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Toby who is not friends with a friend to Toby

lmao tho "a friend to toby" I don't know her leave me alone

Tracy in Cincy

Linda, your blogs have taught me so much about many subjects, and for that I thank you. This person is just someone trying to make others think they are better than the rest.
More transgender children need parents like you and Rudy, who are working to not only support their son, but to teach other parents how it should be done. I feel priviledge to be able to say I am truly a "friend of Toby" as well as a friend of his amazing mother.

Shawn in So Ca

I'm at a loss for words. Having followed DGMS and now this new blog that shares the journey your family is on...I'm flabbergasted that someone thinks they need to "protect" Toby from you???? Cray cray.

Linda S to Shawn

The nicer part of me wants to believe that that person strolled in through the link, read that one thing, and has never read anything else I have written through the years.

That being said, the devil on my other shoulder prefers that person just SIT DOWN.

Shawn in So Ca

Read some of the comments on the article I shared about the transgender man who had a baby. There are transgender men commenting in ways I was surprised by. I meant to share with you not directly to my wall as I was curious if Toby had thoughts on those particular reactions. Each person going thru the transition involved has a unique journey and I found it interesting and even a bit jarring that there were negative and even hostile reactions from transgender men. No doubt their views are expressed through the lens of their experiences. I'm glad Toby has such a wonderful supportive loving family. I do my darndest to be sensitive but like the author of the article I shared I may not always be able to express myself in a way that is not going to be insensitive or offensive. I hope I get proper criticism if I do that tho do I can correct

Linda S to Shawn

Well, humans are humans. There is just as much garbage, shade, and unkindness in the LGBT community as there is in the cis community - no one has cornered the market on bad behavior towards others. But within the T, there is also often frustration at being unable to move forward with a transition, I have seen a lot of jealousy directed towards those who have a support system and / or the ability to finance various phases of their transition. And unfortunately, some have the notion that one transition fits all, and if someone is not doing it "right" then they are not really transgender.

That being said, there is also extraordinary support to be found, genuine kindness, and amazing individuals all on their own unique journeys.

Assume this is about Chris Rehs-Dupin?

Being transgender does not mean that a person does not have maternal or paternal desires and feelings. Being able to create a life is an amazing, desired experience for many. And it is also a component that they know they must in all likelihood give up when beginning hormone treatment. Fertility is a result in most cases of testosterone treatment. That he was able to conceive and carry the child is because he had not started hormone therapy. His transition was taking HIS route. As I stated in the previous piece, the steps taken are different for each individual.

I wish that we move towards a time when transgender people are not demonized and maligned by society, instead they are wholly embraced and supported.

The trans man who gave birth is no less a man just because he still has functional female body parts. Just as a cis woman who has had a hysterectomy or mastectomy is no less a woman. That those in the transgender community may be attacking him is just sad.


Hey Linda, I like your post. You have taught me to stand for what I am and what I believe in Rather than what people think I should be.

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