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March 10, 2009


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Kari in WI

I hope someone, somewhere, reads this and pays attention. It makes me so mad to hear the republicans yelling about bipartisanship, only to bite the hand he holds out. We are all in this country together, remember?


What is bipartisanship? The dictionary defines it as “consisting of or supported by members of two parties”. As I recall, shortly after Obama became president, he invited Republicans to the White House to try and get them behind the stimulus package. They told him what they would like to see, but it made no difference. Pelosi presented a piece of legislation that did not have anything the Republicans were asking for. So where is the bipartisanship? If you want both sides to come to a consensus, you have to meet them at least part way. Bipartisanship is not about giving up everything you fundamentally believe in – it’s about compromise. Sure the democrats won the Presidency and both houses of Congress. That means they get to dictate what gets passed. If they want bipartisanship though, then the democrats have to at least make the attempt to meet the republicans somewhere toward the middle. Pelosi has made no effort in that regard.

Toni in Dallas

That is one amazing article. Thanks, that will be sitting a few in- boxs tomorrow morning.

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