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Monday, April 30, 2007


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I sent the link to my husband. He didn't get as big a kick of it as I would have thought. Guess I won't be buying him the chrome ones...

I just found the perfect birthday
present for my boyfriend. Wish the big nutz came in the camo. Too Funny.

And Y'all wonder why this state's legislature is continually rated as THE WORST in the country....

I hear the Pampers lobbyists are spending tons of money in Annapolis trying -- ahem -- to be part of the legislative cover-up.

Having spent a whole afternoon in the emergency room with a son's case of testicular torsion, I think if we're going to pass any laws, they ought to be for Safe Gonadal Hanging, and require accompanying vehicular cups. Anyone know how to get a patent?

NH Diane, that was quite a visual. Thanks.


True, such a useless non-issue piece of legislation. It doesn't make me think too highly of those who think they have to exhibit their, er, manliness, we don't need more laws. If I saw them hanging under any trucks on I-15, I'd simply tell my older kids what they were, and tell my younger kids that some leprechaun, somewhere, has lost his wee bag o' gold. Blimey. What's next? Penile hood ornaments?

I just had to send that link to my husband via IM. Too funny. He could get a set of the bikerballz to put on his motorcycle! Keep up the good work make my days brighter and I guess, you are helping to lengthen my life.

Much appreciated!!!

What will Maryland do about all those shameless animals who flaunt their goodies in the wild and at such places of perversity as state fairs? I mean, those plastic ones have NOTHING on a real set of pig boys. I know this because I'm somehow always drawn to the swine pens. Oh stop it, it's the baby pigs I'm there to see. Anyway, I work for the NH State legislature so I have first hand knowledge about the crazy bills that legislators seem wont to introduce. Thankfully, most don't make it out of committee. I would hope this is one of those that get squashed like a pair of....well, you know.

I was just thinking this whole "Gonutz" thing is such a typically GUY thing. As if we women would EVER strap a giant pair of realistic boobs on our front fenders, complete with nipples! Although I think it would cause more chaos on the roads - with all the drooling, cross-eyed, dazed, incapacitated male drivers crashing every where! :)

OMG! I almost choked on my dinner while reading this! It is hysterical that a) someone would hang these on anything and b) that someone else would want to pass a law against them. I wish elected officials would spend their time on more worthwhile pursuits, rather than worrying about everyones' tender minds and sensibilities...

THe first time I spied a set was a couple of weeks ago here in eastern coastal NC. My first reaction was , "WTF?!! Are those really...?" Then I just went back to singing along with the radio at top voice. But I did a little research - namely called my friend who has a 21-year-old Marine son who is into muddin', giant wheels and all things truck and ATV. If anyone knew about these - she would. And she did. My 10-year-old daughter wasn't with me but had she been, I would have explained why I was laughing, she would have cracked up, end of story. Like Linda's girls, no scarring.

This is just another example of our elected officials wasting time on moronic non-issues instead of focusing on actual issues - like hunger, poverty, pathetic educational test scores, pedophiles living in our neighborhoods, why Lakisha lacks charisma - you know, ACTUAL problems! :)

Hi Linda, I too have a sense humor- I live in Nashville, TN, so you can imagine all the trucks I see with these testicles all dangling down. If anyone is offended- then they need to stop watching the nature shows that we see with them dangling free. Granite I'm not hopefully looking for the dangling pair- but at least it could bring up a good conversational piece, for kids and parents about the 'birds and bee's' if they point and ask "What are those"??

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