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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


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Btw, I love your blog :)

Alright, first off, let me say that I'm a Taylor fan, so I could be biased.

I also thought Taylor's first line was off, but the rest of the song was definitely solid. I liked it a lot, after reading some of the boards I didn't know what to expect (thought it'd be another Country Roads) but it was far from that, this was good (Dutch, so getting feeds later)

Having said that, I still like to whine a bit about the fact that Nigel came on some radio show (forgot, was it Fox's?) and told people they made Taylor change his song on MONDAY (geez, great job guys) because they 'didn’t think it fit the genre of “Classic Love Songs” and wasn’t something that they could picture “Bocelli” singing.'

Call me a crazy conspiracy nut, but this is getting ridiculous.

What's next? Interrupt Taylor 10 seconds into his performance next week and tell him to change his song? Gah, I can see it happening already.

I had to stifle my laughs tonight because the family was asleep.

So, what did you think of Pickles' hair? I couldn't stop staring at it thinking it looked like Cameron Diaz in There' Something About Mary after she put the "gel" in her hair!

Thank God for you and your recaps, Linda. I missed the ENTIRE show when the wife of a high school ex-boyfriend called to chat for an hour and a half. Seriously. Missed the ENTIRE thing, but now I can sleep knowing what really happened.


I pretty much agree with you. Except I like Paris more than you seem to. But I agree with your assessment of her performance.

My wife and I couldn't disagree more with you and the judges, and perhaps the rest of the world. We thought Katharine was wonderful and "Jerky Lerky" (To coin a name for Taylor Hicks) was terrible. We judge Paris by her singing, not her speaking voice. Unfortunately, you're right, most years on Idol the best voice doesn't win. The best voice won last year, but not the year before and the year before that.

Hi Linda,

I just discovered your blog through (a hot spot for Taylor Hicks fans). Funny comments!

Linda! Just discovered your site. EXCELLENT review - it made me laugh out loud, which is always a good thing!

THANK YOU for pointing out the "wisdom of the evening". I must have missed it the first time because I get so anxious for this show that I just can't process everything the first time.

YES! "People have to WANT you to become great". THAT is why Taylor's my favorite and even after a less-than-stellar performance (although yes, it DID have moments of brilliance) I will vote my fingers to the bone. He's my guy and that's all there is to it!

I'm hoping that the girls drop off one by one and that it's an all-male finale.

Constantine was my favorite last year and I don't want to go through THAT again.

Thanks for the belly laughs!

I don't know if I am just grateful to have something intelligent to read (sans glitter), or if I am now a qualified ardent fan, but I relish your reviews. It hardly matters that I agree with your POV, but it does help.

Chris was the only one who seemed to have had the experience of loving someone and knowing how to get the message across. At that point, I really don't care about the lyrics. As the saying goes, "I don't care about how much you know, until I know how much you care." Loved seeing him lay down to learn something, then apply it.

Keep up the good work Linda.

If you have a schedule of your appearances, I would like it. I am assuming that Seattle might be in your travels considering the tech industry.


You have mail, Linda.

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