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Tuesday, May 01, 2012


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Whoa Moe...i think you totally misread my post. I was talking about the pastor when I said that if you have nothing nice to say, etc....not people who stand behind their religion and use it to bash the LGBT community. I have a gay son...did you miss that point? I happen to be a Christian & I would no more bash, bully or abuse anyone because of their sexual orientation than I would take abuse from anyone because of what I believe. I have faith in a loving & just God & believe that He made my son the way he is. My heart breaks for young people like Tempest Smith. That could have easily been my son. I hope this clears things up...

Sorry but there is a dark side to Christianity, and for Sue to do the " if you don't have something nice to say, say nothing at all" is crap. I'm a Pagan in America and I could tell Sue a few things about her fellow Christians that are far from " nice" and I'm supposed to shut up about it? The Christians that sand by and keep their mouths shut while people like Tempest Smith die because of the doings of their fellow Christians are IMO allowing evil to continue. Silence equates with consent in such situations. Jesus Christ never said anything about LGBTs. In fact, he mentioned in regards to children " to the least of these you do, you do to Me." Harris' "sermon" is deplorable with good reason and should be condemned.

It may not be an actual crime to advocate hitting your child, as Robin says, but it sure as HELL ought to be reported to higher-ups in that church! What a bunch of CRAP to preach in church!!

Oh for Christ's sake....if you don't have something nice to say....say nothing at all. I have tons of Christian friends & gotta tell you...when the subject of my gay son comes up they immediately quote the old testament. My answer is always the same....my son @ the age of 26 has made a difference in more young lives than they could ever hope to do...and if God refuses my son Heaven based only on his sexuality and not on the lives of children he has counseled and will continue to counsel, then he is not the God of Love after all. I have faith, tho, that when all is said & done, it is truly how you treat your fellow human beings & your life's work that will be the measurement in gaining entrance into Heaven.

I realize that the verbal advocating of child abuse is no per se a crime. However, anyone who acts on his advice IS abusing a child, whether that "punch" is literal or 'merely' verbal. Surely, anyone who follows this idiot's teachings should land in jail, and their children taken away from them to hopefully find a less hate-full enviroment to grow up in.

Nice. They must be so proud of the way they shape {brainwash} a 4-year olds mind. They should be ashamed - sadly, this is their truth - I still shake my head at the blind stupidity of a great portion of the human race.

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