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July 13, 2010


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She has those Michele Bachmann crazy eyes...they dont move the entire time she's speaking....she's clearly of the devil :-)


I hope he does run - with Sarah Palin as his VP! That would ensure an Obama landslide!!


There is no God in my world - that could help us, if anyone does the Billy Idol "Rebel Yell" hand punch to this big, custardy diarrhea. Honestly, I am starting to question humanity.


What the hell? I thought I was looking at a promo for "Debbie Does Dallas"!

Kelly in PA

Nice makeup job sister!! That made me throw up in my mouth just a little bit.

Michelle from VA

Aw, man. I'm gonna have nightmares tonight. That face...


Good Lord! Got botox anyone? And the makeup job is frightening! Never mind the thoughts or nonthoughts expressed.

Carrie (Quik)

Wait, I thought this was a joke. Seriously? It's not?

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