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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


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HELP!!!! I'm desperately trying to find out where Melissa McPhee's shirt is from, (the black tank top with the multiple-colored design on the night she got kicked off...) Please let me know!!

I have yet to understand this obsession with “reality” television. I find that my personal ordeals dealing with day to day life to be adequately challenging, rewarding, sometimes sad, sometimes happy and always interesting. What compels so many to watch others pains, struggles, anguishes, defeats and occasional victories? I guess the old adage, “different strokes for different folks” applies, and I have never been accused of traveling the worn paths on life’s tapestry. Oh well, I must run now and make sure my partner’s DVR is set to catch all her “realities”.

I KNOW Kellie is everyone's little darling right now, but that wide eyed, naivete' is going to start wearing thin real soon. I understand that it's a big world and she has never traveled farther than her Sonic roller skates can carry her, but I'm so over the "Gosh-gee-golly-wiz"ness of Kellie Pickler.

LINDA! I have no desire to see Kelly Pickler naked, but I do have desire to keep her in this competition! She's CUTE! She has this adorable, sweet quality that makes you want to pick up the phone! I'm sorry, but I could not understand one word Lisa Tucker was singing! She is simply riding on the fact that she once starred in Disney's "The Lion King" on broadway. I'm all up for Alya Brown simply because she's unpretentious and she actually didn't TRY to sound like Celine Dion...which we've heard on this show a thousand times. And I agree...Mandisa owned the stage and little Paris could learn a few things from Mama Mandisa. WAY TO GO GIRL..YOU WERE FABULOUS! I'm all over Mandisa!
And finally...c'mon everyone...get rid of Brenna! We don't need her attitude and I swear...her drag-queen poses and smiles made me wonder if there was a penis somewhere in that dress. I wouldn't also mind if Heather Cox left the show. I felt her performance was sooo high school and there's something reminiscent about her look...have we seen this look on Tonya Harding?
That's it from me biyatch...but let me tell ya...leave Kelly Pickler alone!!!!! Don't make me fly to Texas and open a can of WHOOP ASS!!!

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