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Monday, June 25, 2012


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You going to accompany Carson to San Diego? That is not far for me!

Great to hear about all the comings and goings at the Sharp house! Congrats to Carson and her gang for the great wins. Glad that Kendall came through her surgery with flying colors (Debbie too!). And hope that Culley enjoys her time working at College Station.

I'll have to pass the One Direction drawing on to Sarah as well - she and 2 of her friends just went to their concert here in Dallas this past weekend and had a blast!

Love the update! And the picture of the girls together in the car! Happy summer ahead everyone, although I am tired of the heat already!

Hope Kendall recovers quickly. Knee stuff is painful. Love Carson's drawings. SCAD is a great school. I would not have guessed they had a soccer team. And wow to that win! The nephew loves those shows too -- they make my head hurt, though. And that covertible is kewl. Guess you will need to get 2 more before long! Never dull at your house is it?

Thanks Linda - She can't wait to shop at Carson's Cafepress store!

Welcome back Linda!

This is so amazing that you posted Carson's drawing of One Direction! My niece is here with me this week and she LOVES One Direction...at one point I think Lori shared a copy of that drawing on FB, and I shared it with her - but she missed it. Would you mind emailing me a copy so my niece can share it with her friends? (If that's okay with Carson, of course).

Sounds like you've had a really full house so far this summer. I missed you, but understand when real life gets in the way of blog life! Welcome back!

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