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Thursday, June 28, 2012


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It's truly unfortunate that party politics tend to lean each of the two sides (Republicans and Democrats alike) to the far end of the spectrum of beliefs.

The part that drives me crazy is that MOST people do not lean toward the far right or the far left, but are somewhere in the middle.

Since WE (those of us who do not lean far left or right) are really the majority, why can't we get a decent political party up and running? Isn't there a candidate out there for whichever office who isn't a liberal wingnut or a conservative asshat?

And why must the Republicans ALWAYS drag religious beliefs into everything? I am a Christian, but I want to be my kind of Christian, not the I-hate-everybody-who-isn't-like-me-and-they-should-all-go-to-hell type of "christian". If you asked them "what would Jesus do", they would probably respond, "screw Jesus - he was just a long-haired hippie commie anyway".

The sensationalism of left-wing vs right-wing politics sells news - nobody cares what the "normal" majority of the voting populace thinks, because it doesn't create fodder for the 24 hour news channels and pundits to feed from.

By the way, I was born in Texas 51 years ago, and still have a lot of family there, but probably wouldn't ever move back there. But rest assured that Texas isn't the only state with some crazy politicians - we have more than our fair share here in Virginia!

Yikes. My sister is considering a move to Austin in 2 years. I am against it. It's okay for her to go, but I will be damned if my nephew is exposed to this lunacy in school. Good grief.

**I BECAME...not I Because!

Just defriended another "friend" who was woefully misinformed on the healthcare bill (and just about everything else)...when I tried to educate her, I because "all that is wrong with this country" Buh Bye.


Yep, makes me proud to be a Texan - NOT!

This country and the direction it seems to be headed in makes me both sad and angry. I truly have thought about where I could move to that might be better.

is it too late to give Texas back to Mexico?! (kidding! I would miss hearing from you, Lori, Another Lori and any other Texas DGMSer's)

seriously though, I really do wonder what the hell is going on in this country. Stupid just getting stupider. (pun intended) Maybe it really is the end of the world (wasn't that supposed to happen some time this year?)

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