate, and of course humor. You do a great job of surfacing events and stories and facilitating discussion of events as mundane as AI, and as global as AIDS, hunger and bigotry. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

Thank you for keeping this board entertaining for mature audiences (whether you're a mature 15-year-old, or an old 44-year-old fogey like me.)


As I said last night, you have no reason to apologize for the behavior of another person, whether they are abusing your blog or not. It was that individual's decision to behave in the way he did - you had nothing to do with it. As for those of us who were on the other end of the behavior, I can only speak for myself... I am an adult and I proudly wear my "big girl pants." If someone wants to come after me on an internet message board, I have two choices - I can respond or walk away. In the past, I have walked away from this person, but I chose not to do that yesterday and I do not regret that decision. Again, you have no reason to apologize.

However, the person who took advantage of you and your forum owes you a sincere apology (not that I think that will ever happen). The fault lies with him, and him alone. I can't see him ever accepting responsibility for his actions, though - especially after reading the abuse he heaped on you via e-mail after the fact.

I want to thank you, Linda, for allowing us all to share this forum with you. You are a breath of fresh air and a wonderful "internet-friend." Your wisdom and insight is a blessing to all of us, and the gift of laughter you give every week is priceless.

Don't let the bastards get you down, my friend. We love you.

Not sure I want to wade back through and see what brought this one on but I want to tell you that I am one of the people who come here because there is intelligence in the posts and in the commenters. You are right that every other board out there becomes a fight full of obscenity that had nothing to do with the original subject matter. I like it here and will continue to return. And having read you for over a year I think it is safe to say that the words hypocritical spoiled shallow and bitch do not apply.

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