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Saturday, March 18, 2006


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well, that's a bit stupid of him to finally realize NOW that once HIS religion is poked fun at it isn't a good thing. I've never seen the show, i accualy think it's pretty stupid and there is other things i'd rather watch, but still, i mean, if you can poke fun at everyone else, you shouldn't be too suprised when it's your beleifs that come under the spotlight.

Linda, you outdid yourself with this one! How is it that you manage to brilliantly express exactly what Mr. & Mrs. Average American is thinking on a day-to-day basis? I am always pleasantly surprised to see your blog reflecting my very thoughts. Thank you for "calling out" the crap and holding a HUGE and unforgiving mirror up to the hypocrites, liars and morons. Love ya, girl!

Great post and what I have to say is kind of off the subject, kind of not. But regarding Tom I might be wrong, but isn't it funny how actors up and down broadway are known for their gayness, yet once all of these actors get to Hollywood...they are all straight? I know that not all actors in Hollywood were once on Broadway, but c'mon, it is undeniable that many actors are gay. Because of Hollywood's risk of losing dollars over so-called "heart-throbs" ...these actors continue to hide the image of gay men and women by remaining in the closet. Have you ever seen Sean William Scott with a woman? George Clooney? Ricky Martin? Ryan Sea-crets? COME ON AMERICA...CLUE IN! Once ummm...there are just no gay highly paid actors in Hollywood? LOL.

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