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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


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Yes, very happy. Thanks, Linda!

OK, ok - mea culpa ladies! I was terribly remiss in not bending Paula over the chair yet again and doing the dry hump ridicule ream up her wazoo.

It did not escape my notice that she looked bathed in Valium, her eyes more hooded than a convention of Afghani Avon ladies.

I give Simon props for not making a fist and just punching her in her fake-haired head.

Her manic behavior and constant verbal diarrhea - she suffers from IBS (Incessant Blathering Syndrome) - are an insult to the contestants and viewers.

But, just like placing Egghead Diddy in the finals, the producers know how to keep people talking. I'm sure in their minds she does more good (read:$$$) than harm.

Happy now?

I have to agree with Lori on this, dear Linda. As I watched the show last night, I just shook my head and smiled as Paula stuttered and drooled her way through it, and said to myself "Ooh, girl. Just wait until Linda takes a go at you."

Did she promise to share her stash with you, or something?

That said, I loved your recap, as I always do, funny girl!

Awww, Linda, Linda, Linda girl!!! As usual, you were dead-on with your observations! But I'm surprised that you didn't have any comments about Paula's mental-margarita after Taylor's performance, when she babbled on and on about Simon's jealousy of Taylor's dancing ( I was really looking forward to your take on her behavior last night -- she started the night like a manic squirrel and was barely able to force her eyelids open by the end of 2 hours.

Paula Is Evil And Must Go.

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