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Friday, June 08, 2012


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I just came from my ortho doc yesterday and am going to have to have shoulder surgery pretty soon. Wish I could be there to get all the attention Debbie is getting! :-) Since I have a TERRIBLE time coming out of anesthesia, I will be sure to have Karl give me my phone so I can post beautiful rainbow, butterfly, unicorn-laced statuses! Hahaha! Happy Recouperating!!!!

Figured with school ending all was mad busy but I did not know about poor Debbie's shoulder! I hope she is feeling much better. She should, with all that laughing. Drunk dialling is supposed to be quite therapeutic, did you know that? Is Carson on a soccer tourney to NYC? I am sorry Kendall needs more knee surgery. I hope it goes well. Never a dull moment is there?

And you're a nut! :-)

Oreo is a dog. Nugget is a cat. Rocky is a squirrel. Leo is a llama. Bebbin is an evil genius. And Lola is a cow.

Debbie came here and had her surgery done with Kendall's doctor. She is here so we can take care of her during the recovery. And hell, just to hang out. Laughter IS medicinal.

Oreo is a dog, are all the rest cats? And are they all indoor?
And doesn't Debbie live in Florida? Why or how did she have surgery in Texas? Tell her to "get well soon" for me!
And can our kids please stop growing up so fast??!! I liked it better when your girls were all home and still in middle and/or high school. I feel so old when I read your posts now, seems like just yesterday your oldest was off to college. where does the time go?

p.s. not sure what the "drunken dialing" was about, but should you call me, PLEASE leave a message because I love drunken dialing talk!! :-D

Glad to hear you recouped from your drunken dialing adventure...was so fun talking to you and Debbie - give her a gentle squeeze from me and tell her I got tater tots on the grill.

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