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Sunday, July 22, 2012


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I don't get the desire to go see a movie at midnight for myself as an adult, much less dragging little kids out at that time. So freakin' selfish! And there will be no end to the self infliction of ass-kicking and guilt for those parents whose children were killed or injured. It's bad enough for the parents and families of the adults who were killed, even though they had no to limited control over what time their young adult son went to see a movie. Just imagine the horror of knowing it was YOU who made the fateful decision to take your child to that movie. Can't even imagine the never-ending horror and pain and waking up every morning realizing it wasn't just a bad dream.

As far as gun control - there has to be a better way to ensure 2nd amendment rights while keeping the extreme weapons and other accoutrement out of the wrong hands. There is just no logical reason for anyone outside of the military to need automatic weapons or ammo magazines or drums that hold large quantities of rounds. Who needs body armor if they aren't in law enforcement? I'm all for responsible ownership of firearms for hunting, sport shooting, and personal protection. I grew up around guns. My dad had a dealer's license and I spent my time in the Army. I am an expert marksman. But I don't even own a gun. My children are 27 and 18 now, but I was always afraid to have a weapon around the house while they were growing up. I can swing an aluminum baseball bat or wield a big knife as well as I can shoot a gun, so I haven't been really concerned about personal protection.

Kind of a funny story: about a year ago my next door neighbor went out on her back deck to let her dog out for its bathroom break. She saw someone dressed in dark clothing lay down in the tall weeds out back to hide. (We live in a fairly "rural" part of the city, with old peach orchards, a river at the end of the road, and good distances between the houses.) She ran inside to alert her boyfriend and grab a flashlight, but the person was gone by the time she got back. She called a couple of the neighbors, and 7 people showed up with guns! They didn't find the guy, and I didn't find out about it until the next day - I guess they didn't call me because I don't have a gun to show up with! Maybe that should be the neighborhood watch sign - "if you're in this neighborhood to do something wrong, expect hot lead coming your way".

My girls are 21 and almost 23 and I still feel bad going out if one of them will be left home alone. I went to a concert Saturday night and called home 3 times to see if Caitie was okay, if she needed anything, etc...and she is 21. I can't imagine not living my life worrying about what the effect of anything I do will have on them.
On the gun situation, yes, I have a handgun. I also have 5 dogs and an alarm system, so I figure if someone is going to break into my house, and still keep coming in when the alarm is going off and the dogs are barking, then they will be shot. Both of the girls know how to use the gun (they were taken to shooting ranges and taught to shoot when they were younger because dad wanted them to be comfortable around guns and not be curious since he is a police officer) and both of them know that it is their last resort if they need to use it and I am not home. However, I would not have had a problem waiting longer for the gun. My only issue with tighter gun control is that MOST criminals don't go buy their weapons in a store. They get them on the street, and there is no regulating that. I do not believe ANYONE other than the military has a need for an assult rifle. Your gun collection doesn't need to be that "cool". Period.

Well said as usual...I saw the movie Friday mid-day not long after hearing the terrible news. I don't attend these midnite openings because I prize sleep too much. I don't understand taking a small child to this movie in general and I truly don't comprehend taking them to a midnight showing. But they are not to blame for the terrible violent end result...as many are saying.

You need a "like" button on your posts! :-)

I agree that there needs to be a unified data-base of these types of purchases and, at some point, a RED FLAG needs to be raised. Why in the heck do you need assault rifles and 6,000 ROUNDS OF AMMO? Hand guns and rifles (for protection and hunting), yes. Assault weapons? A BIG FAT NO!

DGMS on babies (and small children) at a movie like this. Regardless of your parenting choices and judgment regarding the time, the violence, and consideration of other movie-goers, the decibal levels alone are putting the child at risk for hearing loss and should be reason enough to leave them home.

standing applauding everything said above. I had this same discussion last night about owning a gun to protect you and/or your home and family or a shot gun for those who enjoy hunting (not my thing), and owning an assault rifle (tear gas, bullet proof vest, explosives, etc).
And beside the selfishness and stupidity of bringing babies and children to a midnight showing, it's just f***ing RUDE and inconsiderate. Going to the movies is NOT cheap and I'd been pissed as hell after paying $50 for tickets, popcorn and drinks and having a baby cry through it.

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