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August 19, 2010


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FOX News Channel has been the conduit of the GOP since its inception. Rupert Murdoch, who mysteriously jumped to the head of the line to get his citizenship so he could own media outlets, is probably the greatest asset to the GOP since Reagan left the White House.

"We report it, you decide"? Should probably be, most of the time, "We Make it Up, You decide."

No one can take them seriously but far too many do.

Honestly, Jon Stewart is closer to being a real journalist than most of the talking heads on Fox.

Earl Shoop

Just because Fox is not in the tank for the Dems (unlike the "mainstream media") means that it is a "conduit of the GOP?" Newscorp, owner of Fox, not Fox, gave money to GOP. Does Fox tell Newscorp what to do? The diversity on Fox makes it an asset for us all.

"...jumped to the head of the line to get his citizenship..." Seems to me that our gov't was uncharacteristically wise not to wait years to get its hands on his tax dollars.

"We Make it Up, You decide." is quite the accusation! Any examples?

The talking heads on Fox have not been shy about voicing their points of view; we know which are conservative, liberal, libertarian, or whatever, and all viewpoints are sought. I can't say the same for MSNBC, CNN, or any others, which is why Fox is tops. Beck, and others on Fox, say that opposing views should not be silenced, but their opponents would love to shut down Fox.

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