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Tuesday, July 25, 2017


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Last Wednesday night, my five year old son swallowed a button battery. For those of you who don't know, a button battety goes into watches or car alarm fobs. This one was a little bit bigger then a nickle.

I took him to the hospital thinking they would get it out and we would go home. Nope. We are still here and we will be here until at least next Wednesday if we are lucky.

The battery lodged itself so deeply into his esphoughus they took him in for for surgery.

I have not left his side since then. I work full time and still only make around 30k a year. I don't have insurance because I can't afford it. Thankfully both my boys have medicade so I don't have to worry about the hospital bill.

But. I haven't left his side. I have't been to work. My boss is being wonderful about all of this so I won't lose my job and I have enough vacation time to cover my being gone.

This situtation I find myself in made me think of what you said Linda, about one unexpected health crisis away from financial ruin. It also made me think about how much worse off I could be right now.

I am very lucky. I have friends and family who are taking care of me (making sure I have what I need and food and drink, cause everything at the hospital costs money if its for me) while I take care of my son.

But honestly, it really scares the crap out of me knowing it could be a whole lot worse and will be if this country can't get its act together.

I always thought that dental care should have been included and was puzzled when it wasn't. For any of your loyal readers who have been putting off dental care, if you live near a university with a dental schiool they all run clinics. All services are considerably cheaper than at a private dentist. Some procedures are still a bit pricey but they work with you. Your appointments take longer because of all the protocols but I have gotten good care at our clinic. It's just a thought.

McCain enjoys the best health care that is available thanks to the American People. I was starting to feel sorry for him when I heard about his cancer. I was wrong!

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