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March 06, 2009


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So exactly when did the American Dream become lying on television, passing yourself off as something you're not, not holding down a steady job, not paying taxes, spouting off on matters you have no knowledge about and whoring yourself out to whoever's got a tv camera and a few bucks? Gee all this time I thought it was about educating yourself and working hard to better yourself. Next time I'm at the bookstore, I'm moving this book to the fantasy section.

Kari in WI

Ugh, I can't even stand to look at the cover. I did hear that he was there for 1 of his 3 scheduled hours, pretty funny.


I'm still not sure if its sad or funny that the two most prominent spokesmen for the republican party are Joe the Plumber and Rush :-). I guess its a combination of both


If this guy's their poster child and Rush is their voice, they've got some real problems.

Chris K

To Kari in WI.....I soooo agree I can't stand to look at his ugly mug, please go away Sam.


I think this will be the last we see or hear of him. Book will be remaindered. An odd curio of a strange time.


Mercifully I have not heard anything about Mrs Palin either the past couple of weeks.

Life is good.


What? Sam's book isn't going over well with the masses? Well! My faith in humanity is justified, after all. America, you rock! I'm proud of ya! Let's continue to send this loser to the trash bin of history where he belongs.


11 people showed up? I'll bet at least eight of them were just looking for a bathroom.


Joe the Plumber and Sarah Palin will be a great team in 2012! I've bought 20 copies of this truly magnificent book and will be giving them out as Ramadan gifts next fall.


well, i'm all for a Palin/Plumber ticket in 2012! Lets go Jesus! Lets go America!

Lori in Texas

"I've bought 20 copies of this truly magnificent book and will be giving them out as Ramadan gifts next fall."

LMFAO, Ajax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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