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Monday, February 06, 2017


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Linda!!!! Again, absolutely on point and amazing! If I could write, it would sound exactly like this. Lol. Empathy... THE most important thing to me. That's also why at 10 I was questioning Catholicism and my family's rampant use of The N word. None of it ever made sense. And in today's world, I'm at more of a loss than ever. My favorite new quote... Besides all of yours, goes something like, "Snowflakes are delicate and unique but in large numbers they become an avalanche and will bury you." It's true, we will win out in the end. I truly believe that there is more good than bad in this country. People are waking up en masse, standing up, resisting the tyranny, people like you and me. We can and will fight back and win. Again, I'm so glad I found your blog. Thank you. ✌️❤️

Linda, everything I'm reading of yours this morning is exactly EVERYTHING I think of on a daily basis. I just wish I could express it as awesomely as you do. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Thank you... you express so much of what I am feeling, I have just been so sad and heartbroken with all of this ugliness. I guess naive, but so sad to see the evil and hatred in so many hearts.

once again you say what is in my heart that I can't quite get out. Thank you.


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