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Saturday, January 27, 2007


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My mistake... it's the Copenhagen Consensus Center. Check out their

A great book to help you understand what's in it for those who are believers in global warming is The State of Fear by Michael Chrichton of Jurassic Park fame(hardly a conservative or bible thumper) Dennis Miller said, "In a hundred years the temperature has gone up 1 degree? They didn't even have indoor plumbing back then, how scientific could this be?"

It is 1 degree out right now, how about bringing some of this global warming to Chicago?

I am going to start buying up Kentucky and Tennessee land...the new Florida.

Ok, let's get serious...

1) Is this warming out of the ordinary historically?
2) If it is, is it man-made(as opposed to the solar flares)?
3)If it is, can it be reversed, and at what cost?
4)Can this money be better spent on other global issues like clean water systems, vaccinations, anti-malaria and food? The UN seems to think so, check out the Copenhagen Conference results.
5)You also assume the net gain is negative. Many who believe all that you an Al believe also see the net gain as a positive worldwide.
6)Some scientists believe airborne particulates could actually lower the Earth's temperature by reflecting the sun's rays.
I love your wit and intellect, but please do more reading than USA Today and Al Gore.

Carbon Hog

Linda--Thanks for your well-stated and intelligent blog. I am also impressed by your sibs. Critical thinkers rule! I don't know if 'Sharp' is a pen-name or not, but it sure suits you!
A midwestern LMSW.


All I can add to what you said is "AMEN".

I have often thought, that with all you have seen, endured, and been called upon to do, that for you - your refuge is in your fishing and that God is no further than the end of your fishing pole.

Hugs to you,

Sis, on the subject of church we are certainly of the same mind. I was just telling Ahna that I do beleive whole heartedly in GOD, but the church itself is a scam. It is set up to be a business and nothing else. The last 4 times I went to church over the last 2 yrs, the surmon consisted of the financial report of the church. Sorry I do not care. I have a closer connection with God when I am fishing then when kneeling in church. T.J.


Thank you for your comments - I appreciate the feedback.

My reasons for not going to church are many, only one of which is that churches do churn out people who are afraid of one another, people who believe that anyone who does not believe as do they are going to hell, people who do not allow that another religion or even thought process might have validity to another person.

I was raised in the Catholic Church and had a front row seat for some of the grandest hypocrisy going.

I believe in God, Jim. I do not, however, believe in many of the people who use Him for their own personal gain, as a way to shun responsibility for their errant ways, as an excuse for anything they do not like or understand.

As for the majority of Christians? I believe they are no different than the majority of Muslims - they simply wish to worship in the way they were raised, and live in peace. Unfortunately, extremists exist in every segment, every society, every religion. And they get the most attention.

So if you do not like how your Christian leaders portray you, rise up and make them sit down.

Sadly though, it is not just Christian extremists who spout such drivel. Churches are filled to the brim each weekend with followers soaking in every word being spoken, as if it truly were gospel.

Fear is the heart of every religion, Jim. Way in front of love and peace. Fear of going to hell should you not be worshiping correctly.

I could go on and on - but as I said, my reasons for no longer attending church are many, my belief in God is secure, and He is listening anytime I want to talk to Him.

Do you really think that a majority of Christians have the same views as Frosty? I am Christian and a conservative I have agreed with everything you said about global warming. I am concerned that you seem to lump all Christians into the same group as the "so called Christian leaders" that claimed that "He flooded New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina because He was pissed about abortion. He started the war in Iraq because He hates homosexuals. He sent the tsunami because Thailand didn’t believe in His majesty. (All of these views have been extensively spoken by Christian leaders and published in national and international media.)" These people are fanatics and do not represent the core of Christians in this country. I also find it disturbing that you would use these fanatics as an excuse to not go to church as stated when you said, "This is why I don’t go to church. Because it churns out people like this." While Frosty is way out of line, please don't make the mistake of equating him to all Christians. That is totally unfair.

Yes, American’s do need to rent a clue. We can all pull our heads out and THINK about all the little decisions we make each day, which collectively makes a significant impact on our environment. First off, I would like all the Nike attired gym rats in my neighborhood – the ones I see each and every morning hurrying out to get in their cars to drive to our local gym THREE friggin BLOCKS away - to think about what they are doing. My neighbors –typical thoughtless and hurried citizens – get into their running shoes, walk out to the garage, get in their car, drive three blocks north to the gym, spend 45 minutes running on an electric treadmill, drive home and take a shower. They change into their work uniform, drive their kids to the elementary school ONE block away and then drive on to the big office building literally three blocks south. People have stopped their car (while wearing their gym clothes) as I have been walking to work and asked me if I need a ride. Oh yes please, save me from the very scary act of WALKING and drive me to the gym. HELLO? Is it really, really dark up your own ass?

Poor old Frosty…Frosty… is that as in Frosty the Snowman? Anyway, who was it - Mark Twain maybe - that said, “It is better to be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” Maybe Old Frosty should have stuck a corncob pipe in that mouth of his.

So global warming aside (albeit a very real issue), I live about 10 minutes away from Federal Way which in turn is about 30 minutes away from Seattle. It's comforting to know that I live in the land of Frosty McIdiots and the worst American Idol auditions ever. Let's not forget about the man who was killed from having sex with a horse (you know the story, his rectum ruptured. Go figure)! You're welcome America. Tune in next week.

Speaking as a conservative, Republican voter who has done my own research on this, I would like to chime in and say that global warming is, indeed, a fact. It is happening and it's happening a lot faster than most people realize. The science behind it is *not* "liberal" - it is real, documented scientific fact. Anyone who ignores the damage that has happened to our planet - and is happening to our planet on a daily basis - has their heads stuck up their butts, their eyes duct taped shut and their ears filled with ca-ca. Wake up, people.
"An Inconvenient Truth" and Al Gore aside, the entire world needs to rent a clue and make some serious changes - and FAST.

Do the research yourself. Don't listen to "talking-heads" in the biased media. Talk to some scientists - geologists and environmentalists in particular. One of my closest friends has a Doctorate in Geology. She lives in upstate New York and speaks on the global warming issue. She laughs at Al Gore's "documentary" because she says it's too watered-down and too soft on the issue. She says the reality we are facing is MUCH worse.

Don't let the media and the politicians do your thinking for you. Go out and meet people who have actually done the research and who don't have any agenda.

Hating the messenger (Gore) doesn't change the message. We are f*cking this planet up for the generations to come and therefore need to bear some responsibility for trying to do better on our way out.

Just because I won't be alive when people need to wear SPF 4000 doesn't mean it absolves me of responsibility.

And if all Gore wants is to stay in the spotlight, what about all the pocket protector wearing scientists who have been banging the same drum?

Are they just trying to get laid and win a gold statue too?

Well, get laid maybe...

Sis, please do not tell me you have fallen for that crap spewed by Al Gore. The man has only one angle and that is to keep himself in the spotlight.
No where in his film does he
mention the fact the polar ice caps on Mars are melting faster then our own. Now I don't think the 2 rovers we sent there are producing enough carbons to affect the planet that much. Also every "expert" in his film are
very very far left.
As far as his oscar nomination goes, do you think that Hollywood would give a damn about him if he was a conservative? NOT!
I'm not saying that we humans don't have any impact on the environment but it is not as drastic or scary as Egoman Al Gore wants you to believe.
If you beleive his garbage I guess it would be G.W.Bush's fault when Yellowstone finally blows up. T.J.

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