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Tuesday, May 01, 2012


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I'm with DeDe on this one. General population and let the rest have at 'em. I hope that poor baby can be loved back to life. A long row to hoe. Bless her new parents for choosing to give her the life she deserves.

My nephew turned 5 months old today. I have trouble when people want to TOUCH his tiny fingers; I can't begin to explain how quickly I would attack if someone tried to do something this horrible to him. I say put them both in general population with a sign listing their crimes and let nature take its course.

What did Kyle get? (as far as sentencing for his crimes). I sure hope it's prison time because we know how much they like child molesters there!

I agree with everyone here...two disgusting wastes of skin. They deserve no less than to be raped on a daily basis and then raped again by the devil on a daily basis when they go straight to hell.

Can't even to begin to wrap my head around how that is physically possible. How could a full grown man do something so evil, disgusting and dispicable to a BABY?? As for the mother? Nothing less than a lifetime of rape and torture would begin to make up for what she allowed.

Dependant Personality Disorder??? Sounds like lawyer hooey to me. What a can of bullshit. I'm with you Linda, sign me up for the posse.

I'm next in line....these non-humans deserve the death penalty. Too bad the douchbag only received 37 years....I hope he is bending over on an hourly basis & is shown no mercy.

OMG. I can't even find the words. My son will turn five months old in a week. I would KILL anyone who tried to hurt him let alone do something like this.

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