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Tuesday, September 26, 2017


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The dumbest exchange I overheard today:
Woman: "I don't understand why there is such a holdup in aid to Puerto Rico. They are US Citizens."

Man: They don'tpay Federal taxes.

In my head: They don't pay Federal Taxes in lots of places but we still send aid as needed.

Jesus wept.

Linda, thank you for saying the words I only wish he and his stupidest
could see! Every word just makes me despise him more than any other
human EVER 😡

A friend pointed out a very big reason why there is a delay in aid for their electric infrastructure- private electric companies has been trying to privatize utilities in Puerto Rico for years. The citizens keep saying no. Well, keep them without electricity for long enough and they'll likely agree to anything. It is sad.

I will also say that I spoke with a military service member last night who is working around the clock and has had 2 days off in the last 31 and he said they were sending aid but the logistics have been difficult due to the amount of damage. He said they are very distressed due to lack of communications with any of the hospitals on the island. :-(

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