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November 13, 2008


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Michelle in IL

My husband and I watched them for an hour last night. They are sooo adorable!!! I told him we should have a dog cam set up for our 3 chihuahua mixes. He said he already has one but all they do all day is sleep!!!!


ACK! My view was just interrupted by a close-up buttcrack view of the guy who was bent over feeding them!

Liz in CT

Ewww - I caught the "crack" too! Joe the Plumber owns the puppies??

Laura from Iowa

Jeez....I'm going to be late for work now! :)

Toni in Dallas

This is so additive.

Ame in upstate NY

Is it just me, or do those puppies spend WAY too much time, um, "grooming" each other's genital areas?

Dorothy  to Ame

OK Ame - you ARE watching too much. Please, step away from the computer. Really, it's for your own good.

Laura from Iowa to Ame

Um, yes, my husband and I cannot get over how obsessed Autumn (purple collar) is over the private areas of her sibs. He calls it "puppy porn" now-haha.

Ame in upstate NY

Oh thank you! I thought it was just me being a perv. I mean, I am, shit, I'll just shut up now. (bye)

I swear they have grown just since we started staring relentlessly at them.


The puppies have "graduated" to a more open area. I swear I am addicted!


The puppies just met a cat. Lots of butt sniffing going on. lmao (quietly cause Madi finally went to sleep)


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