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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


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When the door of happiness closes, another opens, but often times we look so long at the closed door that we don't see the one which has been opened for us.

It's so lucky for me to find your blog! So shocking and great! Just one suggestion: It will be better and easier to follow if your blog can offer rrs subscription service.

Not only are you usually RIGHT ON you are absolutely hysterical as well! Thanks for the weekly laugh relief!!

Linda, I have to say that I love the recaps - they are better than the show!
I also must say I don't think Blake did himself any favors by singing Lennon's Ode to communism and one world government. Gawd I hate that song, and Blake's version was boring.
I really hope Jordin takes the whole thing. She's adorable, sweet and can sing. Melinda is technically the best singer, but for some reason she leaves me cold. The rest are all forgettable. I was watching Idol Rewind the other day while folding laundry and Kelly, Justin, Tamyra and even Nikki all sang rings around this years crop of contestants.
Keep up the good work!

My dad has volunteered and ran the local food bank where he lives since I was in high school (over twenty years now). Too bad more people aren't aware of the need to help those less fortunate.

Great recap as always, Linda!

John in AK, I took you up on your challenge and called my local food bank. Although I donate $ monthly into an even more local "storehouse" for those who may need it, I've never dealt with a food bank directly. They said their top needs were hygiene and baby items, like diapers, powder, formula, shampoo, deoderant, etc.; and protein items like canned tuna or chicken or frozen meats. I'm going to do this, so thanks for the nudge.

OK, back to Idol. I thought Jordin muscled her way through her emotions admirably, if not perfectly. Anyone ever tried to sing while staving off tears?

For once I thought Paula had something of substance to say when she told La Kisha that she just couldnt stop comparing to Fantasia.

When Fantasia did this song in the finale, she did it with a huge gospal choir.
Even if La Kisha's vocals were as good as Fantasia's there was no way she could ever compete with that overall performance.
Very dumb move for her to even attempt and go near it.

Blake- I think he's overrated.
Last night proves it.
When hes arranging songs with beatboxing or other gimicky things, he shines.
But strip him down and just make him sing, and hes a bore.

I think he would be a great vocal arranger, but his real vocals are just average.

Chris- I liked him last night.
He can be hot or cold with me each week, but I like him more then Blake.

Phil- I like him alot.
I am glad he is gaining some momentum.

Melinda- what can you say?
Shes amazing. THere is no song you can give her she cannot do and make you believe it.

Jordin- is as good as Melinda.
She has the vocals and the emotion, and the maturity.
Think about it, Melinda is 12 years older then she is!

I predict Jordin wins bc the 17 year old voting demographic.

Either way, Mel will be fine.

And La Kisha goes home tonight.

NOW I know why I couldn't get through on Jordin's line! Usually, we in Alaska can get through with no problem to vote. However, "at least FOUR HOURS of voting" kept us out. I gave up after getting a busy signal on both of Jordin's lines for over an hour and a half. No worries. I know she is not only safe, she will make the final three and IMHO, will win. Interesting how some feel she was screaming but love LaKishia or vise versa.

We all love Mel though! Wish she could "dress it up" somehow, but, she is still awesome.

As for the LaKisha/Jordin discussion, I can't see LaKisha growing and getting better. I'm kind of tired of her bored/irritated/pouty look on her face that she seems to wear all the time. She had some major "YO" factor early on, Jordin has caught her and passed her.

Jordin is fun, having fun, and enjoying herself. I know Jordin is 17 and still basiclly a kid; LaKisha is a mom, HAS a kid, and is a woman who has had to juggle the food bill against the light and rent bill. But come on! Smile, remind yourself (i.e. Fireman Phil) that you're making a better life for yourself and your family. I was a big LaKisha fan and thought Jordin would last through the final six. Now, I expect LaKisha to go home any day (not this week, that'll be Chris).

Blake needs to do something to pick it up too. I never thought "Imagine" to be a sad song; he made it that way for me last night.

Fireman Phil; I listened for about 30 seconds, then paused the DVR, headed to the head, got a drink, let the dog out, and came back and FF through the rest of his performance. Dull, unrecognizable (and my wife has force fed me Garth for the last 12 years!) and boring.

If nothing else, we're seeing how this will be a two woman finale. I can't see any of the remaining guys making it, and after Chris goes home tonight, Fireman Phil should be next, unless he really goes a LOT more country, and stays away from being a little bit Rock 'n Roll (shameless Donny and Marie pitch!)

Folks, if you really want to help in the world, head to your local food bank or soup kitchen. They need help every day, not just during the holidays. My mom runs the food bank in Pacific County, Washington state. She equates $1.00 as being six cans of tomato sauce. She would rather get the goods rather than the money though. If goods are donated, they can be put to use RIGHT NOW! Money of course is welcome, but, time must be taken to go buy it, hope the grocery store will give you a good deal, and bring it back. A flat of sandwich bread can be bought at the "Day old bread" store for $10.00. Then, 12 families will get a loaf of bread! BTW, generic or store brands are very welcome too!

If you give meat, poulty or fish, frozen is easier to distribute. Even wild game is welcome! Well, in Alaska and Washington it is. I can't speak for other areas.

Call your local food bank, today. Ask them what their five greatest needs are, today. Call four of your friends and ask them to supply at least two of those items, today. The extra you buy won't break 95% of us who read this blog, and you'll help people in your area who need it and are grateful. Today.

BTW, over 50% of the people who use food banks make minimum wage and have children at home. Nearly 40% are senior citizens scraping by on Social Security.

Of course, before Michael Jackson there was Bob Geldof - just thought I'd give the original "rock charity event" mastermind a nod.

I'm SO ticked- my Tivo missed a number when switching channels and I missed the first half. Your re-caps, though, tell a complete enough story, thank you! Anyhow, I too was guilty of tearing up when Jordin sang. I must admit though, I cry to that song when Elvis does it and when even Jerry Lewis does it, so to me it's the song, not the singer. She was fantastic though. I do think Kiki's going, and it's not right, but somewhere along the line she lost her soul. I think she knows Melinda's better and it's takn the wind out of her sails. I think up to now, her goal was to stay on longer than Mangina, and she did...I cannot believe they are only donating 10 cents for every dollar! Both AT&T AND NewsCorp should cover the full amount of each call. That really disgusts me. I bet they reach over 55 million votes...

Chris: Not bad

Melinda: Wonderful as always.

Blake: I'm not a big fan- but I don't think he Butchered the song.

Lakisha: I think she started out screaming, but did better towards the end.

Phil: Not bad.

Jordan: Good as always. I was touched by her tearfull eyes.

Personally my bottom 3: Blake, Lakisha and Chris (can't decide who needs to go home).

- Linda love the picture contrasts of Courious George & Joan Crawford ;-) Phils eyebrows can float on their own.

I guess my viewing experience last night was a mix of Jacque and Linda. My favorites from last night, in order:

1. Jordin. Far and away the best performance of the night. I had the goosebumps going, and my wife probably shed a tear or two - but then she was already worked up from the feeding center footage. I love this girl, and really hope it's a Jordin-Melinda final.

2. Melinda. What a brilliant performance of "There Will Come a Day." I love Faith Hill's version of this song. I liked Melinda's version better.

3 (tie). Blake. Controlled, subdued, greatly handled vocal of "Imagine." I thought he was really, really good.

3 (tie). Phil. Not quite as good as last week. If he hadn't been a bit thready at the beginning of the song, I would have liked him more than Blake. I took his rendition of "The Change" well - I thought he was trying to infuse some of his own style into the vocal so that he wouldn't earn the dreaded "k" word from Simon/Randy.

5. NasalBoy. I thought Curious Chris sounded like he was singing from the top of his chest this week, which is definitely an improvement from his normal singing from the back of his sinuses. I actually wound up liking his rendition of "Change The World" - but I think he needs to stay the hell out of Old Navy when getting style pointers. Freakin' cargo pants? Yuck. He's still bottom 3, but he may hang out for one more week...

6. Lakisha. Beautiful, flattering dress. Pitchy, screechy vocal. Maybe she's trying to lose the attitude that has clouded her for the past few weeks, but it's a bit too late now...and she needs to be stopped before she sings that God-awful Taylor Hicks "Do I Make You Proud" abomination next week. My votes alone (not counting my wife's or my 12-year old's) sent about $13.50 of ol' Rupert Murdoch's money to Africa this week - and exactly zero of my votes went to IDOLS-04 or IDOLS-10.

Again, Linda, thanks for the recap - though the Curious George pic almost had my morning coffee coming out my nose. : )

Hi Jacque! I think this is the point where personal favorites and different tastes in styles, etc really start to play in to who stays and who leaves.

I know Chris has a whole contingent of fans - I have NO idea why - but that's ok. That's what this show is all about.

It will be an interesting ride from now to the end to see who gets knocked out each time!

Apparently, last night was opposite night for me, and that's ok. I loved Blake and hated Kiki's version of ANOTHER idol's song! Melinda was "ok" but Jordin was terrible! I don't understand how the judges said what they did based on what I heard. Linda, I typically agree with you 100%, but like I must have been opposite night!

I hope Chris is the one to go! Tonight, I don't know if they can live up to the hype, but I'll be tuned in watching and on the edge of my seat!

Justine is right. Since that song is one of my all time favorites, I expect it to be sung in a certain way. Ya just don't mess with it, Jordin!. (And the judges have said the same to other contestants, too about other songs.) It was just not the same song. Jerry Lewis sings it after every MDA telethon and does it better. It wasn't bad. It just wasn't the wonder that everyone is talking about. That is one CD I would not buy. Melinda, on the other hand ... I'll be first in line when her CD is out.

For the first time this season, I voted. And voted. And voted. I sat and hit redial for Melinda's and Phil's numbers for about an hour, so Rupert (ugh, I can't stand that slimeball but he's rich and he's helping) better open up that wallet.

I, too, thought the $5 million figure from NewsCorp was a joke. $50 million would be more appropriate. And I'd also like to know the amounts that the other corporations are donating.

As far as performances go, Melinda was my favorite. I have loved "There Will Come A Day" ever since Faith Hill sang it live on the televised 9/11 tribute back in September 2001. Melinda took that song and made it her own - no easy feat with a Faith Hill song. Melinda had me in tears.

But the worst tear-jerking for me was Jordin's song. I am not a Jordin-fan, and I thought her vocal performance was really really screechy (yes, she WAS yelling)... but that song reduces me to a puddle of tears every time I hear it. "Carousel" was the fist musical I ever saw (back in the late 60's at a local perfomance in Albuquerque, NM). When the lyrics of that song are applied to the global hunger crisis, it's a killer-diller. My husband walked into the den as Jordin was in the middle of the song and I was literally sobbing (yeah, I'm a dork, I admit it). Plus, the song reminds me of my Mother in so many ways. I truly wish Jordin had reined her vocals in a bit at the end... IMHO, she wrecked the song by trying WAY too hard to nail those notes. I had visions of fingernails on chalkboards a few times.... not good, dawg.

Blake = Sucked. Boring.
Chris = Royally Sucked.
KiKi = Fantasia's "I Believe"? Ooooooo, bad idea, honey. I agreed with Paula. I was unimpressed.
Phil = Fantastic perfomance, but, like Simon, I wanted him to "go country" with it -- not full-on Garth, but country. He's hitting his stride, finally.

I predict Chris R or Lakisha will be leaving tonight.

How was Lakisha's song "screaming" and Jordin's not? I thought Jordin did scream in sections and her last notes were very thin and flat. I think people were caught up in the emotion of the song's words. If you go back and listen to the replay you will hear the truth. Not her best vocal and certainly not the best on Idol ever for goodness sake! Melinda is a much better singer. Do you think tonight's "surprise" is that they are all safe and the votes will be combined with next week's votes and 2 will go home next week? Seems like it would be a real downer to kick someone off tonight's big benefit show. Thanks for the great recaps!

Regarding your comment about Sally Struthers - perhaps people aren't moved when a 300 lb cow tells people to save the hungry.

I do understand why the judges were a bit tough on Lakisha. I agreed with them. I thought Chris's performance was his best, so far. I liked Blake's 'Imagine'. Nobody should dare mess with that song too much.
Phil was okay. Malinda was great as usual. She doesn't need to win this and may be better off if she doesn't. I agree that we are watching a star in the making with Jordin. She shines.

I thought Lakisha was terrific last night! Do not understand why the judges dissed her. She also has a more distinctive voice than Melinda. Jordin's song was awful! It was so breathy and off pitch. I don't see how folks could rave about it. Hope it's Chris going home tonight, he just doesn't belong anymore.

Did anyone else notice Jordin flubbing the line "dreams be tossed and...what did she say?!" Melinda is unbelievable! Didn't understand the judges praise about Chris and their dissing of LaKisha?

Unpopular opinion time...I thought LaKisha's performance was excellent. I thought her vocals were fabulous. On the other hand, I thought Chris was just terrible, and I really like him. Maybe it's because I barely even remember Fantasia singing "I believe", therefore I'm not comparing Kiki's version to the original. And maybe because I'm a huge Clapton fan, I found Chris's vocals atrocious. Or maybe it's simply that I faithfully read your recaps every week. lol
In any event, I have decided that every year there is one really talented Idol who the judges criticize especially harshly and there's one who get's an EZ pass. I think LaKisha and Chris are this years picks.
Kiki has never turned in a bad performance. I think her mistake was that she came out of the gate, knocked the door down, beat up the guard, and announced that she was HERE. She did such an amazing job that first week and nothing she does after that can ever compete. The judges are judging her by that "out of this world" performance and they're not really giving her credit where it's due for the quality of her subsequent performances.
That said, Chris receives praise for NOT being horrible. He can do a mediocre job and be praised yet Kiki, after her first performance, would have to simultaneously channel Billie, Whitney, Jennifer, Chaka, Aretha, Patti, and Gladys to ever get the same praise.

my prediction sanjaya will be the biggest star from this season...I will never forget jordin's emotion however way back talkin bout her lil brother...but melinda deserves the crown...obvious the producers want jordin..17 equals cash cow...good 4 her..what a nice girl..but for me melinda..I will always love lakisha..hope she survives...phil and tonite bringin up oklahoma bombing he knows how to bring up the flag...he sounds like cher! chris..will have a great life from this show...from a virginia hooters job to fame..sweet blake...2nite was not his best ..but he makes himself the best he can be..have u seen how ugly his father is? wow..simon and the food bank..priceless..hope he donates his paycheck...but he was far more humble 2 nite..p.s. linda I really love your columns..u r a fantastic writer and great wit and just adore ur thoughts! thanks

Jordin not only got the money spot but she brought down the house. That song was one of the songs that we had played at my mom's funeral service (sung by the Righteous Bros) and Jordin did it justice. I have liked her since the start and I think this will be between Melinda and Jordin for the title.

I can hardly type and hit redial at the same time but I'll do my best!

Oh, those sweet babies' faces from Africa. Pure love. Made me cry - of course - and made me start flexing my fingers for the voting marathon...

Curious George! I LOVE LOVE LOVE him!!! Chris? Not so much! Yes, he was less nasally but he was still the Squintmeister. And his split personality outfit? Dude, jacket with cargoes? Even a monkey could pick a better ensemble than that!

Melinda - Awesome, awesome, awesome. Still my fave - watching her just makes me happy, dork that I am.

Blakey - Good points: song choice, and no plaid. Bad points - song choice (c'mon, ONLY John can sing Imagine!), and stealing a homeless guy's jacket - that is just wrong, man! Or maybe it was one of the unfinished creations from Project Runway? Either way - U - G - L - Y - you ain't got no alibi, just UGLY, Blakey, just ugly! Also, what the heck was with him singing "Imagine all the BEABLE?"!!! Pronunciate Blakey Boy!!

Kiki - OK, shocked me with the No Whitney choice but I've figured out her new, subtle strategy. "If I sing songs by Idol WINNERS, then maybe I will BE an Idol winner!" Wasn't her best for me, dawg.

Phil - I liked it. Thought it was smooth - probably would have been better had he stayed true to Garth's country version but it was a solid performance.

Jordin - The girl can SANG but I wasn't in love with her performance this week. Was touched by her emotion, though.

I hope everyone is voting their fingers off - it gave me great satisfaction to spend a billionaire's dough on something worthwhile! Wonder what tomorrow's shock will be? Something in addition to Elvis lives or is that the shocker? Can't wait!!

My Bottom Three - Kiki, Blakey & Squintmester. I think Chris will be squinting and bobbing his way back home come this time tomorrow.

P.S. Another great recap and excellent title, Linda! Thanks!!

I have been on the Jordin bandwagon for some time and tonight made me buckle up for the long run. The chick has chops! I too got the goosebumps and tears...

Scoot over Linda - I'll help you make Rupert cough it up.

Ummm....Jordin? Were we listening to the same thing? She screeched and shrieked. Ick. HATED it.

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