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Sunday, May 27, 2007


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I agree that this looks like a bad joke...Something that would have been the subject of a SNL sketch twenty years ago.

And G-d forbid that someone (like Elaine's friend) should decide that this is a dietary supplement rather than something cold to accompany a tunafish sandwich and some carrot sticks.

But, hooray for the free-market and the free flow of information! We have *lots* of alternatives to drink, and plenty of readily available information to help us make informed decisions.

Aside from the victims of a few idiots-on-a-mission-to-
save-us-from-ourselves (specifically the ones who wrangled legislation to ban trans-fats) we're not subject to the food police.

Y'all, don't hit phenylalanine too hard just because it's a mouthful... It's an innocent little essential amino acid. (Essential amino acid--you know... necessary to protein synthesis? Your body can't make tyrosine without it?)

I'm thinkin' that the phenylalanine is there as a component of whatever artificial sweetener this stuff uses...But consider it a bonus supplement, since this *is* a "vitamin drink"

What's wrong with Diet Coke? You ought to get a report from your water company on what's in your water. I think corn-syrup filled cokes are bad for you if you don't watch the calories, but I don't see how coke is any worse than anything else you can pour into your body. Caffeine isn't necessarily bad for you, either.

Chugging down two gallons of anything a day is probably bad for you. A few cans of coke is probably not going to hurt you.

I too thought this was pathetic. My friend actually walked in with one and was very excited about no longer having to take her Flintstones vitamin first thing in the morning. After gagging down this delicious vitamin treat she said she wasn't "that impressed." After about an hour though I was impressed with it. She got a two for one sale, vitamins and her colon was effectively cleaned out. I don't recall anything on the box about that but hey, I guess you can only cover so much.

"Toilet water is hydrating too..."

I love that, good line.


I truly agree with you. Pathetic is a good word to describe it. Of course these are the same geniuses that came up with Coke Black.

I'm a former Diet Coke addict (2+ liters per day) who recently kicked the habit in order to protect my future health. Diet Coke Plus is certainly not going to draw me back into the fold. Yuck.

I couldn't agree more. The glut of "healthy" liquid products vying for attention takes up its own aisle in the grocery store.

But Coke PLUS? This one is an especially big and pathetic stretch to me.

I am a fan of Coke, the classic only. I do not drink one everyday or even every other day, but when I want one, I enjoy it. I do not, however, want to get my vitamins from a coke can. It just seems weird and out of place and somehow gross at the same time. It is bad for those fools out there that will buy into it and actually think that they are being healthy. I can have a coke and get my daily dose of vitamins at the same time!! What a joke. But is Coke really to blame for jumping onto a bandwagon that is already out there? Vitamin water? Energy drinks? Are'nt they all the same in some respect that they help you think you are being healthy by drinking them, and therefore some of the guilt you may have is washed away with every gulp.

I first saw a commercial for this enhanced Diet Coke during AI and I laughed out loud at it! Throwing vitamins and minerals into a can of sewage doesn't make it healthy! I wonder if this will last as long as New Coke did?


I admit it. I'm a big Diet Coke fan. My compromise has been to drink one when I get up, then drink 64 ounces of water over the course of the day. When I have finished the water, I'm allowed to drink Diet Coke the rest of the day. I know, I know, it's bad for me. What the heck, I don't have any other vices.

Here's the funny part, when I saw that last week in the grocery store, I laughed out loud, then thought to myself, "yeah, right, like I'd trust you people to get me my daily dose of vitamins." So if you can't sell it to a hardcore Diet Coke drinker like me, who's going to buy it?

Well, at least we can hope that the wild boar was natural and not on 'roids a-la Barry Bonds.

I'm so lucky to have kids who love water, and choose it first, then milk then juice. But, if there is Kool-Aid in the house, watch out. One pitcher a day between 4 kids is ok.

So, when do Twinkies go full fiber?

Sorry, it's pronounced:


That's what I said when I saw it two days ago...it's so stupid. Why don't we all just go and chug some radioactive waste while we're drinking this bottle of chemicals?

And I can pronounce only one of the names, and that's only because a relative of mine has been a doctor for many, many years. phenylalanine. feny-la-la-neene.

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