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July 26, 2009


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How can anyone NOT love this man? Too funny.

Theresa from Virginia

The piece on healthcare was very thoughtprovoking (and funny), and the rest is just plain funny (and sadly true).


Universal Healthcare = Government/Socialized Healthcare = NO PROFIT HEALTHCARE = No participating Private Insurers = Millions of their employees out of work - so the Government RUNS IT ALL - but then, the Government has been so SUCCESSFUL in managing taxpayer $ so far - so ALL IS WELL, RIGHT?


Need for Profits related Sex Drive? - Give me a BREAK!

Prisons? - In the U.S. it Costs $80,000 per year to house the average prisoner - So hey, let's let them ALL OUT - save some $ to apply to Universal Healthcare!

Re Walter Cronkite - When I was a kid / teenager I respected him - thru the years - until I found out that he had reported the U.S. Vietnamese Embassy "Massacre/Takeover" without ANY facts.

We were actually winning that war - until he turned public opinion with his biased/faulty reporting.

SO nice to see that Maher's staged studio audience appear to snicker / laugh / and oh-so-agree with him - well, many of us here in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA DO NOT.

Linda S to Gary

Gary - SHOUTING your talking points does not make them more valid: see "Birthers"


Thank you, Linda.

P.S. - If I had meant to shout, ALL words would have been in CAPITALs - CAPITALS (within text) are meant to connote EMPHASIS.


A General Comment (on this Blog - the "Times" - the Nature of some of your "Gut" Responses):

Believe I have previously mentioned it on this blog, but here goes again:

Was liberal / opposed to Vietnam War in college (Nixon) - then worked hard thru my 20's, 30's, 40's (Ford, Carter [total Bozo], Reagan, Bush I, Clinton - did not care for / pay much attention to politics. Then I became more conservative - Bush II, OK at first, but at the end I knew he was also a Bozo.

End 2008 I saw Obama as a potential difference - McCain too old / ideas too old - but I'm not so sure about the correct route to "Change" anymore...

Seems to me that all of us - as eventual "Angels of God" - are born with two wings. However, whether one (as based on media / societal input or [hopefully] one's own innate beliefs) take a position of "Left" or "Right" wing is, in the end, irrelevant.

A person obviously [and likely even an Angel} cannot fly on just one wing - it takes two. So I try to keep an open mind - whenever / however / whatever...

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