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Friday, June 15, 2012


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You know sometimes it feels good to just feel good...sometimes I like movies where you don't have to think to...where it is okay to just let the experience wash over you and take you for a ride. Love the music can't wait to see it.

Yep, it's on my list for the summer! And all you have to do is watch the trailer to know that this is a movie that is just for fun - no Oscar bait here!

Catherine Zeta-Jones says her character is based on Michele Bachmann. 'Nuf said!!!!!

Although I am NO fan of Tom Cruise, this movie is definitely on my "want-to-see" list for when it comes out on DVD. Screw the critics. They get it wrong lots of times.

that was supposed to be "plot"

i read the reviews too, and it said if you want to see some cheesy plor and hear stars do kareok of 80's songs, then this is the movie for you. You know what, sounds like a good time to me! :-D

Thanks for the review...i have friends going to see it this weekend. I hadn't planned on seeing it, but after your review I might have checked it out except for the fact that I CAN'T STAND TOM CRUISE!!! And a cheesy Tom Cruise would make me vomit!!!! LOL!!!

I don't feel the need to defend anything. Seriously, to each his/her own. My point is don't go in with serious expectations. It's not a serious movie.

Re: your update...this is how I felt when I had to defend the 50 Shades series, people just went off on me because I liked the books! I didn't get it - I guess some people just need less free time on their hands!

can't wait!

I love me some Russell Brand - can't wait to see this one!

Now I wish I hadn't made a committment with my sister to go see something else this weekend. Next weekend, this one is mine. This is my music, even now, and I love every note of it.

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