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Monday, July 02, 2012


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Prayers for your Aunt Dorothy!

Sorry to hear that. :( Prayers for your aunt.

Done and done. Prayers and good thoughts all around.

This is the interview I did with Izze's mom - she seriously is my new hero :)

Mom just called. They did the spinal tap this morning, and after the doctor told her that surgery was urgent, now they want to wait 8 days...so they are bringing her back on the 10th and will let her know. My mom says that God heard our prayers and is busy fixing her inside so she wont have to have the surgery now. I hope that's it. Anyway, I thank you all so much for your prayers and good thoughts - my family appreciates it more than you know. <3<3<3

I will pray for Aunt Dorothy, her husband, Kathy and all who love Aunt Dorothy. And a prayer for Izzie too. Spunky kid.

Wow - Izzie sounds like an amazing girl. I will keep her in my prayers as well. Thanks for posting this Linda. Aunt Dorothy had a spinal tap this morning before the surgery, we are waiting for news - heartwrenching stuff.

I am so sick of cancer, so tired of how it takes the people we love away from us or makes the lives of those it touches so much harder, physically, emotionally and financially. I guess most of us feel the same way! ::sigh::

Chicky, I'll be praying for your Aunt Dorothy and her husband in her battle with brain cancer (and you too, as you obviously love her and care deeply about her). I'll also pray for Izzie... what a wake up call she gives us all!

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