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Tuesday, May 02, 2017


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The chickens will come home to roost in 2018. I think quite a few of these imbeciles just signed their own unemployment papers.

217-213 . . . heartless M'Fers. . .

Thank you for writing this Linda. I always look forward to your posts and you are bang on with this one. I am as "left" as it gets but you are correct in that this is about humanity, not politics. Anyone that believes in the "for profit" healthcare system is either in a place of privilege (FOR NOW) or has no humanity.......or both. Medicare for All........NOW!

All I am going to say is that if "Obamacare" had been passed the first time they tried, my sister may very well still be alive.
Fuck Trump, Fuck his congress, Fuck all of them. I hope they all get some horrible disease that even their healthcare can fix.

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