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July 21, 2009


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Toni in Dallas

Narcissist bitch.

Ken Phillips

There are many instances of Obama playing this blame game as well. For example:

Guantanomo is Bush's fault - see Linda Chavez, "When in Doubt, Blame Bush", 5/22/2009

"Barack Obama's Top 5 Bart Simpson Moments"
by John Hawkins, 3/24/2009

President Truman is well known for a sign on his desk, "The buck stops here". Apparently Obama does not subscribe to the same philosophy.


Again, as per Carrie's infinite wisdom "It's ALL Sarah Palin's fault!"


Hang on, Ken. You're saying Guantanamo IS Obama's fault? Did he pop over to Area 51 and use that alien Time Machine?

You're also utterly confused about the distinction between "blame" and "responsibility".

That famous quotation of Truman's is all about taking responsibility, whether or not you were actually to blame.

And that's exactly what Obama does. He might, quite rightly, allocate blame where it belongs. But then he sucks it up, squares his shoulders, and takes responsibility for trying to set things right.

You see the difference?

Obama is a DOER.

Palin is a QUITTER.

Theresa from Virginia

Sarah Palin is indeed a narcissist! That is the root of all her problems and issues. She wants to be the center of attention all the time, but when she gets negative attention, then that's always someone else's fault. She epitomizes Narcissistic Personality Disorder!


She is the head lunch lady at the whackateria... McCain must surely be kicking himself over her daily.

The sooner she disappears the better.

Kari in WI

Unfortunately I don't think she's going to disappear, they're going to put her on the biggest float they can make and have her start the Republican parade of nutjobs.



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