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Wednesday, March 06, 2013


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The NFL is generally well behind the curve of the way the world is going. Must be all those concussions.

I assume you wrote this in response to the NFL's recent questioning of new recruits about their sexuality. The really stupid thing is that there have been gay NFL players all along - none of them just wanted to come out while they were playing, but some have since leaving the NFL. It's sort of like the fuss the military always put up - there were always gay servicemembers, but they just weren't allowed to say they were gay. How dumb is that? "We'll just pretend that none of this is happening, and if we act like it's not there, then it must not be there." Dumbasses!

DUMB poster - - *eloquent.

when I saw the title to this post, I thought it might be about Dennis Rodman!

And once again, you made the point so clear (and did it so well!) on this subject. Good to see you posting on some topics again, I really DO enjoy your very funny, and very elliquent use of the English language!!

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