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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


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Honest to God, if my sister woke me up to tell me something like that I would reach through the phone and strangle the everliving crap out of her.

Still love love love those pearly white chiclets! Saw him on GMA and will buy his new album just because! I happened to catch his brothers on a PBS special this past weekend. Their Branson Mo. show was highlighted. The singing was pretty good, but let me just say, time hasn't been that kind to all of them. I would probably buy a ticket and sit back, close my eyes and think of how they looked in 1972.


My sister and eldest daughter are worse than the most rabid Trekkie. They download these damned things weekly and then dissect each and every one...


lol, so do i :) I'm crossing my fingers that my dementor-horcrux listener rebuttal will get read next week. Yes, I am also among the "Mugglecast" obsessed, as you must have noticed ;)

Linda, swear to God, as soon as I heard the Donny Osmond story on NPR (yes, I listen to NPR too!), I thought of YOU!! Your sister beat me to the punch with the Donny story. Too funny.

But my heart still belongs to Davy~

My sister and eldest daughter are worse than the most rabid Trekkie. They download these damned things weekly and then dissect each and every one...


"She also downloads Mugglecasts on Harry Potter"

yay, Mugglecast! :D love that people have heard of it, it's such an awesome podcast :)

Hi Linda,
I could have told you that Grandpa Donny was turning 50 because he is exactly the same age as me (I'll be fifty in September.) And he was exactly the same age as me (13) when I truly thought that he would marry me someday. His Tiger Beat pictures wallpapered my room, and I just waited for him to find me. Never mind I'm not Mormon. Never mind I didn't even know where Utah was back then. Never mind that I think people should have two children (one for each hand.) Just never mind. The summer between my 8th and 9th grade years, Donny and his brothers (they were The Osmond Brothers back then) came to my town for a concert. As luck would have it, I worked in tobacco that summer and made a little cash. So I drag my friend Beverly and off we go to meet my future husband. I screamed, I cried, and waited for him to pick me out of the crowd. It was a hot summer, and boy, was he ever sweating! Finally my moment came - he wiped the sweat from his face with a hankie, looked straight at me, and THREW it...of course to me (I thought). I gasped, screamed, jumped, and watched as MY hankie sailed over my head to some grandma two rows back. She couldn't have cared less. If my mama hadn't held me back I'd have beat her feeble butt to get MY hankie back! I went home...dejected...and later heard that my husband had married someone else. Two-timer.

"we MEN are lucky. We really DO get better with age."

Ooooh, GenuineGeno....them's fightin' words! Prepare for INCOMING!!! :)

I'm right on his heels, and while I may not allow my 16 yr.old daughter to even TALK to a male before she's 30, I plan on doing what Donny has done. I just have to lose 50 lbs, dye the grey out of my hair and beard, work out three hours everyday, and, oh yeah- get $100 million in my account. After that, THEN I'll be the hot Grandpa on the block. Of course, my daughter will have to adopt since she will not BE with a man while I'm alive! I have to admit, though- we MEN are lucky. We really DO get better with age.

Linda -
Have you seen Donny dancing in the "White and Nerdy" Weird Al video? If not - go to YouTube now! Type in Donny Osmond and watch the video of the "Dance Take" -even my 6 year old is a fan now ...

I ask myself , all the time, where does the time go???

Hi Linda, just a note about self, I'm 38 have a daughter that's 13. Yep, no grandbabies there. But living in Utah and having a step-daughter that's very mormon (me & hubby aren't)and just turned 20, and thinking her biological clock is almost up. Needless to say we're taking bets in our house we will be grammy & papa in the next year. Try that for scary! Gotta love Salt Lake City!

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