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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


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Interesting info! Hope to see more! Good luck!

Exerpt from Reality TV Magazine:

Will American Idol Duet Be Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney?
Oh, those tricky American Idol producers have done it again. After months of denying that Michael Jackson or Paul McCartney will be appearing on American Idol, they go and drop a teaser that is bound to start up speculation again.

In a preview for Idol Gives Back, Ryan Seacrest listed several of the guests appearing. Included on Seacrest’s list were Pink, Gwen Stefani, Earth, Wind & Fire, Il Divo, Keira Knightley, Hugh Grant, Josh Groban, Jack Black, Helen Mirren, Rascal Flatts, Quincy Jones, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, and Annie Lennox. Then, Seacrest added “Plus a duet you will have to see to believe when two of the biggest stars in musical history come together on our stage.”

Any time that someone claims to have two of the biggest stars in musical history performing a duet, then Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney are certainly two names that will come up. But assuming that American Idol producers have been telling the truth all along and Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney won’t be appearing on the show, then who else might be on the duet list. Some other names that spring to mind are Bruce Springsteen, Garth Brooks, and Madonna.

Because the image in the background when the duet was mentioned was of a man and a woman, the majority of early speculation on message boards revolves around one male and one female in the duet. Some popular early guesses have been Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, and Paul McCartney and Celine Dion. Some of the more outrageous guesses include Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, and Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy.

The reality is that with American Idol there is no telling. After Prince popped up on the finale last year, denials by American Idol producers don’t really mean much. However, in Michael Jackson’s case, his agent issued at least two statements denying there is any deal for Michael Jackson to appear on American Idol. Then again, considering all the strange stuff that Michael Jackson gets accused of on a daily basis, it seems weird that his agent would choose a rumor about Jackson appearing on America’s most popular television show as one that he would just have to speak out against multiple times.


No biggie. I was in no way President of Hairjaya's Fan Club but I had seen some REALLY mean-spirited stuff posted on other blogs and sites calling the kid homosexual and ethnic slurs about his being Indian. I guess I was surprised to see anything even approaching that nastiness here. Sorry I got touchy! :)

Ah Sandy I'm just jestin' - Ryan seems very, very fond of Sanny. Sorry if I offend. Had a bad week.

I agree with what someone else said here that we should give Lakisha some slack. I think the reason behind her attitude change is that this is all beginning to take a toll on her. With each week, the competition gets more intense, and so is the stress along with the pressure to put out a spectacular performance each week. The problem with Kiki, is that she raised the bar so ridiculously high with her first performance "And I am Telling You..." and from that first performance people have been expecting her to either top that performance or perform on that same level week after week. Which is pretty much impossible IMO. So even if she delivers a good, solid performance, it's going to be viewed as just ok compared to the "And I'm Telling You" one.
The pressure these contestants are under each week coupled with their frantic, demanding schedules has got to be very taxing on them emotionally and maybe even physically. And I think that Kiki also is really missing her daughter since she has not probably seen her in weeks--so that makes it extra hard and challenging for her. But hopefully, she'll get to visit her daughter soon which will cheer her up and she'll get the extra boost of inspiration and motivation she needs to give another spectacular performance we all know she is capable of.
Just my 2 cents.
Also, I just want to say that Linda, you are BRILLIANT! Love your blog! Thanks for providing such intelligent, witty and hilarious entertainment!

Carol - that comment seems uncalled for...What are you trying to say?

Sanjaya's not going anywhere folks, his Crest Whitestrips and curling irons are already tucked away in Ryan's bathroom cabinet.

Jesus take the microphone! LMAO!!!

Jacquie (ohio), I have to sit on my hands when I see a typo or grammar mistake in my posts (like I did above), because since there's not an edit function on this blog, I could drive myself nuts. *breathe deeply*

On another note, your typo of "comapassion" has to be one of the funniest mistakes I've ever read! Oh, how I wouldn't love to see Linda's take on a definition for that. :-)

just a note that i made...fergie stepped onstage and the first thing i thought was the bartender in shrek. she's the ugly stepsister, i believe, and she has the voice of a man. fergie sang for the part that i ddnt fast forward thru, but she looked a LOT like the ugly stepsister...

oops sorry tried to correct my spelling error "compassion" and I still didn't get it right....

My guide on my DVR says " the six finalists perform songs about comapassion and hope "

My guide on my DVR says " the six finalists perform songs about comapssion and hope "

Thx for the hind tit reference! Someone actually gave me a hollar over at "my place" today--I haven't used it yet today, so that means I will have to find a way to use it when I'm out to sushi tonight. This should be GOOD.

It's odd b/c I didn't have much negative to say about last night, as I, GASP, liked the group song and, GASP, liked Fergie even! Wait, I'm still here! I thought I'd explode or something. Anyway, perhaps I knew in my gut the end result, but I was groovin' right along with the show last night.

Okay, Double D7--you are again my hero, Linda! Okay, this is not going to be very PC, but didn't it remind you of Long Duck Dong and his "oh sexy girlfriend" when he was resting his head on her Kiki's bosom last night!? hee heeeee!

Linda, anyone who uses the words "largesse" and "bigly" in the same intro deserves to be my Queen of Recapdom. We are not worthy!

My 2 cents on Sanjaya's departure: he is just a kid. He says he had fun every week, and I'm glad. Had he earnestly tried to dazzle the judges with each performance, we'd all probably rag on him for being so blind as to his own skills. At least this way, he laughed at himself right along with us. Some people never learn how to do that.

This morning on a Fox news channel interview, he told our local affiliate that his plans for the future included seeing what he could do with music (since that's why he tried out in the first place), and would like to modeling and acting. The next Corbin Bleu, anyone?

As far as last nights show goes, I was glad to see the one go that really deserved to go. However, it is sad when ANY of them get kicked to the curb. Sanjaya will have a great future though, he has enough people that love him that he will survive. As for KiKi. I feel that a big part of her problem is she misses her daughter. I can only imagine how hard it is for her to be away from her baby for so long now. I have been without my kids before but the longest at one time was only 10 days. And that drove me crazy. I was in tears after the first 3. So I hope that everyone will cut her a little slack seeing how I am sure that she is going thru alot right now. Maybe the powers that be could arrange for her to spend a little one on one time with her baby and then she can pull it together and finish in style.

As for Kiki, there is an underlying discontent and she has a hard time hiding it. It is almost like "Had I known it was going to be like this, I would have kept my butt at home!" I think she is just OVER the hype and is ready to get back to her life.

All I have to say about the Idol Gives Back thing is, SHOW ME THE MONEY!!! I want a line-item detail sheet on what they take in and EXACTLY how it is spent. they are supposed to help the poor here and in Africa. I would love to see Nigel roll up his sleeves and get to work on something else other than counting his money!

Sanjaya has left the building...thank you...THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! OMG!!!!!!

I have to agree with the mass here in that it was surprising to see him break down. He has been so cocky and in Simon's face that I wasn't sure if he was releaved it was over and he could go home or if he was upset because he really thought he stood a chance??!?!?

Kiki deserved to be in the bottom three, but I'm thinking through her tears at the end of the show, we see a new/improved/gracious Kiki next week. Chris has GOT to go to!!

Simon had me near tears in the beginning as well. I can't imagine how difficult that was for him, but it needed to be addressed.

I know next week is going to be THE.BEST.IDOL.SHOW.EVER, but what theme are the kids going to be singing from? Has that been said?

I agree, very classy move on Melinda's part.
She really is sweet, and very likeable.

Blake in Bottom 3 surprised me.
I thought it would be Chris.

I am glad Phil got some respect t his round. He really is a good vocalist.
I hope he keeps riding the wave though.
I dont know what the theme is next week?

I felt bad for Sanjaya too.
No, of course he shouldnt win, but he was sweet, and enjoying his crazy ride.

If you want to hate someone, hate all the negative people who follow just to sabotage Idol and the really talented contestants.

Hate the Howard Stern listeners who would jump off a bridge if he told them to.

They created the Sanjaya Universe. Sanjaya just played along.

He is not a bad person, the haters are, Sanjaya was just their means to ruin a very popular powerful Idol empire.

What I dont understand is, if all the haters dont like Idol, thenwhy dont they just NOT WATCH?
Why the mean spirited sabotage?

Why should ppl like Gina or Stephanie be casualties, when they are talented and did nothing wrong?

I am glad Sanjaya is gone, but only bc all the haters can now move on (yes, they will hate someone new now, but it wont be the same effect bc the ones left are all at least pretty good)

I am not glad Sanjaya was upset last night.
Bc he did nothing wrong, dont hate him, hate the negative people out there who created his Universe.

I am so glad that Sanjaya got kicked off. I do feel somewhat bad for him as he is still a young kid but he really got cocky and I think that did him in.
Linda, I love your humor and look foward to reading your posts-keep up the great work!!!

HALLELUJUA, he is off the show!!! Isn't he the first male to CRY when getting eliminated? I personally think that the producers read and listened to peoples opinion's/ thoughts- that if Sanjaya did not get voted off- then they would stop watching. Now thats alot of viewers. I still think the show is "rigged" and that they know who will be the American Idol.

I too, was thinking, how many commercials can they sqeeze in a 3 minute slot. (thank you Linda for having a commercial count- my mind is at ease ;-) ). Yes the "Sponge Bob- no pants" was funny after the 2nd time watching it.

I was proud of Melinda to sit and not say "who she thinks which group is safe." That says ALOT about her. I would have done the same thing- Ryan is an assbag to even ask another contestant that. I think that was just lowdown!!

Count me in as as old fart who would love to see Barbra Steisand and Neil Diamond.

Of course I know who they are - but damn, it's been a very long time since they sang me lovesongs, OR brought me flowers!

Even though I knew when it was just Sanjaya and Kiki standing was bye-bye hair boy but yet I still felt a little twinge when it was announced and a tad of sadness too! Like everyone gets now, he is just a KID and a kid that has had an ENORMOUS amount of publicity (BAD) thrown his way while he's out there living his life in public, something most of us have no idea about what that's like! Jordan is a true EXCEPTION for her age, most 17 year olds or even 40 year olds don't possess her confidence or presence! This season I think the show is boring and now without will be even worse! I agree that NONE of these singers will go very far, for me seeing them sing once a week is MORE than enough! I also sense a change in Kiki, whether its an attitude or she's just coasting or maybe even giving up, either way I think she's the next one out. The more I see Jordan, the more I think she's going to win this and I think she does have the broadest appeal and the more versatile voice. I have always liked Phil's voice,(if you have to, close your eyes when he sings!) and I think he so MUCH better than those other two nasally, tinny falsetto voiced boys! I just don't go for men singing in falsettos...shouldn't women be singing like that? Even if Ryan is a bit of a big mouth, I happen to agree with him on telling Simon that he should PAY attention when the kids sing! He gets paid enough to do the show at least FAKE a little interest here and there! He is my favorite judge but Im starting to get a bit tired of his "playing" with Paula antics! Im also tired of the whole Idol gives back...Idol ALONE can give back from the amount of money they make from the commercials! Charity is a WONDERFUL thing but when your milking it for more publicity for a fading show, its just not the right way to go.

I guess I'm getting soft in my old age, because as much as wanted Mangina off the show, it broke my heart when he cried unrelentlessly. All those weeks of that bravado facade (facado?)and that wise-cracking "Sanjaya's Universe" nonsense finally came to roost. Now, he can go back to being the normal 17-yr.old and delivering the morning news on his route, and leave the singing to the "pros". I actually think Nigel manipulated the votes to get Sanjaya off there- if he'd had stayed over Kiki, World War Three would have broken out! Now it's a race to the finish with Melinda, Jordin and Blake. My guess for "pop history duet"- Barbra and Neil- wishful thinking, but it is a charity they are both supportive of, and they are both "available", even by remote. I don't think anyone in the demographics would even know who they are, though. Now, I've REALLY shown my age!

I guess most people on this site are just nicer people than I am. Not only do I feel unmitigated happiness and relief at Sanjaya's departure, I would rather not ever see him again. I know there are those that professed his deep (as yet undeveloped) talent. I just never saw even a hint of it. And, as for his age -- look at Jordin in terms of talent and comportment. But, I know I'm a bad person. I laugh at the Sponge Bob No Pants commercial -- every single time. I am also getting tired of people saying this is the most "boring", "weak" and "least talented" season. I went back and looked at past seasons' line-ups and with names like Scott Savol, Ace, Nikko, Mikalah, John Paul whatshis name, that crooning guy, Kevin Covais and pretty much all of Season 3, the argument just does not stand. Thanks for the re-cap, Linda. As always you are spot on.


I did mention in the recap that the Fergie spot (like the Akon performance) was prerecorded and just spliced in to the LIVE program. That's why Randy appears in a different shirt and why the kids suddenly disappeared from the side of the stage.

Wow - for once, the actual bottom 3 exactly matched my bottom three performances from the previous night. Shock and surprise!

After last night, I feel somewhat compelled to retract my previous characterization of Sanjaya as a "little asshat." My wife has informed me that I was being way too harsh on the kid, and after review, I see her point. He doesn't really behave that differently than most other typical teenagers would when thrown into the pressure cooker that is AI. Not every kid can react as well as Jordin seems to every week. Sure, he's been the running joke on AI for several weeks, and sure, he went way farther than he should have...but at least little Sanny has the smarts to play along with the joke and to laugh at himself. Me, at that age? I probably would have slithered off the stage right around the time that I undeservedly got named into the top 12. So, while I won't be buying any Sanjaya albums, I will probably crack a smile or two whenever he appears on a commercial - maybe for Preference, by L'oreal?

And AJ - thank you! I knew I recognized that hippie from somewhere, but couldn't quite put my finger on where I'd seen him before. I guess all the late nights that I fell asleep to The Amazing Race reruns on GSN didn't quite make him recognizable enough.

I did feel sorry for Hairjaya. In fact, I will miss him. At my house, we looked forward to the odd hair styles and the awful notes each week. If this were just a singing contest, we would have voice majors and backup singers all the way through the thing. We know each week that Melinda is going to do a fine job singing. But that, sorry to say, is boring.

My prediction -- the final three will be Blakebox, Melinda and Jordin. Then just Melinda and Jordin....and then Jordin.

"And Charles Manson encouraging Lakisha to shake it more, and Chris to smolder."

Wasn't that BJ, winner of The Amazing Race a few seasons back? (One of "the hippies," along with Tyler.)

Bye Sanjaya. I will miss you. Why? because you weren't all that talented, but you sure were entertaining. And in this particularly sad time, we need someone to lighten things up! After seeing him tear up last night, it made me and I believe everyone else, realize that he's just a kid. And a kid who took all the potshots well. I do wish him the best. Now, did anyone else notice that Randy was wearing a magenta shirt last night YET when Fergie was singing....he had on a white shirt?

"And Charles Manson encouraging Lakisha to shake it more, and Chris to smolder."

Wasn't that BJ, winner of The Amazing Race a few seasons back? (One of "the hippies," along with Tyler.)

Jesus take the microphone? That has to be the funniest comment yet!

You know, I did feel kind of bad for Sanjaya, just for a second. Then I thought "Duh, his ass is going to get PAID"! He will be rich just from the kickbacks from the teen mags! I think his first song release should be a duet with his sister--ala El and Bunny DeBarge! He will also go on tour and be on numerous late night talk shows! He is also tall enough and skinny enough to model. He won't even HAVE to open his mouth--just wear the damned clothes down the runway. Ha!

that's EXACTLY what i thought when he got kicked off!! i think he's going to be in a disney movie or something, after all, i have cousins who love both disney and sanjaya and for them, a movie with him in it would be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

i was hoping laKisha would go! she completely butchered jesus take the wheel, and that's one of my favorite songs. now there's less reason to watch the show [from now on perhaps i'll just read the recaps]...except for idol gives back, that should be cheesy and bring a lotta money to the AI producers. and possibly to the kids in africa...but mainly to the AI producers. the hype is getting really annoying, i just want it to be over. i usually don't vote, but i will next week...=]

If I were a Shampoo company I would be on the phone to Sannys peeps....
The thing that is bugging me about "Idol Gives Back" is that I have not heard how much The Idol show itself is giving in cash...we will see.
And my prediction is Lakisha goes next week cause when she was singing my hubby yelled - "Jesus Take The Microphone" so there ya go.

Seriously, I don't know how anyone can think that any of the guys this season has not sucked completely, because IMHO they sucked worse than hind tit. It's more like all 8 tits. If we're talking about animals with that many tits. Or, as Linda's Italian friend would say, "teets."
But how could you NOT feel bad for little Sanny? He IS just a kid and has managed to go out there and smile every week, despite all the crap that's been said about him. When Ryan announced he was a goner, I said to my 13 y.o. daughter, Disney will be calling him fo' sho'. I had to text her this morning and tell her Linda said the same thing because last night my little darling told me "Mother, you really need to stop quoting Linda like y'all are buds or something. It's really starting to creep me out." HAHA now who's creeped out??

Karen, I think you are wrong about success for contestants this year... I see Melinda going on to Broadway and being very big (sings too oldstyle for pop success); and Blake and Jordin will both have successful pop careers. Blake has an alternative pop style that will be very appealing when properly produced (a la Keane, Talk Talk, Crowded House) and Jordin has the most potential of all. I see great potential for pop success. She is a vocal chameleon and has cross racial appeal. With the right producers and song writers, she could rival Kelly's success and conquer both the R&B and Pop charts. Phil may be able to find some minor success in Country but more along the lines of Josh Gracin than Carrie Underwood. Is this the best group ever, maybe, maybe not, do they have potential for great success, absolutely.

Linda, great recap. Thank GOD Sanjaya left tonight. I know I'm probably going to hell for this, but I felt a sort of morbid satisfaction when he cried. If he had been a little more meek I would have felt sorry for him, but he was a cocky little SOB. And as for him changing "how about love" to "other than hair?" Yeah, that would have been nice if he HAD given us something to talk about "other than hair"... and bad singing. Good riddance.

Hi Karen-

Thanks for your feedback!

As for Blake, he just really hasn't done it for me since he first sat on the stool and sang Somewhere Only We Know. I think the kid is adorable, love his spikey, highlighted hair, but his performances just have not lived up to his beginnings.

I think he will be successful, but he seems to be flailing lately in trying to define who he is. His Bottom Three showing bears that out.

I HATE the result shows. Way too long, too cheesy, too everything. I should have stuck with only watching the last 5 minutes (which was on MUTE while Sanjaya sang).

Burning question, what the heck turned you against Blake? You were his number one fan at the beginning and now he can't seem to do anything right by you. He and Jordin are my favorites, but honestly, this is the most boring season ever. Unlike last year, I don't think any of the runners up are going to be very successful - I don't even think the winner will be that successful either (relatively speaking). It says a lot about the season when Sanjaya was the polarizing contestant.

Another brilliant re-cap. I don't think I've ever been so excited to see a contestant go home (oh wait....Yes I was....when Kellie Pickler got sent home)! I, too, feel for him and recognize that he does have some talent...just not enough for American Idol! And I think that now that he's gone, the real competition can begin! It'll be interesting to see how next week goes. And I've already packed a lunch and some snacks for the shows and your recaps next week! I can't wait! =)

Linda, when Melinda sat down and refused to play Seacrest's cruel little game, I cheered, too! The jackass.

I, too, did not HATE the Group Suckfest this week - the musical chairs "choreography" was pretty funny: OK, you guys have enough on your minds, let's just switch stools a few times...Question: Didn't they show the Idols singing Independence Day around the piano with Martina last night? Did they scrap it because it sounded so awful?!

Martina was awesome, as always. The amount of power that comes from that tiny little package is mind-boggling. We saw her in concert last year and she blew me away, but I expected that. For her to consistently deliver goosepimple moments on TV is a rare gift. I remember watching her sing on The Rosie O'Donnell Show way back when - she was 8 months pregnant - and she just WAILED! Made me cry from 700 miles away.

Sanny Bye-Bye-Bye - We had a few FINALLY's being yelled here when Hairjaya was sent home - my husband was right there with me. I liked that he changed the lyrics - Not about hair! The kid has that IT factor - I'm sure he will be FOINE! He won me over, in a sense - his Latin Week performance was a good one and he had some charm. Things will definitely be more vanilla without Hairjaya to kick around anymore, but luckily we have Linda to add a little spice for us!!

On to next week...Philly Boy is on the rise - if he can stay relaxed and confident, he'll be ok for a while longer. I think Miss Kiki is next on the chopping block. No question the girl can SANG but she has been coasting downhill for weeks now. There is something about her - does she not care? bad attitude? snotty? arrogant? I can't put my finger on it but she doesn't have that likeability factor that Jordin and Melinda have.

"Rubik’s Cube around her wrist"

I knew it! lol, when I was watching that, I SO knew you were going to compare that to a Rubik's Cube! :)
And YAY, Sanjaya is GONE!! :D

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