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Thursday, May 04, 2017


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Thank you - I appreciate you stopping by!

Great article!! You write with fire in your heart!

DLM, so did I. Those people are an embarrassment to decent people everywhere.

May these 217 Fuckweasels who have their heads so far up Trump's ass

Not proud of myself, but I have wished very horrible illnesses on each and every one of those who voted yes today.


My Congressman, Steve Pearce sent us a robo-call last night about how hard he is working to shut off the out-of-control spending in Washington. IF this passes the Senate, over 150,000 New Mexicans will lose all health coverage. This is in a state with a population slightly over 2 million. So, he's reining in spending. If his vote means some of his constituents die, will he cover the cost of their burial? They likely don't have money for that, either. (Additionally, due to the cuts he's advocating, some 20,000 people who work in the health care field in this state will lose their jobs)

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