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April 22, 2010


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They'll take away my fishing pole when they pry it from my cold, stinky fingers! What's Obama gonna do - post police at every pond, creek and waterway in America?

This is what happens when you don't make education a priority - you wind up with a country full of idiots who can't do any kind of measured thinking.


Thanks Linda for the heads up on taking the blood pressure meds first. Unfreakingbelievable....

I fear for the sane, intelligent people in your country.


That's just crazy talk! Some of the same type of people are rallying against a school levy here. They are screaming that they don't want to pay 211.00 per year to keep the schools up and running! Give me a break!My argument is, they will GLADLY pay 100.00 a month cable bill and push their big fat asses under a table at McDonalds once a week,but care nothing about funding the future of our children! And people wonder why we lag behind other countries!


Someone PLEASE tell me who did the poll that said these people were above average intelligence??!!

I tried to talk to someone in my neighborhood last week to find out why they identified with the "tea partiers". Same result....stuttering and stammering with no factual basis. Crazy is right!!

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