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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


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I'm watching the most depressing performance by Green Day on the show right now--so glad I stopped by to brighten my day! Linda, your pics are UH-MAZING tonight! Curious George and Joan Crawford--you are my hero! Plus, I loved the pic of Paula. I have to give the makeup department an A+--it wasn't too bad, but did Dean take a vacation day? What was up with her hair? I think there might have been dead flies in there from her convertible ride over!

And Chris Daughtry's makeup--'sup with that? One word: creepy.

I agree re: Ryan's b-itch remark--did he not try that one in rehearsals or what? The air literally left the building, and the environment for that matter.

Alright then, off to the wedding and honeymoon this week! Thx for entertaining me before I go!

Great recap, as always!

Alexandra, thank you for planting that alliterative phrase in my brain, probably forever, of "similarly smarmy songs." Fits perfectly!

lb, I believe it's ROFL, not LOLF, unless you're lolling on the floor laughing, which, given a certain judge's behavior last night, could be possible. :-)

Fellow Sweeps Week watchers...this Idol finale is proving even lamer compared to the other season finales. Laila, Apolo, Joey on DWTS - each could have won. Apolo and Joey? Both kicked ass in the finals - it was hard to choose. I was surprised Apolo won but he earned it. Desperate Housewives - the Bree story; Gabby's wedding disaster; poor Edie; Susan & Mike's sweet wedding. GREAT finale. Even that cute until he opens his mouth Bachelor had me faked out almost to the end (when I caught Tessa wearing his dog tags, I knew he had picked her - you don't give your dog tags to just anybody!)

This year's AI finale? No suspense. Plus no emotional investment in the two finalists...NOT the must-see TV of finales past...Sigh...

Shawn and Linda,

I about fell out of my chair during the "get a mop" comment on Sopranos. I was really flipping when AJ tried to kill himself and Tony was like "WTF are you doing?" You really didn't know how much time had passed before Tony arrived on the scene...I can't even begin to imagine what the next two episodes are going to bring. I'm sad it's going off the air! As for the discovered tooth..lol...yuck!


Love the reviews which are usually right on the money. Kind of off topic, but lending to the conspiracy theorists about idol...am I the only one who noticed how there was convienient close-up video of both Jordin and Blake while they were supposedly in line to "audition" for the first time in Seattle. Are we to believe that the AI camera crew videos EVERY contestant in line, just in case they happen to progress through the rounds and make it to the final? And look at Sanjaya in the background behind Blake...go ahead...TIVO back...it's there. With all all due respect to Arsenio...kind of makes me go HHHMMMmmmmmm!!!!!!!


I thought that was the best line of the night. "Get a mop."

Between that, Tony finding a tooth in his pants cuff, and Sil reading How To Clean Practically Anything - it was David Chase at his finest.

Feel free to talk Sopranos anytime - I am a longtime fan of the boys from Joisey.

Love the recap as always. To the others that thought Simon looked HOT...add me to the list. I think he looks pretty nice most nights (except when wearing the dreary out of shape white t-shirt we saw a few times during the auditions and the africa trip). I don't mind the chest hair (tho I don't see it as being outrageously hairy. Maybe I need my eyes checked?

I voted for Blake several times. I like Jordin too but I am so tired of the ballads and Whitney/Celine type songs. That last song...I didn't care for it even when Jordin sang it. It was boring to me. Then the tears at the end...actually put me off. Jordin has experience in stuff like this and no doubt has had some coaching...didn't seem genuine. Again that is my opinion.

Thought it ironic that the city they blasted as having no talent this year (Seattle) not only is the city where both finalists auditioned but also where the songwriters who wrote the song are from.

I am with the other person who mentioned now focusing on Tony's antics on the Sopranos. The beat down he gave that guy that offended Meadow was reminicent (spelling?) of the way Edward Norton killed that guy in American History X. In fact I thought he killed the guy but later in the episode somehow it was mentioned he was not dead. I am a bit twisted I guess cuz I thought it was funny the busboys or whatever reacted by saying someone should get a mop. Sorry for the detour to Soprano's stuff.

Looking forward to the results tonight and a break from Idol. I have 4 summer classes starting June 5...graduate school will require my focused attention and Idol being over will help with that.

I have to disagree strongly abut Jordin's first song, I thought it was a horrid mess, and Randy saying the vocals were "brilliant" definitely brought up some of the cafe lean cuisine.

I get that Randy was pimping Jordin -- however his choice to make his final comments about this being a singing contest really got to me. Where were those comments last week? Is it only a singing contest when it is Jordin against a not very strong vocalist? Hated that.

As to the final song, I agree that Jordin did fifty times better than Blake. but of course she did. it was a super-sweet banal song obviously written for a very young balladeer. I know that America chose it, but they chose it from 20 similarly smarmy songs chosen for the finals by the producers. And, while I don't want to get conspiracy-theoryish, it is fairly obvious whom they had in mind for the finals while picking those songs. Even my beloved Melinda would have sounded a bit silly singing that treacle.

I really think that along with changing the voting system, AI should really consider having the final song be a new choice by the contestants. Like with Danicing with the Stars, the contestants are then able to choose to their strengths. It would give a much better final round all around.

Anyway, thanks again for your amazing recaps. i am praying that you will go with Project Runway -- I can already picture the parsing of Tim Gunn's nightmarish proclamations.

The song "Tiptoe Through the Tulip(s)" comes to mind. Maybe she should.

OMG, if this actually shows up I'll be thrilled!

Linda -- I discovered your blog this season and I LOVE IT! Thanks for bringing some fun to this particularly boring season of AI.

Anyway, I have to admit that I much prefer Jordin to Blake, though he did have a good night last night and TONS of screaming fans, so you never know what might happen. However, I see that people are really fired up about the final song, that it was made for Jordin, etc...Anyone who watches Idol knows that the finale/winner's song is some sappy MomentInsideYourHeavenUnderYourWingsBelievingICanFlyProudlyOverRainbows thing. Why? I suspect it's because ballads are harder to sing in terms of voice control and range, so it really shows you who is a better VOCALIST. Therefore, I'm not buying into any conspiracy theory here. If there's any conspiracy, it's Blake trying to throw it for himself so he can be more free as an artist. More power to him -- it worked for Clay.

See you all tomorrow!

When Chris first started singing, my hubby said, "well, he didn't buy any hair with his prize money", referring to Elliott's new teeth and Kelly P's new ta-tas. But I took a closer look and said, "Nope, looks like he spent it in the cosmetics aisle!" Guess he was doing his homage to Malcolm McDowell in "Clockwork Orange"

Gosh...the season is ending already? (smile) Admittedly I didn't watch at all last night. I mean, really - what's the point? Besides I'd much rather read Linda's recap that sit thru this "sing off". What's up w/the comments about Melinda and LaKisha? Perhaps they're not angry and so what if they are? I mean really: Jordin and Blake in a sing off? HA! If you'd like to see another recap of AI check out: http://right-thoughts.us/
Now, the blogger can be a tad bit...well, ok - he's vulgar, yet funny. I always read Linda and his recaps for belly busting, LOL comments. So...what's next?


Laughing My Ass Off!

I attended the taping of the Idol finale, and let me tell you, it was an EVENT!!!!

SOoooooo much fun.
Saw lots of old Idols, Chris R, Brandon, Chris H, Haley,
Constantine, Anthony Federov, Lisa Tucker (she was so sweet), Kimberly Caldwell, Justin Guarini (Adorable!)

Seeing Chris Daughtry perform was so exciting too. He was great.

OK so this is how it came out live being there in the Kodak.

Round 1:
Blake came out STRONG.
That song was a total crowd pleaser. And he fed off that and the performance rocked.

Jordin was good, but not as good as Blake.

Round 2:
People liked Blake but not as much as his Bonjovi beatbox song.

Crowd really really liked Jordins Martina McBride Broken Wings song.
Everyone was like Wow.

Round 3:
Blake sucked.
Really out of his element and uncomfortable.
You knew he just hated that he had to sing that song.

She showed really that there is no comparison between the 2.

Here are some observations:

1. Blake seemed to have more fans, Or maybe louder fans, more signs etc... then Jordin.
So dont count him out.

2. While onstage during commercial breaks Blake was fun and could not stand still.
Jordin was more stoic and looked nervous, though she waved sometimes.

3. Ryan Seacrest is the NICEST guy. Funny too. During breaks he comes out into the audience and graciously signs autographs, and answers questions,
He is witty and always has funny comebacks too.
A very real, down to earth guy.

Hes absolutely tiny though.

4. This show was a huge event, red carpet, outside interviews, news cameras, street closing.
I mean it was FUN to be there.
And I am sure tonight will be even more.

5. Nigel Lythgoe was nice too.

I hope its Jordin, but I will say it again, Blake sure did have a ton of fans there yesterday.......

Love your column (mostly the references to anything 80's). I didn't watch last night, and didn't vote. We all know Jordin will win. Blake doesn't appeal to me at all (mostly he annoys me). As for tonight I'll be watching Lost instead of AI. Your recap is much more entertaining than wasting 2 hours of my life on lame Ford commercials, Ryan's "jokes" and the AI "song" that will without a doubt be played 100 times each day on the radio over the next few months...well, I can live without.

I was glad to see that Randy was able to make it to the Kodak Theater in time from his re-enactment of the Second Battle of Bull Run - shame he didn't have time to change his clothes. Let's see - was he Longstreet? J.E.B. Stuart?

Paula, Paula, Paula. What, did they use every bit of extra hair lying around the studio on her last night - all of Kat's, Haley's and Cousin It's?? I kinda liked when she she would wear Barbaro's tail, but this hairdo looked like several cats had gotten into a fight on her head.

I have to admit I thought Simon looked HOT!

I know I said last week I didn't care who won, but after last night's performances, I just didn't think Blake deserved to win, so I sent a few votes Jordin's way.

Long Duk Dong - Linda, you are too much!! Blake did look like he just wanted to get that last song over with, and I can't say I blame him. But it did expose what a weak vocalist he is. I would rather have heard Phil sing it - the only guy in the top six with enough vocal chops to make something out of that pap.

When Jordin started with the finger origami, I got the feeling that someone off-stage had signaled her to knock it off, the way she snatched her hand behind her back. But I do think she'll be covered in confetti tonight.

Great recap-- I'm going to miss these!

Blake didn't seem all that into it last night. I agree that the last song wasn't his type of song at all and the fact that it showcased Jordin is not fair at all. He is a totally different kind of singer and performer and that song did not allow him to show us who he really is. Jordin sounded really good with that song and I think she has this thing in the bag. It would really surprise me if Blake won. I enjoy his performances, but I think that Jordin is more mainstreamed and, therefore, more likely to win.

Daughtry's makeup was too much! I was happy to see him perform as I was a huge fan of his last AI season, but I did not enjoy his makeup!!

Okay, I admit to being one of the few 30-something moms out there who "powervoted" for Blake...like 40 times (kids were in bed, husband out of town).
It's the rebel in me. I just don't like to be force-fed this home grown commodity AI is pushing in our faces.
Thanks for the fun recaps, Linda.

Oh yeah, Melinda did look ever so slightly disgruntled when they showed her and yes, she could have sung the h*ll out of that crappy song. A Melinda, Lakisha final would have been the mac daddy of all finals, they should actually go toe to toe and do a diva sing out. Now that would be some singing.

Ok so, H*ll to the no on Randy's jacket. I too wondered how Linda was going to lampoon that fashion train wreck. I made my hubby watch (you know the one that does participate in the parenting)...He wonders why Ryan gets to say b*tch on TV, but not sh*t. FCC - What up wit dat? and yes, it is a family show, supposedly, so I thought it was completely out of line.

I didn't like Blake in the beginning but he has grown on me primarily because of his originality. Hubby liked his rendition of the bon jovi song better than the bon jovi version, and I thought again.....I wouldn't change the station if I was driving and it came on the radio, which for me is saying a lot. I pointed out his home sewn pants to my 10 year old, he was like "whoa", I don't think Blake's going to spark a run at the fabric store.

While they are beating that 17 year old thing to death, did you notice on DWTS, the winner was Apolo Anton Ohno and his partner was only 18. She's a real pro. These are some very accomplished young women. WOW and all I was doing at that age was looking for my next buzz, if ya know what I mean. Granted I'm quite a bit older now, but they still deserve kudo's. So how old is Blake anyway..........he can't be that much older than Jordin?

Finally two things, 1) that final song basically sucked, and 2) what does LMAO mean and where do I find out what all these text message abbreviations mean. I finally figured out LOL, LOFL, WTF, OMG, but you lost me on that the other. I'm sure it's obvious, but get this, I don't even have a cell phone let alone ever text messaged anyone. Yeah, talk amongst yourselves about what a dinosaur I am, but at least I'm a safe driver. So when you see the one person driving around Austin who ISN'T on a cell phone, or the one person who's at Target who ISN'T on a cell phone, that's me. Feel free to put your call on hold and say "hi"

A few people have said that they will buy Blake's CD or would want to hear him on the radio. The only redeeming aspect of Blake is that he is fun to watch, for the most part. I can't imagine putting his CD on or tuning in to find him on the radio. Without the visual of his antics, he's got nuthin'. How can one sing along to a non-singer that has a voice that goes all over the place? Jordin, on the other hand, is good to watch AND sing-a-long-able.

Linda, I love your reviews! I don't have cable, but I will read your reviews of the paula show. She is such a wreck!! Poster child for Nancy Reagan's "Just say no" campaign.

Amy in NM: I agree. Paula probably did "trip" over her "dog" to get another prescription.

They should have America vote for the top three songs in the song writing contest. Then the finalists could pick their choice. Or they should write a song for each contestant. That way Blake wouldn't have been stuck singing that sap. I always hate the final songs. They are too sticky and sappy. I'm for a song to get the croud up.

There are 3 of us in my house; all girls. I don't care who wins, and my 2 sproutlings are Blaker Girls. I do have to admit that I didn't vote. I just don't care that much, and I think Jordin has it.

Love this site and visit it regularily. It has a firm spot on my favorites!

Thank you Linda. I finally found an intelligent AI recap site!! (Just discovered this season) I'm a fan!

In fact, Randy's outfit was something borrowed from Janet Jackson's Rhythmn Nation 1814 wardrobe and then let out. Massively.

I think Paula "tripped" over the Hair of The Dog...oh, that's right- she doesn't drink!...Jordin wins handily, and she knew it just as she sang the last line. That's why the tears came. Good to see all of the finalists there, though (I assume Mangina was there, but I didn't see him). Just an ok year for me- like Fantasia's year. Now, just waiting for Tony Soprano to start tying up loose ends there in Jersey and NY...

I don't care who "wins". I didn't powervote for either of them, or even try.

That said, Jordin outsang Blake by a mile last night and should win the game. I think Blake will outsell Jordin by a mile, because while he doesn't sing very well live, I think he has a pretty good recording voice, as in "contemporary" pop-boy flavor -assuming he doesn't get Bice'd.

Jordin is a pretty girl with a pretty voice. She is bland and generic. She bores me to tears. I have heard better SEVENTEEN!!1! year old singers with better stage presence so I'm not impressed. But I don't deny that she, of the two finalists, won the night.

Ho hum.

"This Is My Now" looked better on the hanger, but "America" picked it.

Woah guyliner! Less is more, baby. I thought there was something wrong with Chris's mic - the volume was too low - but he sounded good.

I love Chris to death and nearly had a stroke when I saw what those fiends had done to him.

Can someone explain to me what the heck Paula was trying to say at the end to Ryan before Daughtry came on? I don't have TIVO or I would have gone back and watched it again to try to figure out what point she was trying to make. Poor girl.

HIlarious as usual Linda, thank you. I was watching at the gym and the screen on my elliptical went fuzzy just as my bald and beautiful idol (no, not Popeye the Sailor Man) came onscreen so I leapt off for the only other free machine and frantically tried to get the channel in time to see his performance. Got the last minute, but that was enough. Chris Daughtry is far and away the best thing ever to come from AI. He was fantastic. He's a born star. I even forgave the eyeliner. Jordin will do fine with her win, but Blake? Comparing him to any of the true successes, and I still don't think he has a CD in him.

And the award for Best Recap on the Net goes to
Linda Sharp! Confetti!
and Oooooh Paula....
Who among us has Not purposefully broken a small bone to get the Vicodin we need? Hmm? I have not used the "Tripped over the dog" excuse but have put it in my file. And awesome use of Jumbo Hair to balance out slightly swollen nose.
Cannot wait for her show.

How could I have forgotten those Long Duck gems?!?! Thanks for a laugh down memory lane!


Linda: I don't watch the show, never have seen more than about 5 minutes of one show this entire season (the one with Tony Bennett). The songs were so painful to listen to that I turned to a rerun of CSI Miami after one of the contestants started her rendition of "I Got Rhythm"....but having said that, I have read EVERY SINGLE recap you've written because they are HYSTERICAL! Loved Sixteen Candles and Long Duck Dong - "no more yankie my wankie!" "au-to-mobile? grandpa's au-to-mobile?"

Thank you!

I'm with you that the finale song having to be a ballad needs retooled.

Unfortunately, this is the one voted on by the visitors to the AI site, so this is what we get - a song Taylor-made for Jordin.

I think it would be great to have a finale song be a fresh, upbeat, get-the-crowd-on-its-feet barn burner.

Blake totally got screwed with the song, but he certainly did not even try to make it work.

Hope you feel better soon!

Great recap, you really do put your all into these....so thank you! : )

I don't think Jordin has it wrapped up. I'm too old to be a Blaker Girl, but do find him charming and an interesting performer. Jordin didn't impress me at all tonight. Her first two songs were terrible and I agree that Randy needs to eat his words on "Broken Wing" sounding better than the original. Please have Paula pass over her crack pipe and quit being silly! If he chooses his own wardrobe, again...at least admit to taking drugs and having no taste rather than come off like you have this entire season. Paula...my God! Did they blow the entire budget on her hair and had to pull an outfit of a circus performer? I kept waiting for her to juggle something besides words! Simon...love him, but does he own anything not white, grey or black?

I'm sick of the finale songs being ballads, also. It was clearly written for a woman in mind...what man besides that Thicke dude (YIKES) or JT could even remotely sing that high? The two writers of the contest really splurged on their wardrobe as well. GEEZE!

I loved that Daughtry came back. I wish he had sounded better, but at least Nikki Sixx did a good job on his make-up! LOL!

I'm home sick today, but couldn't wait to read your take on the show. You really deserve some kind of award for these posts! : )

I gotta stop reading this recap at work, I laughed out loud at the "Curious George and Joan Crawford" line! And the one about Jordin wearing the hairdresser's smock over her jeans and all the different military names for Randy...hilarious!


You crack me up! I also thought Randy dug WAY back into his closet to pull out that thing. Maybe it was one of those "If I keep it long enough, I will lose weight and it will come back in style" moments. Paula had so much hair on her head that it made me wonder if she didn't trip over her dog, fall onto a lit stove, burn off her original hair and had to replace it with a wig! Make that two wigs and a bad weave! Ryan is not a comedian and should really stay on script. My eight-year-old daughter was on the computer doing homework when Blake sang "She Will Be Loved" and she said "My GOODNESS he is TONE DEAF! At this point, nobody in my house cares who wins--we are just about finaled (sp) out, with Grey's, Desperate, Dancing with the Stars, The Bachelor...etc. Oh, the last thing--about Jordin--she is far from perfect, but perfect for training. She is still (must I say it?) only 17 and very open to coaching. She will be fine with vocal coaches to help her reign in all those stray notes.

One question for you Linda and anyone else, did anyone else catch the pan to the other contestants when Jordan was singing? Melinda and KiKi looked pissed at the world. Chris and Phil were cheering for her the same as they did with Blake but the other 2 divas looked none too happy and that was well into the song. Not too impressed with either of them after that.

Loved the recap Linda and I find myself watching and thinking about things you will point out. Randy's outfit was the first thing I saw and thought "She's going to have a field day with that one!" and then of course Paula had to be on pain meds because she couldn't string a coherent sentence together!

Jordin was AMAZING tonight and in Randy's words SHE WAS IN IT TO WIN IT! I loved her version of "Fighter" and it proves she can sing pop music. I don't think the producers fixed anything in her favor. Blake has never been a favorite of mine but the plain and simple fact is he CANNOT sing worth a crap! I can sing better in my shower but you wouldn't see me trying out for AI even if I was young enough! Jordin, 17 or not, can flat out sing! And I, too, found her choking up at the end of "This is my Now" touching.

My world won't end if Blake wins but I will be done with AI. Jordin has the potential to rival Kelly and Carrie in my opinion but Blake would be a flash in the pan, a la Taylor. Can't wait until tonight! I missed Chris and that ticks me off! Oh well, I'll just listen to his CD in the car today!

AJ - thanks for your comments!

I actually began the season firmly planted in Blake's camp. His work on the Jamiroquai song was flawless, but as the season wore on, he began to wear on my nerves. I make no apology for that. That's the beauty of the show - people get impressed, un-impressed, re-impressed, find new favorites, switch alliances, etc.

I have absolutely given him credit when it was due, and I have also taken Jordin to task when she Miss Teen America'd and shrieked her way through a song. (See above Broken Wing notes most recently)

As I clearly stated in this recap - this finale is all about personal taste. I personally don't care for his "style", his passe' beatboxing, or his matching argyle sweaters and tennis shoes.

Will he have tremendous success? I honestly don't know. Everyone swore they would buy Taylor's CD and pledged their undying love for the man, but it hasn't happened.

J & B will get their contracts. Regardless of who sings the final song tonight, they both win. The idea of a single winner was abandoned in season two.

Jordin will win... we all know she will. HOWEVER, that doesn't change the fact that I wish all the best to Blake. (Yes, I AM a Blaker Girl) I will not be buying Jordin's CD and find her boring, trite, screaming, and 17... WHAT she is ONLY 17?????? Who knew.

Linda, your bias is getting painfully obvious now. You hate Blake, we get it. But why do you gloss over Jordin's vocal faux pas?

You write about Blake: "The problem is that the crowd adores Blake as do his many, many television land fans. Vocals be damned. And that is fine."

The same could be said about Jordin last night. Her vocals on "Fighter" weren't that good. Simon was right, she was "shrieky" at times. She was also behind the music for most of the song until she skipped a couple of words and ended up ahead of the beat. She was also completely drowned out by the back-up singers and the music, which also happened during parts of "Broken Wing." (Note: it also happened very noticeably to Blake on "This is My Now.")

Jordin is a better singer than Blake, but she's certainly not without her flaws. Everyone who pretends otherwise - including Randy Jackson - is really straining their credibility. You dislike Blake, and that's fine...but please stop writing as though Jordin is a perfect singer.

Personally, while I know Jordin is a better singer than Blake, I prefer Blake. He's far more original and takes more risks. There isn't much like him on radio today. In contrast, I can turn on any pop station and hear dozens of singers just like Jordin. It doesn't mean she's not good, but she doesn't stand out from the crowd either.

Jordin will win, but I'll never buy her CD (like I've never bought any other winner's CD). I will buy Blake's CD (like I bought Daughtry's).

I was prepared not to care much about this final - and I didn't. The whole thing was a big fat EH. I found my attention wandering on more than one occasion. The songwriting competition song seemed "Taylor"-made for Jordin. Another sign of AI's full-court-press pimpage.

WHAT THE HECK WAS RANDY WEARING? As soon as I saw it my mind went to Linda - trying to guess her description of the chain-festooned button collection masquerading as a jacket. Maybe it was publicity for an upcoming episode of Project Runway - you can only shop at the hardware store and use metal embellishments. What? Bike chains and antique doorknobs? Make it work!!..Maybe the buttons spelled out Yo Dawg, that was da BOMB! in Braille?! Bizarro!

Paula's snout looked pretty good - and the Emmy for best makeup goes to AI for covering her bruising! Our armed forces could take a lesson in camouflage from these people! Ryan's bitch comment was unfunny and completely uncalled for - it's still a family show, no? Now THERE'S a Moron!

Blake - Of COURSE he busted out a greatest hits parade of his ugly old wardrobe favorites - the baggy BAGGY striped pants, the vest, argyle, 7 layer cake of shirts...BLECH. The only thing he forgot was Grandpa's favorite Fedora...I agree he has seemed almost surprised to still be there. Maybe Mr Calculated Moves miscalculated his fanbase. I think the Bon Jovi song was good, Maroon 5 lame and the last one? The dude all but handed Jordin the title - hey, I don't want it - YOU take it. Enjoy! I don't think he wants to win, either, and I don't think he will...

Jordin - I was not impressed with the Xtina song - I thought it was a weird choice, more almost speaking than singing, she was out of breath in spots - nailed the big finish but that doesn't negate the mess that came before. The unwarranted glowing from the judges just made it all the more obvious they want her to win it. Plus, she caught Blake's Over-the-Shoulder-itis, too. Argh! And as for Randy's comment that Jordin's "Broken Wing" was better than the original - maybe better than the original time SHE sang it but no way better than Martina. If that's what Yo Dawg meant, then those chains were cutting off the blood supply to his inflated I've-worked-with-everyone, name-dropping-giant-ego-of-a-head. She won the whole thing on the last song and her emotion was sweet. She has gotten on my nerves the last few weeks but I don't think even she is that good of an actress...

My Daughtry - Sounded great but the Ranger Rick eyeliner? I've told him a million times to go easy on that stuff! Men!

Jordin is the better singer of the two and should win but I didn't vote. The blatant pimpage, the song picked for her - just annoyed me. Plus I still found myself waiting for Melinda to sing (I know, I know - let it go!!). I wish I could have had a "write-in" vote - I would have figured out how to text vote for Melinda last night! Miss Jordin should start practicing her pageant wave for when she's crowned AI Teen Princess - 17-year-old Division!

I voted for Blake, via text because I don't have the patience to sit for hours hitting redial, and only once. Consider my vote a protest to how lopsided the producers have tried to swing the competition in Jordin's favor.

I knew that Jordin would win when she cracked at the end of This is My Now. Still, I prefer hearing something different on radio, and Blake will be a more interesting recording artist, in my opinion.

Finally, did anyone notice the camera cut to Marlee Matlin sitting in the audience. How funny! Even the deaf love AI!!!

Linda - I hate to say it, but I read your recap before the show! Then, I watch w/your running commentary. It's the only way to get through the show without fast forwarding through something worth watching or hearing. The highlight of my AI experience has been finding your column. I'm a fan! I, like many, think Jordin is the better singer and Blake will be better of on his own (without the AI machine breathing down his neck). I guess we'll find out tomorrow night (I, of course will have read your recap before watching!).

My friend on EbonyFriends.com and i both think jordin will win because the title is so good at we like it. we shall support him.

sparkly argyle = satan as fashion designer.


Were you sitting in My living room watching American Idol and listening to my comments? I said the exact same thing to my husband about Randy and Paula's outfits. I said he looked like something out of Sgt. Pepper's and she looked like a french maid. Scarey! (Us Hoosiers must think alike)
Feel free to throw 80's references around anytime. I mean who doesn't know 16 Candles?
My favorite part of the evening was Paula's comments "great vocal voice." What? How much is she getting paid? I think my two year old can come up with better comments.
Enjoyed your recap as always. Going to miss it!!

Jordin should win. Whether it was a fair season or not, she is the best of the two contestants left. I did vote and was able to get through twice (well, I stopped after two votes). Of course that was after most of the kids went to bed! I have never watched the show before but it's been fun. More fun, though, have been your recaps! Thanks for entertaining us even more than the show does!

I would sum up Blake's performances as.... "lake. big lake."

It's Jordin's title - and while she deserves to win it on singing talent, I have to agree that it wasn't all that fair to Blake to pick that song as the "finale song". When are they going to come out with something feisty and funky and radio-happy for a finale song? Why WHY must it always be a ballad? BUT that said, my girl is gonna win it.


Screw that Moron!

There's my AI recap?

What the hell is Randy wearing? A reject costume from the Rhythm Nation?

What drugs are paula on tonight and what did ryan mean by saying the "B-word" on air?

And Simon is just one sexy devil.

Blake and the Argyle is just a little freaky and dare, I say it but after Blake's first 2 songs, I think he's doing a little better than Jordin. Let's hope her last two songs will rock the house.

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