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Monday, April 10, 2017


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While I think we have become a bit "sue-crazy" with every trip, fall, spill hot coffee, etc., looking for someone to blame and PAY for our pain and suffering, I would LOVE to not only see the victim sue, but every passenger on this plane sue United for the trauma they incurred witnessing this incident. THAT would be priceless.

Flying, which used to be pleasurable, no longer is. You are treated like cattle, charged for every little thing (charged to choose a seat, even, on some lines!) and are pretty sure to have an uncomfortable flight. I am sure even first class isn't as nice as it used to be. This is why, whenever possible, I go by train. Yes, it takes longer but it is far less stressful.

Bravo Linda. When I first saw this story it pissed me off. The 2nd time I saw it I made the decision to never fly United again. I refuse to support any business that thinks their people getting to a destination are more important than their paying customers. Enough is enough, and hiding behind some obscure clause that no one takes the time to read isn't going to help them keep their customers.

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