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March 01, 2009


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I don't think an industrial-strength power washer would do the trick. He is such an ass. If the Republican party wants to broaden its' base, they had better shut this fool up before he runs off the few people of color they DO have.

Chris K

My husband had such a good take on this guy. He thinks that he is getting paid big bucks to be soooooo outrageous and stir up the far right. IT IS HIS JOB!!!!!

Kari in WI

That's exactly what my husband says too Chris. The sad thing is that he does exactly that, and the far right is just nuts enough to believe it all hook line and sinker! I was watching this Saturday, to kind of balance out my devotion to Olberman and MSNBC, but just had to change the channel. He started talking about the big companies taking bailout money and then going on vaca and conventions etc, that it was right to do because they needed to reward their good employees and customers etc, and I couldn't take it anymore.

Toni in Dallas

Altoid my ass. Let's plant him with his just his head sticking up then schedule mowers.


Say what you want about Rush Limbaugh, but Obama has used "fear" to state his case for why his agenda/legislation is necessary.

For example: President Obama stated "A failure to act, and act now, will turn crisis into a catastrophe."


I don't think thats fear Mike, thats called reality. The lack of action with regards to the economic crisis is what has caused fear in our country. If we don't act now and do something it WILL turn into a catastrophe.

All Bush and the republicans did for years was instill fear in Americans while 9/11 was still fresh in our minds. Fear that if we didn't cooperate with government, the terrorists would get us. How much of that was reality? Most of the threats were not credible but they wanted Americans to remain in fear so that we would give up our most basic freedoms in the name of protecting our country

Linda S to Mike

And Bush and his fear mongering minions are the reasons why we are still in Iraq, and why I could still open a Plastic sheeting and Duct Tape emporium.

Chrissy to Mike

And people like Rush Airbag want us to live in fear of Obama and the Democrats - so what's the difference in your mind Mike? It's okay for Rush to make people fearful but not Obama? Just want to check on what the rules are now.

Linda L

Limbaugh is the one planting seeds of fear! He is beyond dangerous. To think that people actually believe the crap he spews....just boggles my mind.


Its really scary that now with the republicans out of power that the one man they would turn to and elect their 'leader' is limbaugh. Surely there has to be a better conservative to look up to. I can't think of any at the moment but there must be. In all seriousness though if they think this is how they are going to convince Americans to give them another shot, by appealing to the far right wackadoodles of the party, then they are crazy

Kari in WI

Have you guys seen that 13 year old kid that spoke at the CPAC last weekend? He's positively creepy, he was on CNN this morning, they were comparing him to Alex P Keaton but that's certainly not the vibe I got. There must be some "normal" Republicans out there somewhere, we're just not seeing them - lol!


I apologize in advance for this rant. I have always been a Democrat. I voted for Obama and yet I can see where there needs to be a serious debate on the way this country needs to be turned around. I spent time Sunday working on our church's food bank donation only to come home and read in the paper that the city I live in is getting $750,000 for planning services to build an African-American history museum. Not to build, mind you, just to plan and design. And yes, this earmark was sponsored by a Democrat. I am not objecting to this on racial grounds; I don't care if it was for a museum, an aquarium, whatever. I just feel like no one in Washington is getting just how serious things are. PEOPLE ARE GOING HUNGRY - can we just wait on things like museums and such until we're back on our feet? This is where I think the Republicans can offer rational alternatives and contribute meaningful dialogue. They are missing the boat by promoting the likes of Rush and Laura Ingraham who seem to be merely promoting themselves at the expense of their party and ultimately their country.

Linda S to Chrissy

I agree there seems to be a complete misunderstanding about what is NECESSARY NOW. However, the percentage of earmarks asked for by Republicans in the stimulus is running neck and neck with those of Democrats.


I guess when Hank Paulson demanded that the banks needed bailing out "NOW!" was not using fear? There is very little or no difference in the so-called tactics, except for the fact that Obama is being WAY MORE transparent and it is shocking to learn what we didn't know all along! On another note, I have to agree with Chrissy--we need to get our people fed and housed--to hell with the niceties UNLESS they are used to get some folks some real jobs! Here in Cincinnati, the mayor is pushing for STREET CARS while there are people living in tents under bridges by the Ohio river! The shelters for surviving the cold are overrun with folks--where is the help for them? I just have two words people--COMMON SENSE!


You're right Linda and you'll never hear a word about that from the combatative-type Repubs. I guess what I was just trying to say is that there needs to be voices of reason on both sides of the aisle. When people like Rush attack, attack, attack it prompts the Democrats to attack back and the moderate Republicans to cower. Neither side can engage in any kind of rational debate and all the issues get clouded. I know there are good, intelligent commen sense people in Congress on both sides. I just wish they'd get the media coverage.


Keep in mind that Rush Limbaugh is not the spokesman for the Republican Party. He was never voted to that position. He was not appointed to that position. He has never claimed to be. In fact you would be hard pressed to find anybody that could lay claim to such a title. The Republican party is still in disarray from the beating that they took in November.

And Ron... you can't be serious. You have implied that fear is a tactic only used by the right whereas the left is only stating the obvious. That's hypocrisy. Step back and I'm sure that you will find that both sides use "fear" to further their agenda.

rj to Mike

The first bailout, when Bush was still in office, was pushed through by fear tactics. President Obama is now being forced to maintain a balance of letting us know how bad things are and yet still give us hope that things will improve. You could not pay me enough to want his job.
Republicans are known to be the party that rules by fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of progress, fear of anything different or new. Right now, they should fear being irrelevant, because they are.

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