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Friday, March 08, 2013


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But mandating that people buy healthcare is unconstitutional right? How do they breathe with their heads so far up their asses?

I don't get it. Why the hell do they want more guns? Haven't we got enough of them? One of the first rules of self defense I learned was that weapons CAN be used against you. That gun in your closet does NOT make you safer. These people don't realise that the person attacking you can take away your gun as easily as you can use it. So having a gun makes you feel safe all the way up until your assailant takes it from you. Smart...real smart.

read in the paper today that a small town in Maine wants to pass this same law. I think it said a population of 140 people? Anyway, stupidity is nation-wide.

Oscar de la Dullard? *snickers* Linda, you have been on a snark roll since you came back from your cruise!! Lovin it!! Can't wait to hear what you have to say about Elizabeth Hasselcrack being "let go" from the View!! Wonder if the people from Nelson, GA will shoot their tv's?

They must have something in the water down there that causes brain damage. It's the only explanation for this kind of nonsense.


Wrote it exactly how I meant it! And "cray" is pretty common everywhere these days.

"She's not cray" - was that supposed to be "crazy" or did you mean to write exactly the way some people in Georgia (and Florida) pronouce some of the words in the English language? Either way, made me laugh because that's EXACTLY how they would say it, "she not cray..." :-D

This is their mantra...

"Government should be involved totally in what I believe in, and not at all in anything I don't believe in."

Thankfully the founding fathers were worried about this kind of thought, and the trampling of non majority when they were framing the constitution.

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