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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


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It took me a while to get through everyone's comments, and the only thing I wanna comment on is Linda's comment ...."Sanjaya's performance was the equivalent of vocal tapioca. LMAO!!!!!! Great one Linda !!!

OK, I haven't watched the results show yet (it's being DVR-ed as I type), so with Lori's hint above, I'm thinking along the lines of Gina's appearance on Leno the night after she was voted off. She did a little tongue-firmly-in-cheek ditty with the Oakridge Boys and to the tune of "Elvira" sang, "Sanjaya, Sanjaya, say good-bya, to Sanjaya." Hilarious!

For clarification, last night Chris said, "If I've done it every single week, then [gives a nice little 'duh' shrug] that's how I sing." I don't blame him for wanting people to stop stating the obvious to him. :-)


I'm at Linda's I'm at Linda's I'm at Linda's--can you tell I'm excited!? Jeesh, they don't give me time to do anything but work here!

It's SO true about things getting overshadowed in the media. This is going to sound really harsh, but how glad do you think Britney was to have Anna Nicole die? I'm jussayin'!

Love the Santroversy! Although I'm not going to lie to you--I do not want him to win. Sure, life will go on, but there will be a small part of me that will die.

I'm going to make it a point to use "suck hind tit" as much as possible! ha ha!

Agreed on Melinda--those extensions stretched her out nicely--she looked fantastic!

Woooo hoo! I was at Linda's! I was at Linda's!


Just now, on the AI results show, they aired the entire clip of what happened last night, including the recordings from Simon and Paula's microphones and camera shots of them talking. As the producers and cast said earlier today, Simon wasn't listening to a thing Chris was saying onstage and was simply discussing Chris' excuse with Paula.

Fox and AI deserve big props for airing that and killing the nasty rumors once and for all.

Hi everyone-

After having answered much email on this topic today, I guess I need to chime in here as well.

I have watched and re-watched the whole eyeroll moment, and NO. At no point did I ever believe it was a reaction to Chris giving a shout out to VT.

The kids had all been instructed to not talk about it, not because the producers don't care, but so as to avoid opening a whole "influence the votes with the best condolence speech" can of worms.

Even Ryan tried to stop Chris before he got it out and then moved the conversation quickly past it after he had said it.

Simon's eyeroll was clearly in reaction to Chris's pathetic backtalk and defending his nasalness as a legitimate form of singing.

But Chris, who was losing the battle, changed gears so quickly from the backtalk to the Virginia comments that it all mashed together as the camera cut to Simon and Paula.

I truly wish the media would let this one go. This is a perfect example of making the news instead of just reporting it.

My take on the whole Simon eye-rolling - when I saw it, I thought he was just disgusted with Chris' lame assertion that nasal is a style of singing (as if!). Plus, didn't Chris say something to the effect of since he did it every week, then yes, it's on purpose? Lame, in any event, but not a controversy IMO. Since he is from VA and has friends at VT, then it was appropriate for him to say a few words. But I don't think it excuses his terrible performance - if these contestants are going to make it in the biz, they need to learn how to perform under pressure, various circumstances and even illness, as Daughtry was required to do recently. Too bad he couldn't have harnessed his emotions into a heartfelt performance - but that would have been hard since he picked such a weak and cheesy song...

again, the recap is amazing. sometimes i like reading it more than actually watching the show...i cant wait to see who goes home and what you think of it.

hey jim! been posing as 'jenny' lately? coz on another american idol thing, i had a huge argument with 'jenny' who seemed to have the same veiws as you...

Crystal - I didn't use the word "hate" anywhere in my post. As for being rude, yeah, I concede that point. But I think it far "ruder" to keep a false rumor going by posting it on a widely-read blog. And it is my personal opinion that Andy was aware of the news today when he posted. His words and tone were too disingenuous for him not to have known - again, in my opinion.

I've seen the clip over and over on the "news" (such as it is in this country) today and it's obvious that Simon wasn't even paying attention to Chris when he made the face. The people behind this rumor are just bored morons with nothing better to do but find another reason to bash Simon. And, to be frank, I'm sick of it. There's too much else going on in the world right now (...cough...131 innocent people murdered in Iraq today...cough) for garbage lies about Simon to waste airtime as "news."

This recap and everyone's comments have got me clucking--er, chuckling again! I love it! Some random thoughts I had about the show last night:

First off, about the contestants I'd like to say that I think each brings his or her own individual charm to the show. I like them each the way he or she is and wouldn't want to change 'em.

I was surprised that last night was the first time we heard anything about country music being what Phil "wants to do." Has he said it many times before and it's never been shown? His hats or lack thereof don't bug me much. And if a hat can hide Kenny Chesney's bald head and ear tops, it can hide Phil's, too.

I've noticed for a while that Melinda has gotten over the surprise of being told she's good because she's told it all the time by the three judges. The only times recently I've noticed her being surprised is when a couple of mentors have really complimented her. Who knows? Maybe it's not her surprised face at all, but rather her "I do not know how to handle flattery very well" face. It's one of the things that endeared me to her from the beginning, but I am glad that she's getting enough confidence in herself to smile and be proud of herself when she's worshipped--er, complimented.

Last night while Chris was performing, I thought it looked as if some resolve had slipped in him. Well, either that or he hadn't slept in a few days and was just holding it together (with a small baby, I know enough about sleepless nights). His comment at the end about having friends down at VA Tech explained a lot. I'll willingly cut him a lot of slack since much of his free time has probably been consumed with that.

I thought Jordin looked pretty, too. Her overall look reminded me of Carrie Underwood at her finale. It even is hard for me to remember Jordin with her big, curly hair! I'm for this gal to win.

Andy, some official press release by Nigel (I think) said that Simon didn't even hear Chris's remarks about VT, but was rolling his eyes at Chris's remarks said about his "tinny" comments. All this time of watching AI, I've seen Simon roll his eyes at nearly any semblance of excuse-making. I didn't get the feeling that Simon was rolling his eyes at anything other than that. Lots of people assumed otherwise, though, so you're not alone.

Geez..Lori, that was harsh. I am on the internet all the time, but haven't been watching TV, so I haven't seen anything about Simon either. Andy was just mentioning what a lot of other people noticed too. I like Simon, and I gave him the benefit of the doubt that he was rolling at Chris and his nasal singing and attitude (and maybe a little at the fact that Chris USED the situation at VT to get out of the awkward moment). But not everyone has the same opinion, and just because all the judges/producers say that doesn't make it true. Andy wasn't being rude, to Simon or Linda, but you were VERY rude to Andy, with your "HATES" and accusatory tone. I have no problem with you mentioning that Andy may not have all of the info out there, but I think this was a bit out of control?

Great re-cap, as always. I often think that Simon and I actually share a brain, as we think so much alike (I'm trying to get his bank account info from his half to mine, though). I thought it was Phil "Nosferatu" Stacey's best performance to date, believe Kiki may be vulnerable, thought Blake didn't even DO a country song, and Chris was as bad as the actual Rascal Flats lead singer himself. I thought Jordin WAS superb, and also thought for the first time that she COULD actually win the whole thing. I also thought that "Mangina" Malakar had was the worst performance ever by even a top 40 finalists! Ultimately, if Kiki goes before SAnjaya, it's time to march on LA with a riot close to what the OJ verdicts brought us! Let's burn Sanjaya in effigy! My prediction? Sanjina goes...God, I hope I'm right!!!

Andy, this has already been explained by Simon Cowell himself (and Nigel Lythgoe). It's been all over news all day today - the "look" that started it AND the full explanation. It really pisses me off that you're keeping the crap stirred over this by coming here bringing it up like it's "news."

Simon and Paula had been discussing Chris' comment about intentionally singing through his nose. While they were talking to each other, Chris made the comment about Virginia Tech and the camera cut back to Simon turning away from Paula and rolling his eyes - ROLLING HIS EYES AT CHRIS SAYING HE WAS SINGING THROUGH HIS NOSE ON PURPOSE. Simon didn't even hear the comment Chris made about Virginia Tech. Paula backed Simon up on this today, as did Nigel Lythgoe and Randy Jackson.

Quit perpetuating this garbage against Simon. He did nothing wrong last night and the whole situation was explained and over with early today. I can't stand crap-stirring freaks who spread vicious rumors and lies.

Linda, I started reading your Idol recaps this season and think you are hillarious. You always seem to notice the exact same things as I do watching the show... But I was surpised you didn't comment on something that happened on last night's show. Did you catch that when Chris made his comment about the Va Tech shootings, the camera cut to Simon who looked at Paula and rolled his eyes (obviously unaware that the camera had cuaght it). Then (amusingly to me) in the middle of his comments to the next contestant after the break he (VERY ackwardly) tried to express his sympathy for the victims of the situation. Now I'm not trying to make light of the tragedy, but I could just picture the producers SCREAMING in his ear during the commercial that he had just been caught looking very insensitive (surprise!) and that he needed to fix it immediately. The whole situation was hillarious to me, especially the way he totally just crammed his condolences into the middle of his critique. Check it out and let me know what you thought. Did anyone else notice this?

LOVE Phil. Always have. Contraray to all of you, I actually think hes the best looking guy there.
But I like the shaved bald head look.

Melinda and Jordin were the other 2 stars last night.

La Kish, I agree, shes going downhill.
The problem with her is shes one dimensional.

Melinda and Jordin can do multiple genres.
La Kisha shines when she does her soulful belty song, but cant really shine in things outside her comfort zone.

I think Blake is overrated.
Yes, hes got the gimmicks, which are fun and cool.
But when he doesnt do the gimmicks, as with his performance last night, hes boring.
He had limited vocal range.

Think of Jordin just standing there singing, not moving around.
She was briliiant (and this is not the first time shes been brilliant doing that)

Blake doing that is a bore.
And mediocre vocals.

On a sidenote, to show how much the Sanjaya factor has gotten out of control.

Yesterday on CNBC, they were interviewing ppl on the streets of NYC asking about the VA Tech shooting.

Then this guy ran in front of the camera and shouted "Sanjaya!"

Kind of reminds me of the "Baba Booey" days.
Def the Howard Stern factor is making the diff this year for the picks.

Angela - glad to see someone else besides me liked Jordin's dress, I thought it looked pretty and she was beautiful. Just stepping up so you don't feel lonely.
Thanks for the great recaps Linda, I look forward to them every Weds and I so needed to laugh this morning.

Am I the only one that likes Jordin's outfit? I thought she looked like a young black version of Tammy Wynette with thet big hair and long straight dress.

Thanks for the insight and humor Linda!

I almost choked when I saw Sanjaya, and then to hear he was singing a Bonnie Raitt song -- oh my! There are not words to adequately describe the awfulness of that performance.

LOVED Melinda and Jordin. Melinda was gorgeous with the new locks, and Jordin is just downright beautiful! And their talent is unmatched in this competition.

Terribly disappointed in LaKisha's performance. I don't know if she was feeling bad or if her post-performance demeanor was because she knew she did not do well.

Phil was pretty good.

The rest were not.

Thanks to all of you for keeping me entertained!

Kris in B'ham - that's been my strategy for weeks with my voting on "Dancing With The Stars." I go online every Monday and vote for every contestant EXCEPT the one I want voted off (ahem... Heather Mills... ahem). It's a decent strategy - plus it feels good (LOL).

My new voting strategy is to vote for everyone but Sanjaya and believe it or not, I think he is going home tonight. I also think Kiki and Blake will be in the bottom three. I never got busy signals when I was voting for them and I did at some point on everyone else.

I KNEW there was someone that Sanjaya reminded me of last night... All I could describe him as was "skeezy" and yeah... Rico Suave... PERFECTION. This is the first time I've commented, but Linda, I read your recaps every week and you are absolutely on target!

I was annoyed at Ryan (so what else is new?) for challenging Simon over his San-die-ya comments. It was excruciatingly awful and frankly I thought Simon toned it down a bit. I can't decide if Ryan sees his main function on the show as being Simon's devil's advocate or if he is courting San-die-ya's teenybopper audience.
Linda, I know you've liked Blake all season but I never got him at all. But haven't said anything since the whole different strokes for different folks applies, esp on your website. But last night he was terrible; I've never gotten the idea he had any depth -there's no "there" there- and don't really like his voice.
I'm hoping that Mister Do Rag goes home but I think it's going to be Chris.

I just have one thought in this whole sanjaja mess. Why in the world is he even in the top twelve in the first place? There were much better singers that didn't make the cut for us to even vote on. And now Simon wants to bitch about it on national television when he is responsible in essence for the whole mess? Did the producers set this up for the ratings? What does everyone think about this?

Right nailed it again!

I loved Jordin. Dress was horrible, but that isn't totally her fault. Melinda was awesome (I'm shocked you never noticed the rack) and I liked Phil too! I hope it's enough to keep him in.

Kiki...blech! No way would I have tackled that is still current and I know Carrie was having a fit! I'm thrilled that she caged the dogs, but what was up with the boots?!? I felt the same way you did about Blake. I didn't get the judges praise for him, but agree that he's going nowhere for now. Sanjaya...why bother?! Chris...I wanted to smack! I've got a music degree and have never heard "nasal" being a method. It's the WRONG method for sure, but who does he think he is?!? They almost made me miss Haley shaking her bon bons and working it for the crowd....I said almost! : )

Bottom three for me is Chris, Sanjaya and Kiki.

As usual an AWESOME funny (FUNNY as in HUMOR...poor Jim just doesn't know what humor is!) blog again Linda! I too was excited about the show for Im a big fan of Martina Mcbride and country music! I really thought the singing would have been better for country songs are so simple and it really is all about telling a story, so it seemed as though there would be less chances of wrecking songs. But of course that was not the case at all! I thought Phil (and for some reason his spooky eyes don't bother me much, but then Im a fan of eerie things! lol) did a great job and even though most haven't been a fan of his, I have always liked his voice and country is absolutely the place for him to be! As for Nasal Boy and that Plaid dude...I can't even go there for I have NEVER EVER seen what anyone saw in them! As Simon said about Chris..nasal, tinny, weak voice...that is the voice I have heard from day one from him and that icky Blake! Im also starting to see Kiki's slide down more and more as well. Now I've never been fond of her mouth/tongue movements...they seem to have a mind of their own and that lil lisp isn't so hot either but the fact that she seems to only be able to sing gospel like songs is showing her lack of range and I see her going out the door very soon! Sanjaha IS the joke of the show for sure but I think he's there to take our attention off the fact that the judges really did a poor poor job of picking out potential Idols this season!

love your site!

so suprised that no one did patsy cline. i was disappointed!

i am so over sanjaya.....

-I'm sorry, my BOTTOM three, Blake, Chris and KiKi.

Hi LInda,
Your rendition of Sanjaya= Rico Suave, was priceless. I was hoping he would come out looking like Sylvester Stallone in his 'get-up' from 1980's movie Rhinestone singing 'Frankenstein' with Dolly Parton- I mean, It's all a joke in the first place- right???

Phil- actually suprised me- not bad.

Melinda- loved her singing, but to me she looked like she was stuffed in a potato sack.

KiKi- ready for her to go.

Jordon- loved her singing as well.

Blake and Chris- yucky.

- My top three, Blake, Chris and KiKi.

Great Review

I think that Sanjaya's choice to have a his hair done up like a Rosie the Riveter poster will put him in the bottom three, but we won't be lucky enough for it to send him home.
Bottom three...tie between Chris' lack of ability to sing in tune and Phils' unpopularity at the bottom; Kiki second to last (I love my Michigan gal but her lack of ability to adapt to new songs is killing her; and Sanjaya third to last. I hope this means his days are numbered.

It took one week for Melinda to go from "I'm so not sexy" to smokin' hot. That kind of ballsy song choice would have definitely suited Kiki. Smart-ass Chris? Bye-bye, hon. Soon, please, although I think Sanjaya is gone after last night. Phil was amazingly good. Jordin's fans can't spell her name judging from the signs in the audience. I don't get Blake's popularity. At all.

I was so excited after the first two performances - finally, I thought, a show that will be great! But things went quickly downhill from there, except for the awesome Melinda. I did enjoy Martina - I thought she was very sweet, and what a stunning woman!

I had read on other sites that Melinda has been working on losing the deer-in-the-headlights look whenever she's complimented, so I think she would have been better last night even without Simon's remarks. And she did look 20 years younger - at last!!

The big surprise for me last night was PHIL - way to go, man! He was, by far, the best male vocal of the night, and one of the top 3 performances (the other two being Mindy Doo, of course, and Jordin). (But what the heck was Jordin wearing??? Her dress looked like it was made from the set decorations from Moulin Rouge. Horrible - but her performance was outstanding.)

Chris - I'm so glad the judges finally called him out on being tinny and nasally - I've been harping on that for weeks, thank you very much. And mouthing off to Simon - not the smartest move he could make. Hopefully he's gone this week, since we all know that Sanjaya will probably still be around to torture us for a few weeks to come. I wish Sanjaya would at least put a little effort into his vocals - last night's performance was just lazy and stupid. Almost as stupid as his babushka.

And by my tea and crumpets, Randy did call Blake's plaid sweater miniskirt a "jumper"!! Okaaaayyy. Last night showed all Blake's vocal weaknesses - not a good night for him, no matter how much he "made it his own", or whatever blather the judges said.

Right on, Lori! I loved your recap! It was funny, honest, and true, just like Linda's recap. I also agree on who you think will be in the bottom three and one of them should indeed be Sanjaya. I'm so sick and tired of him, it's not even funny anymore.

Good thing Jim is mistaken or else he'd be a peeping rooster eavesdropping on a henhouse and leaving bitter notes of contempt in a thinly veiled attempt to crow. Don't like the conversation? Then go cluck yourself.

Lakisha, Blake and Chris all suffered from the same disease last night - tonedeafitis. I was cringing while listening to all three of them almost - but not quite - hit the majority of the big notes in each of their respective songs. Sanjaya made me leave the room, he was so awful.

My ranking of last night's "performances":

1) Melinda. Plus, I loved the new look and the lack of the "Who, me?" (thanks, Simon)

2) Phil, though he needed to borrow one of Tim McGraw's hats to go with that shirt.

3) Jordin. Love this girl. Hate her stylists.

4) (ugh) Chris R., who sucked - but the suck factor was slightly less than the next two...

5) Blake. I don't get the judges fawning over a bad, bad performance.

6) Lakisha. KiKi, where's the girl I used to love? She disappeared under a cloud of attitude, and a desire to coast through...

7) Sanjaya. What a little asshat.

I think the bottom three tonight will be Chris, Sanjaya, and Kiki...with NasalBoy being shown the door.

By the way, Jim - though I'm a first time poster, I read the recaps (and Linda's non-Idol blogs) regularly. She actually has a pretty interesting perspective on a wide variety of topics. You don't have to agree with her take on Idol or on life - God knows I disagree frequently. I just have enough of a "set" to keep from whining about "caustic and sarcastic commentary." SARCASM IS USUALLY FUNNY, DOOFUS. Grow a sense of humor and learn to laugh a little.

Dang...that boy could use some prozac (watch Rent, heathens).

Actually liked the gold boots -- hope they're not made for walkin'.

Also like that Blake makes each song his own. The judges were right, he knows who he is.

Melinda looked beautiful and should seriously consider releasing that song. Jim would agree...Trouble IS a woman!

Jim, you are way out of your league here. You sound like you don't understand humor or sarcasm in any form. So before you get "scarred for life", just go away!

Jim, Jim, Jim, who cares whether you are a man or woman--really. I think the point is that if you are familiar with Linda's website, you would know the tone it is written in. Have you read any other blogs on American Idol? They are vicious and foul and that is the reason I have come here. As in most things, you have a CHOICE--so now go away.

While I thank you for taking the time to stop by and read the recap, I think you miss the point completely.

This is not an 80's Oprah Winfrey show in here, and the huge number of male readers would take a tad of offense at your presumption that they don't have the right "set" to hang out here.

Humor is a dicey thing, Jim. One person's candy is another's poison, so I guess your best recourse is to stay away lest you inhale too deeply and end up on your back like a roach hosed with Raid.

And no one wants that for you or your "set".

Lidna Sharp

Sorry to offen ladies, obviously, this site is a special place for frustrated "wanna-be" teachers such as Amy in CT who somehow has decided that only positive, wonder and happy thoughts should be posted here. Also to missykitty, I understand sarcasm, but I also understand how it can be cutting, cruel and misplaced. OBVIOUSLY, I do not qualify anatomicaly to even post on this site. It appears that I have the wrong type of "set" to chide in with a remark or opinion. Oh well, so be it. Have fun in your little pink, kissy, powder puff world and continue to use the excuse of "sarcasm" as a means to be caustic and obnoxious to a group of kids just trying to become something. As my children would put it... "I'm really sad for you ladies." (PS - Amy in CT - I do realize that "sad" is an adjective and not correctly used in the previous sentence. If that was on your mind, I truely am SAD for you." How's that for sarcasm?

Linda -
As a resident of Blacksburg, VA, you are right -- we needed an hour of levity after the hours of shock and horror we have been through. I wasn't even going to watch Idol last night, but I realized I needed to -- because that's what my family does every Tuesday night. Thanks for giving me a good laugh this morning -- it may be the only one I get.

And my kids and I finally figured out what we don't like about Blake when he sings -- you can't see his teeth!!

Did anyone hear Phil say that he WANTED a career in country? I heard the hat-makers in Nashville make a collective CHA-CHING!! sound. A few well-made cowboy hats and a few Porter Wagoner rhinestone stud-set shirts may do that boy some good! Oh, Lori, you had me cracking up! TOO FUNNY! and Linda, you really need to publish a dictionary of your blended terms--it would go a long way to shorten what I need to say!

Melinda: Phenomenal. Incredible. Just give her the danged contract and end this fiasco now. No one holds a candle to her and tonight she was a true star. I can't wait to buy this woman's first, second, and third, etc. CDs. And I really loved when Simon told her to "stop acting surprised" when they told her she was good. Simon is right - Melinda's "OMG, me????" look is getting really old. She's unbelievably good and she KNOWS it. So cut the act.

Jordin: I personally don't like her and never have, but tonight she was awesome. She will have a major recording contract the minute she leaves the show - the girl is set for life.

Lakisha: WTF is happening with this woman? She was in a class with Melinda at first, but now she's falling apart like "A Picture Of Dorian Gray" (look it up, heathens... LOL). She was so disappointing tonight -- she shouted the song and it was a nightmare. Plus, she was off-key.

Phil: Holy cow, where did that guy come from? He's been awful for weeks and tonight he shows up and blows me away! And losing the stupid hats was a great decision. He's still as unattractive as a baboon's backside, but the dude had serious pipes tonight.

Blake: Unimpressed. 30 seconds into the performance, I hit the mute button. It didn't help that I ***HATE*** that song, either.

Chris: OMG, he was terrible. Quite frankly, he was the worst - even worse, vocally, than Sanjaya tonight. His pitch was all over the place and he looked like he was constipated when he was singing. And his lame excuse about *intentionally* singing through his nose was pitiful and ridiculous. He was a trainwreck.

Sanjaya: Stupid song, stupid hair, stupid performance, awful vocals. This has gone on long enough and I'm getting sick of it. He has **NO** business being on the show and he only makes it worse by treating it like something positive. It's not positive. He's a JOKE. He's a laughingstock. He's a horse's patootie - and America is not laughing *with* him (although he thinks they are). And I almost threw a shoe at the TV when Ryan the Brainless Moron stepped in and interrupted Simon.... Simon was simply telling the truth and Ryan needed to STFU and sit down. I was rooting for Simon to get up and paste him one in the face. American Idol Smackdown 2007 - booyah!

My Bottom Three Forecast: Chris, Phil, Lakisha (although Sanjaya's name should be there instead of Lakisha's)

My "Plane Ticket Home" Prediction: Chris (although it SHOULD be Sanjaya)

P.S to Jim...the word is aggravated...and only situations can be aggravated, not people. I think you might have been "irritated". Perhaps a tasty brand of decaf and a healthy dose of humor are in order...just a thought ;)


As always, wonderful recap and spot on assessments of all the kids.

I just can't make up my mind about Phil. While his hat choices to date have been nothing short of hideous, I have to admit that when he does go without, we're subjected to those unfortunate ears and "the" eyes become that much more prominent and spooky. It was a good song choice this evening and I also think it was his best performance to date.

Jordin is adorable regardless of whatever disastrous frock the stylists decide to put on her. I did think that they could have done without shellacking her hair into place...but then again, it was country night, so perhaps big hair WAS in order.

Speaking of Big Hair and little talent...What the hell was Sanjaya thinking singing Bonnie Rait??? Scratch that...there is no "thought" involved when it comes to Sanjaya...I found myself clicking over to DWTS when he sang. I couldn't help myself, it was just to painful to have him on my screen again...nuff said!

Lakisha seemed so uncomfortable tonight despite the properly sized dress, etc. Truthfully, it wouldn't have mattered what she did, she picked such an awful song there's precious little she could have done to salvage it. Better luck next week, Kiki.

Memo to Chris...I'm sending you some Metamucil and a box of Kleenex. You poor thing, you look constipated and sound like you need to blow your nose, week after week. It's utterly impossible to concentrate on your "singing" with all these other physiological functions interfering with your performance.

I was actually riveted to the screen when Mel came on camera. I thought my eyes were deceiving me...she looked like she was at least 20 years younger than the last several weeks. The hair extensions have worked wonders to improve her appearance. She sounded wonderful, as usual. Just hope she continues to eighty-six the surprised look. It was so refreshing to see a new expression on her face for a change.

Last but not least, Blake, many times do we have to tell you...stay out of grampa's closet! You're not allowed to wear his plaid pants, argyle sweaters or Mr. Rogers boat shoes from this day forward. Please, we're begging you...I promise that in 50 years you can wear all the plaid you want when you retire...

Much as I wish I could say that teflon Sanjaya is going home, I think that Phil, Chris and Lakisha are the ones in danger tomorrow night...with Phil drawing the short straw...We'll see :)

Sorry y'all, Kiki bit it tonight. It sounded like she was SCREAMING!! SCREAMING OUT OF TUNE!! I couldn't believe it. I think the problem is they all tried to be current when they really should've gone WAY back to when country sounded COUNTRY! Thank God the stylists finally heard me screaming to put some hair on Melinda's head. What a difference! I think they had to wait until Haley left, because she was using up all the hair. I swear, between her and Paula, there definitely had to be a shortage! Jordin is a doll, but a big ol hoss of a girl and they really need to rethink how they dress her. It is a good thing her voice is solid. Phil was better to me. I think they worked on his brows a bit more this week. For a while they looked like they had been shaven off and replaced with two black eye-liner-filled-in rectangles. Chris and Blake----bleh. Sanjaya should've stayed in the love song category-there was nothing redeeming about his appearance or his "sangin'". Why o why can't the bottom three be eliminated all at once?

linda I love ur columns and tell everyone! love ur sense of humor ..hope it's phil dont wanna see kiki go

Jordin Jordin Jordin. The girl is on fi-ya! I want to see the finale with her and Melinda - now that would be a show worth tuning into.

Country night? Not so much. Phil did "aww-ite", Jordin and Melinda rocked it - other than that? lame. (side note: thank you Simon for telling Melinda to knock off the surprise. I hope she takes it to heart the rest of the way)

Jim - have you been here before? Welcome to the wonderful world of Linda Sarcasm - it's what she's about and it's what we love.

If it wasn't for the fact that you were "spot-on" correct about the performances tonight, I'd find your caustic and sarcastic commentary TOTALLY aggrevating.

Linda - I was cracking up as I read about Randy's Catholic School uniform. I was thinking Prep School cricket uniform, without the knickers! :) And didn't he tell Blake he LIKED his "jumper"? Did Yo Dawg Randy go faux British on us, ala Madonna?

I actually liked Phil again this week - yes, I would have forgiven him a Toby-style Cowboy hat but he looked relaxed, worked the crowd better than anyone else has and he sounded good - one of his best performances. His shirt was definitely from the Faith-picked-this-for-Tim-McGraw Collection - so maybe that was his nod to the country theme. My only complaint - was he singing "Gonna kick ON my shoes and run in bare feet?" I could have sworn that's what he was singing, which would make absolutely NO sense and is not the correct lyric...

Jordin gave me chills - she nailed one of Martina's best songs. Ugly dress, GREAT pipes. Awesome.

Sanjaya - Dude, with so many great country MEN to pick from and you choose a Bonnie Raitt song? He should have at least tried some macho, kick-ass song - just for variety. At first, I thought he might have another surprisingly decent week but he slid back down the Suckhole. And the Carrot Top-esque 'do rag? Hideous. His "Shining Happy People" comment was funny - a jab at Simon without being too snotty and offensive - smart move.

Kiki - Risky choice that did NOT pay off...Out of her element, I felt like she tried to coast this week.

Chris - Mayberry? Seriously? Of all the songs he could have picked to wail on? Pitiful. His squinting was as myopic as ever - he reminded me of that Beatrix Potter mole. Or MR. Magoo. His performance was worse than Karaoke - what was that audience cheering for? Are they deaf or just blindly cheering for their faves? I did notice they were not that enthused by Kiki's performance. My daughter made me laugh - when Simon called Chris' singing tinny, she asked, "What did he say? Titty?" I almost died. Would have made more sense if said about Melinda tonight! :)

Melinda - Can't say I've ever heard that song but she looked fab and kicked ass once again. I liked her sassiness.

Blakey - Ugh, again with the plaid. I thought it was awful - he was obviously not comfortable and it showed. Interesting that the PTB still gave his subpar performance the "money" spot.

I think despite a good performance, it's Phil's turn to hit the road. Bottom 3? Phil, Kiki, and maybe even Sanjaya? Seems his hot sister in her Hooters uniform is causing more buzz than he is these days...

According to the last time I looked at Dial Idol, Sunjia is FINALLY in the bottom!!! :D The other two I think will be Chris for sure, and then probably Lakisha...maybe Phil. I thought Phil did good tonight, though.

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