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November 01, 2008


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Barry Weber

I see "Joe" now has an agent and publicity manager. This guy is still imagining that he will be remembered a week after the election.

Apparently, he wants to write a book and have a movie about his life, thereby getting people to send some of their money to him in a round about way. So, he is for "redistribution" too, as we all are.

Shawn - Lakewood CA

we're going to change WARSHINGTON????????

Being from Washington state, I grew up hearing morons say it that way. It is a WASHing machine, not a WARSHING machine, you WASH your hands, not WARSH your hands. And the same goes for the state!!! It is pronounced WASHINGTON without the R!!!

Rudy to all

I have always said that POTUS is probably the most difficult job in the entire world. No one individual can adequately do this job. The key to a great or even adequate President is surrounding oneself with the best & brightest.

Sarah Palin, Joe the Plumber, Tucker Bounds...... I REST MY CASE.


John Cleese is on the right track, funny as he was being. If you eliminate those commercials, you eliminate quite a lot of the nastiness and the need to raise a zillion dollars.

Something to think about anyway.

Carrie / Quik

I don't know where to put this, but I'm watching Hardball on MSNBC and one of the guests, can't see his name, is arguing with Pat Buchanan when he calls Obama an "uber-American". It's such geekspeak, and it's just fabulous!!!!

Ame in upstate NY

I too, don't know where to put this, but I want to share. I live in a VERY Republican county. For the first time in history, this county is in a deadlock. I was a witness at a wedding of a friend and the man she chose to marry last night (her life, not mine, thank the powers, still love her) and the JOP and the other witness, one a retired cop and the other a correctional officer, had the following conversation in front of me (I guess I "look" like an Obama supporter, cause no one looked/talked to me). "So McCain gonna pull it off?" "Nah." "Shame." "Yeah - 4 years of Jimmy Carter Jr and hopefully we get a new Reagan." "Yeah - hopefully." I just smiled pretty. I can do that. Of course, the insides of my mouth were bleeding.....

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this is time for plumbers to wrench up the Washington

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