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Thursday, March 30, 2006


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first...let me say one thing, whaever 12 year olds have rhinestoned cell phone (or cell phones period, unless in case of emergancy) are S-P-O-I-L-E-D. Damn, that wasn't so long ago for me, and none of us had cell phones back in the 7th grade, hell, i bet half of us still secretly played with barbies. But I suppose with all of the make-up wearing 7 year olds out there, the 11 and 12 year olds had to do something to keep their status on the playground.

Everything here is so right on. I agree with everything. Yes. Smurfette! Right! Pickles? Girl, you know it. Very, very good. And fun-nay! Yes. Yes. YES! I really like all of this. So good. Great. More! More! I love it. It's great. Everything is so great. Just great. Awesomely great. I like how everyone has such interesting things to say about interesting things, when people do this it is just flat out interesting. No question. Yes!!! It's so interesting watching people do something then watching other people comment on those other people doing something:

"Look at the man pet the monkey. I like the way he pets the monkey. But maybe he should be wearing a red tie. No, no. He should wear a green tie, yes. A green one. And what's with his shoelaces, ohmigawd!"

"Are you crazy! A green tie? While petting a monkey? Are you gay? Green ties are for baboon-petting. Everyone knows that."

Which is better? Definitely the better one. No question.

And remember to breathe oxygen, it's good for you.

My brother's partner just called me on his rhinestone-covered cellphone and said that Ace is not gay... but he's willing to try it if it will get him votes.

Someone else's GAYDAR is going off besides mine??? LOLOLOL! I need to ask my brother what he thinks. Of course, Bri, it may just be the stylist that's gay and Ace is just too thick to know better. I know my brother would NEVER wear a rhinestone belt-buckle... (but his partner would scratch your eyes out for one)

Linda - I have to admit that I enjoy Seacrest's suits. It's a refreshing change from the years of slouch we've had to endure. It's nice that he has someone to clean up for now... but GOOD GOD... Teri Hatcher??? When I saw the photo of them kissing today, I got nauseous. Poor Seacrest. He's a cute kid. Why is he slumming with that old, nasty broad? Gah.

I will miss Lisa, too. I thought she had a lovely voice and a sweet personality. But I think she needed to go, if for no other reason than the chick could NOT choose songs. But it was sad to see her go before Acehole, Smurfette and Kelli Mae.

Anyhoo, your recap was da bomb, as usual, and your Titanic references almost made me spring a rib or two. You need a Surgeon General's Warning on your site.


May I just add....that anyone who wears a RHINESTONE anything for a belt buckle and carries two testicles is GAY...or highly confused. Remember honey, it takes one to know one!

My chickens are up....

Linda, where are you???? :)

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