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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


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I agree with the "Chris in the bottom three" hulabalu, but I think it has to do with the singing first curse. Thinking back to this season, almost all contestants that sing first end up in the bottom 3. Do we really have that bad of an attention span that we forget to vote for #1??? I rather thought Paris, Pickles, and Ace sang songs that were so obscure that the younger audiences wouldn't dig it. At least Chris sang a song that has been in movies and commercials. At least youngins' can identify with that song.
I just want Pickles to go, I used to like her, but ugh, now when she opens her mouth I want to knock her on her ass...


This may answer your question why all the "old people". Frankly, I think it's time adults get treated with respect.

I love you, and think you are sooooo funny, every Tuesday and Wednesday I speed to work so I can read you, and me and my Mom ( yes i work with my mother) laugh our asses off.
I personally have some issues with AI, first off it seems as though the first few episodes were like : Hey pick whatever you want to sing you suck anyway.
and although Rod Stewart has seen better career days, at least this week it was good, and next week should be even better. Here's the problem:
Now that they are picking these "boring" themes, the singing is better, but the kids won't watch. When the themes sucked, and the singing was horrible, the kids watched. Yes the kids go to the concerts, and buy into all of the AI gobble di gook, but given the fact that you can turn on any radio station, and hear crap for teenyboppers, i wouldn't mind letting the adults pick out music for a change. I mean really, they have Linsay Hoe-han, and Brittney ( child services poster girl) Spears, and all kinds of other untalented who-has nowadays, aren't we entitled to a little music we may want to enjoy? I know it makes them not want to watch, but I accually likes Tuesday night, and the right person got voted off, also a big change. Maybe adults voted more, I mean if we are subjected to this show because of the kids in the first place, aren't we entitled to a little somethin' somethin'? I say Adult AI rulz, I cannot wait to see The Pickle get fried on Tuesday. As an adult, this is one show I don't want to miss, for the singing, and the Humor ( the kids might not even get).

Pickler is looking for a father figure, since her's is on "vacation" so she probably hoped Uncle Rod would be it after he gave her some props earlier.

I was a little surprised that Chris was in the bottom 3, but to be honest, I think his performance was pretty by the numbers. Professional, but nothing new. So I think he may be losing his fans. Also, the themes may have diven away the kids who have been voting for him, leaving us adults, many of whom like Taylor.

At this point, there is no fat on dem bones. Before, the weaker contestants would take the fall for the others. But now, everyone left is good. So it's gonna get ugly.

Another fab recap, Linda! Just love the way you sum it all up. I laughed out loud at your prediction that Pickles will ask the blind man how she looks. You now have me as nervous about their interactions as I felt while watching "Meet The Parents" or any time George W. takes the mic.

Love song choices for Chris:

"Love Stinks"
"I Hate Myself For Loving You"
"Love Hurts"

I vote for "Love Stinks." I think that one would really blow poor Andrea Bocelli's mind.

Speaking of Andrea Bocelli... I love the guy and have several of his CDs, but I think Josh Groban completely sucks Andrea's doors off. Andrea has a very singular style and it's difficult to understand him when he speaks sometimes, so watching his sessions with the AI contestants will be intriguing. he doesn't sing American pop songs - he sings ITALIAN pop songs and that's a whole 'nother kettle of fish right there.

Oh - and Rod's performance tonight was AWFUL!!!! He was more off-key than Kellie was last night, and did you hear his voice keep cracking??? Yikes, dude. Time to cash in the chips and find a nice retirement beach. Horrendous.

I would say a whole lot more, but, as usual, you've already said it for me. Very nice recap, Linda!!!

Okay, so what is up with High School Musical???? I caught it about a month ago on a whim. I got sucked in by the appalingly accurate portrayal of a high school Drama teacher (I happen to be a crazy High school drama teacher) and ended up watching the whole movie. I actually saved it on my tivo to video tape for my students to prove that the stereotype is indeed true to find our from the that they ALL have seen it! THEN, you mention it last night, along with many of your readers. Here I thought I discovered a random film, and I come to find out it is some kind of cult film phenomenon. Huh.
By the way, I teach in Colorado and one of my students grew up with Ace's family--can't wait to hear her reaction tomorrow...she has been rather supportive of Ace through the whole thing, and I have had to bite my tongue on many a Wednesday mornings....

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