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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


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Damn! I can't believe I missed 'High School Musical'.

I've got to search for it on my DVR tonight.

Woo Hoo ! Way to rip Katherine a new one Lori.

I couldn't agree more.

Sick and tired of the CopyKat.

Loved the Alistar booty call on Pawlers chest.

Now, that was classic.

Acch... OK, can I borrow the soapbox for a minute? I'll try not to break the poor thing.

First off - Linda, you were dead-on tonight. Nicely recapped. Was that Paula under that avalanche of polyester hair or was that a Yeti? And, for God's Sake, someone needs to tell her to put those damned tits away. I'm sick and tired of Paula's rack on my TV every Tuesday and Wednesday. Enough is enough already. And I want the name of the moron who spent all day stuffing rainbows and sunshine up my boy Simon's arse. The main reason I watch AI is to see Simon tell it like it is... and now he's turned in to that guy from the damned Enzyte commercials. ....Go ahead... think about it... I'll wait for you to catch up.

The singers? OK...

When he started singing "What A Wonderful World," I almost blew chunks and left the room. My first thought was, "W.T.F.????" (but not abbreviated) and my second thought was, "Ohhhhhh NOOOOOOOOOO!" Luckily my brain shut up long enough to hear the boy sing the song. He was amazing.

I can't stand the little troll... but I shocked myself and LOVED her tonight. I think Billie Holliday has found a new bod.

I missed his performance due to my toddler filling her pull-up with nuclear waste. Why she couldn't have held on until Pickles' performance is something I plan to discuss with her, in-depth, tomorrow... when I have calmed down and the meds have kicked in. I missed my Soul Patrol fix and Mummy is not a cappy hamper about it.

Loved the song... but did you notice that he seemed genuinely terrified? I thought he sounded really really good... but when the camera pulled in for a close-up, he was definitely in the "headlight zone" with Bambi.

-- Side Note --
Linda, did you hear Paula compare Elliott to "Michael BLOO-BLAY" tonight? I almost wet my capri-pants. Silly drunk-ass freak. I think all that synthetic hair caused a stress-fracture in her skull.


OH. MY. GOD. She gave "SUCK" a whole new definition tonight. She was a train-wreck. She was a disaster. She really and truly crashed and burned. She was off-key. She was off the beat. She was HORRIBLE. And that stupid little riff with Rod where he had to explain to her that the "words" and the "lyrics" were the same thing..... someone PLEASE lock this girl up for her own safety!!!!

Ugh. Pathetic. Forgettable, as always. Did he even sing tonight? Bah.

OK, I hate to disagree with you, Linda, cause you know you're my gal and we're simpatico... but I challenge you to rent "Mr Holland's Opus" and watch the scene where the little high-school chippie sings this song to Richard Dreyfuss. CHEEKBONES RIPPED THE WHOLE DAMNED THING OFF FROM THE MOVIE. It was eerie watching her... totally creepy. Cheekbones must have memorized that whole scene, cause she had the SAME facial expressions, the SAME vocal inflections, the SAME lip-pouts, the SAME pauses, the SAME movements.... note for note, beat for beat, the entire performance was lifted straight from "Mr Holland's Opus." And, in my humble (albeit LOUD) opinion, the chick in the movie (Jean Louisa Kelly) was a million times better than Cheekbones ever thought about being.

Anyhoo, thanks for letting me rant. I'm predicting Elliott or Ace will go home tomorrow, but I am PRAYING that it's Pickles, who earned a trip tonight, hands-down. Or Cheekbones, who I just intensely dislike for no obvious reason other than she's a cocky, self-absorbed CHEATER with NO imagination who has to STEAL from movies.


An actually good night tonight. Okay, this has beemn bugging me for two weeks--have Pickles, Elliot, and Bucky gotten their teeth done? I noticed 2 weeks ago, and needed confirmation. I saw Bucky's teeth last week and they looked a little less Jimmy-cracked-corn, as well as Elliot's, and Pickle's snaggletooth looks less prominent. Whatdoyathink??
I have to say that I didn't care for Ace's look tonight--he looked swarmy, oily, icky like pimpish and not in the good way.

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