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Tuesday, May 08, 2012


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I did not compare her to a murderer, I stated I will judge her the same way I would judge a murderer - ANYONE who makes CHOICES that are so obviously wrong.

As for the rest? I choose to respect that you have the opinion you do - about this topic, about me. You are entitled. If not attacking you back is categorized as a cop out, then I am completely comfortable with that stance.

Thank you for offering your viewpoint.

I know we beat this subject to death, but honestly, I wouldn't care so much (but still find what she's doing sickening) if their weren't children involved. I would then agree with MPolo or Chicky, that it's her body to do with what she wants. But the damage to the children, which I would equate with child neglect or child abuse, is just effing wrong!! Eight hours shopping for food for your mom? Pushing multiple carts through the store as people stare in disbelief? Really??

Discrimination: one of the definitions:
treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction in favor of or against, a person or thing based on the group, class, or category to which that person or thing belongs rather than on individual merit

I do not believe that this is has been occuring here as has been suggested. Nobody basing our views on the fact she is obese.

What has been utilized to determine point of view for most of the individuals here is this persons individual choice to pursue a goal of being the heaviest woman ever and choosing to ingest an inordinate amount of calories (30,000) regardless of the consequences to her health and those she loves and who love her...based on her own statements in the story referenced by Linda and in the August 2011 story.

We would be discriminating against her IF say Linda had seen her at Walmart and snapped a picture of her and then blogged about her w/o knowing anything about her.

That was not the case. Linda read an article that this woman chose to be a part of. And in that article she proudly talks of her goal to hold the world record, how she cannot work because of her size, how she eats 30,000 calories a day. None of that is something that was assumed, it was all based on this woman's statements and thusly was based on the individual's merits...and thus not discrimination.

Wow, I thought this was yesterday's news. OK, I said it then and I stand by it - I think she's gross and disgusting! The human body was never meant to be that huge. As a person who has struggled with weight issues all my adult life I cannot imagine that someone would make this kind of CHOICE. Of course I'm being judgemental, just as people have judged me and my choices all my life. If she didn't want to be the object or ridicule she shouldn't have put herself out there. I do not see this as a discrimination issue, although I do think people are discriminated against because of weight, but as an issue of bad choices and self depreciation.

I admit I judge those that smoke knowing how harmful it is becuase I have to smell it and breathe in their second hand smoke; I judge when a person spills over into my economy class seat on an airplane leaving me with no room to move and my arm pressed against them the whole flight; I judge when someone dies of a drug overdose; I judge when I see pregnant women smoking and drinking; I judge when a friend of mine recently died from binge drinking; I judge when someone says I can't when I know they haven't even tried; I judge when someone plays eyore and expects sympathy - Yes, I judge. Does that make me a bad person? I have a dear friend who is quite overweight but I know she tries hard to lose it by eating healthier, doing yoga, etc. I cheer every pound she loses. I have another friend who is overweight, knows it but does nothing about it and comes up with excuse after execuse as to how she doesn't have time to exercise (she can at least start by eating healthier) - do I judge? Yes. It is hard not to judge the obvious. Again, does that make me a bad person? Everybody passes judgemnet everyday - we judge our parents, our kids, our partners, our friends, our relatives, our teachers, our bosses, our colleagues, our government. That is NOT the same as Discrimination!!!

I notice my post in February said that I'm 30 pounds overweight, and "I'm starting today." I must have quit at some point because I'm STILL 30 POUNDS OVERWEIGHT!! Thank YOU Shawn for the kick in the pants too! :-D

I find it interesting that the reaction was so much different to this post by Linda in February.


This particular post KICKED ME IN THE BUTT and made me STOP and EXAMINE my choices. I didn't like what I found and I made changes.

Thanks Linda for giving me the kick in the pants I needed.

I really can’t get with those 2-3 of you upset about this story and Linda's view on it. Discrimination is when you deny someone something, job/home/school (maybe in her case health care), because of a trait or characteristic they possess. Saying someone is fat is not discrimination. Being moved to care about someone you have never met, and wishing they would make better decisions for themselves and those who love them, I'm not getting discrimination out of that. And as Nat said, we are all judged every day, ultimately judging does not equal discrimination.

sorry for all the typos - typing too fast!

@ Mpolo -

To compare this woman to a murderer is both obtuse and insulting. And quite frankly, it's beneath you.

Sorry - but YOU sir are wrong. As this woman is a murderer. She is killing herself. But because her weapon is food - I guess it's ok. if she was drinking bottles of vodka everyday & was drinking herselff to death we would all gasp in horror at what an unfot parent she was - how selfish to do that to her children, or if she was a crack addict, or snorting coke - hell take your pick. Bottom line - this womans choices are disgucting - she is a selfish human being who is thinking of her 15 minutes of fame and not of her sons.

Linda is no way is bullying her - she is stating the pure and simple truth.

The link I posted above was to an article in the UK from August 2011.

This was when she was 52 Stones (728 lbs) and her goal was to reach 57 stones (800 lbs by end of year). Which she reached...and it would seem based on current article pictures, that she is no longer "waddling" as she put it...now there is a wheelchair to aid her in getting around. And since she is not working and on disability due to her weight, my guess is her medical coverage is something like medicaid...and taxpayer funded.

Her quote on shopping for food:
"Susanne visits the supermarket once a month with sons Gabriel, 16, and Brendin, 12, and spends up to eight hours filling six trollies.

‘It's like a full day's work,’ said Susanne, who uses a motorised scooter, but astonishingly believes she can stay healthy."

Note it is a full day buying food. She could work IMO but probably would have trouble finding a job as most employers would probably not hire her due to her size (discrimination...maybe...but realistically, an employer would have to wonder: how will she get to work? how much work will she miss because of her health? and other considerations....)

Pictures in the article show her standing and walking...and with her two boys. LOOK at the faces on her kids...do they look happy? The don't look at all happy to me.

Her true ultimate goal according to this article? To weight 1 ton (1600 lbs).

Her Quote:
"I'd love to find out if it's humanly possible to reach a ton,’ she said. ‘A previous record holder was 1,600lbs (115 stone) , so I have to be at least that.

‘My next goal is to be 57 stone (800lbs) by the end of the year.

‘At my current rate of growth, I should be 115 stone by age 41 or 42.’ "

I just cannot say "way to go Suzanne, keep it up!!!"

I am not supporting this woman's choice either. I am merely stressing that it's her choice to make, and she will have to live w/ the consequences.

Linda, are you open to the same judgment you impose on others? Or is this simply a one-way street?

I'm not impressed by how "carefully worded" you've attempted to be here. This thread smacks of dehumanizing discrimination. And it's alarming, coming from someone I otherwise respect. To compare this woman to a murderer is both obtuse and insulting. And quite frankly, it's beneath you.

To conclude that we need to agree to disagree is a cop out too. You can attempt to justify discrimination until the cows come home (no pun intended), w/ all the sanctimony you want... but at the very heart of the matter, it is still Discrimination w/ a capital D.

It should go w/o saying, but if you don't like someone else's choices, don't make them for yourself. That does not give anyone license to wax crapsodic w/ unauthentic superiority over another by dehumanizing them, then passing yourself off as morally superior or uber-enlightened somehow. In fact, it dumbs you down. Nope. I won't agree to disagree. Because this is simply wrong.

Nat and Linda pretty much covered my thoughts on this discussion. My posts were solely about my reaction/views regarding this one person's choices and how I disagree with them and why.

Ok - I am chimming in - as a plus size woman who has struggled with her weight for years (I was a very thin kid - but after high school the weight crept on & has stayed on) I put the weight on - no one else but me. I have tried every diet there is - and have failed at them all - because of MY choices - no one elses. I am going to be 46 years old in September - my daughter turns 9 in July. I know I have to make changes so I can see her grow to be the amazing woman I know she will be. I am fully responsible for my own choices, healthy or unhealthy. And that being said - I would never support anyone who was willingly on a path to self destruction. She is killing herself. Every bite of food is a nail in her coffin. She will die - it will happen and much sooner than she should. Kevorkian went to prison for assisting suicides - should her chef fiance go to prison as well, as by feeding her - he is assisting in her suicide. This woman needs help - mental help - she needs to be told ENOUGH - stop! But only she can do that. Everyone has choices in their life each and every waking moment - from what underwear to put on, to what TV show to watch to what to eat. And while I believe in everyones right to live as they choose - when its a path of self destruction - I cannot respect it or applaud it. (Just my 2 cents)

What I was saying was that we all judge people for making bad choices and for saying/doing stupid things.
You judge Rush Limbaugh and ridicule him you even did so today, and I thought it was great,- so do I. Who knows, maybe you are hurting Rush's feelings, maybe we should all give him a pass and hold hands and love him instead of making fun of him. You judged the entire state of North Carolina for what they believe to be truth - so did I.
I am not ridiculing the woman, I am saying she is wrong, that what she is doing is absurd, dangerous, hurtful.
Do I have sympathy for the woman? Sure, she is clearly a very disturbed person, but so is Rush and George W. I still will openly say they are morons and not feel bad about it.

There is a big difference here between someone who is overweight, and someone who is trying to get attention by killing herself, which is what is going on.
I know that it is very romantic to think we're all above judging anyone and that we all think everything is just dandy with everyone else, but I'd be lying if I said that I do not think that certain people take up a bit too much air for the attention whoring they do. Just like I've been accused of judging far right conservatives and 'bullying' them because of their beliefs that I don't believe in - I have no problem saying that someone who is intentionally hurting themselves and wanting to profit for that - is wrong.

Bottom line - Chicky and anyone else that is upset about this article - LINDA nor myself nor anyone else is talking about YOU we are all talking about this fame whoring woman who is getting media attention and money because of a public suicide attempt. That is what it comes down to, and she should be ashamed of herself, not because she is overweight, but what she is doing - like I said I'd feel the same if she was shooting up heroin to get money, smoking for media attention till she got lung cancer or any other clearly f*cked up behavior. It's nice to think none of us judge, but that's just not the case, and we're lying to ourselves if we say we don't.

On the same note - what I was saying about ridicule is that NONE of us are special, we all get made fun of, we all get judged. It's not okay, but it is part of life. It is actually part of our evolution (read The Moral Animal). What I was saying is that when I realized that I was not special for being fat, it really helped me - because I realized that even when I reach my goal weight, people will still judge me for something. Weight is a very small part of what people see about you - and when I realized that, my life got A LOT better. I stopped making the excuse that it was my weight that was not allowing me to do certain things, and started to do them anyway.
When I was in HS I took advanced gym with all of the jocks/cheerleaders - did they judge me the first day? Sure, of course, did I get made fun of the first day? You bet. But that went away, and we all became great friends - truthfully I had judged all of them for being cheerleaders and jocks, so I was just as bad. I work for world record holding triathlete, my job is to be surrounded by the fittest people on the planet, I did not make one excuse that my weight would get in the way. All of that to say it is not your weight that determines who you are or how people see you - maybe for a moment in time, but it is fleeting.

Back to the article - if you want to think this woman is totally awesome and deserves the attention and money that she is getting. If you think she sets a great example to others, and she should never be judged for doing so, you totally can think that - we'll just have to agree to disagree, because neither of us is going to see it as the other person does. I'm always going to think what this woman is doing is horrible, and you can think what she is doing is totally okay - that's what makes us human, we see things differently, maybe that is how what judging really is - you are judging me for my views about this, I'm judging you for your views.

But in the end - we have to do what makes our lives wonderful, and what sits well in our brains the best. It doesn't sit well in my head (what this lady is doing) but it sits well in your head - and that is totally fine.

And MPolo - yes we are all going to die, and it is totally up to you (or any other person) if they die with years and years of unnecessary suffering because of bad choices. I worked in a nursing home, ask some of the people in vegetative states if they would have made any changes - ask a diabetic with no legs if they would have skipped that ben and jerry's, I'm guessing you won't find many lung cancer patients that would have done something different when they are carrying around an Oxygen tank not able to breathe. So yes, we will all die, but we don't have to suffer or make our loved ones suffer, or in some cases society suffer.

are you asking me this question? I don't think my last post was "judging" or saying that becaue it was done to me, it's ok to do it to others. I think I just stated a fact, that people form opinions about others, or kids make fun of others, for all sorts of reasons (Nat made that point earlier as well). It happens - it's not a perfect world. Do I think that's right or acceptable? HELL TO THE NO.
And my second statement was to the children of this woman, who I DO feel sorry for.
If your question was to the others that posted - Nat, Shawn, Linda - I'll let them chime in.

As long as someone is not overweight BY CHOICE I agree that they should not be ridiculed. There are a lot of people for whom being overweight is a burden and not wholly in their control for some medical reason. But when someone DELIBERATELY WANTS to be that way - ANNOUNCES it to the world that that is their GOAL, ANNOUNCES it to the world that they can't work due to their weight (which they freely admit is their CHOICE), and need others to subsidize their QUEST, then there is no way he/she won't be judged! I haven't any post here where anyone is saying all fat people are idiots! What I am reading is that people who DELIBERATELY CHOOSE to be that way are idiots. I am pretty sure we would be having the same 'discussion' about the human barbie! Both have to do with DELIBERATE CHOICES.

I will speak for myself - I am calling out her exceptionally poor choice. BECAUSE IT IMPACTS OTHER PEOPLE. Because she HAS a choice and this is the one she is making. I am not "ridiculing" people who are saddled by medical complications, or who is fighting the good fight to win back their life. And I certainly don't sit on the curb and call people "fat ass" for sport.

Do I see seriously overweight people in the Walmart pushing a cart filled with pure shit? Yes, all the time. Do I shake my head? YES. Because I personally cannot understand that choice. Because I cannot imagine choosing to live a life in which the mere act of walking is painful because of the burden they add to their frame. I find it sad because their "excuses" are piled high in their cart. It makes me sad because I personally know people like Natala who strive EVERY SINGLE DAY to get healthy, to be healthy, to help others to do the same. Progress is slow, maddeningly so at times, but they push on.

Chicky, I honestly don't care how much you eat, how much you don't eat, what you eat, what size your pants are, how many "couchies" you take a day. These are your choices. What I wish for you is what I wish for every human being - health, and a long happy life filled with quality, laughter, and as many years as possible.

Mark - yes, I will judge her CHOICE to behave in this manner just as much as I will judge someone who abuses a child, murders another human being, or displays any type of complete selfish self indulgence. And those who enable? Them, too.

We have simply hit the "Have to agree to disagree wall" here. We all have strong opinions on this subject - and we are all entitled to them. No one has told you to shut up, stop posting, or attacked you. Being disagreed with is not censorship. And I believe being passionate is a good thing.

I was just going to leave it at that, but I just can't. Are you saying that because everyone does it, and because it might have been done to you, then it's okay? Sorry, but maybe because it HAS been done to me, I am more sensitive to it - I don't think it's EVER okay to ridicule ANYONE for their weight. I am really disappointed that you all think this is an acceptable form of behavior.

Judge all you want. We are all going to die. I intended to deserve it. I live by my own standards, and not anyone else's. And I'm unapologetic about it.

Nat said it all. People (especially kids) are going to make fun of others for one reason or another - red hair, freckles, buck teeth, crossed-eyes, etc., etc. It's cruel and wrong, but it is always going to happen. We can't change the world. I had buck teeth, a wondering eye and wore glasses. Got called "Bucky, Four-eyes, Pirate," but I lived through it. Maybe my skin is thicker now, because if someone called me fat-ass or flips me the bird, I just laugh.
Life is too short...and this woman is taking valuable years from it by her own doing. No one mentioned (unless I missed it), besides all the other comments, the embarrassment she probably has caused to her children. That's who I feel sorry for - can you imagine the comments THEY have to endure from other children thanks to their mom's goal of wanting to be the fattest woman in the world?

I totally agree with Shawn - this woman is making fat people look like fools - making us all look like this is how we live our lives. She not only is hurting herself, the ones around her but she puts everyone down that has actually tried to do anything, and that actually cares about themselves and is working on it - it should be offensive to people, especially overweight people who ARE trying.
And I'm in the same boat as Shawn, I've always been overweight, and I'd venture to say without a doubt that I have been heavier than any of Linda's readers in all of the years she has been blogging. That being said, I still stand by what I said. Am I discriminated against? Sure. So are thin people, so is every single person that walks this Earth - so long as they are a little different - and even when they aren't different. I have gorgeous friends who are of the perfect weight and they get harassed all the same. I jumped off the pity train a long time ago in regards to my weight - when I realized that I wasn't special for being fat. Just ask Linda what her gorgeous daughters go through - even though they are beautiful, thin and perfect in a million ways. We're just not different for being overweight.
We all judge, like it or not, and we all discriminate in some way or another. I'd love to say I didn't, but I do. When I see a parent buying McDonalds for their obese child, I think that is pretty awful, when I see a pregnant woman chain smoking, I think that completely sucks and she shouldn't be allowed to have a child , when I saw a man last week screaming at his wife/girlfriend in a parking lot, I thought he was an ass (and I got security to make him leave). What this woman is doing is wrong, if she was chain smoking to death, I'd say the same thing, if she was shooting heroin and publicly bragging about it I would say she was a moron, if she was drinking herself to death because she wanted the fame for it, same thing - I'd say she was wrong, that we shouldn't have to pay for her attention whore attitude. This type of person, should never get the public spotlight, because all she is doing is using it to get some kind of bizarre fame. Just like we judge Rush Limbaugh or Glen Beck for saying stupid things, or making statements that are just plain wrong and I would never call it bullying to do so. It's judging, yes, and that is what I am doing here, and I'm perfectly fine that saying what this woman is doing to herself is wrong.
And I know Linda very well, and she loves me, fat and all, she has never once put me down, judged me or bullied me, she even nuzzles me. ;)

I guess I am confused as to how my not approving of this woman's choices are discriminatory or how I am bullying her by my reaction to her decision to pursue fame in this manner.

In fact I think she harms other overweight people as people will take her story and project her choosing to overeat and gain weight on purpose while being unable to work due to her size onto those who are not and thus perpetuating the negative perceptions of those who are not thin.

Berate was probably not the right word to use - I apologize for that - but as I said, I knew that I would be in the minority and that most of you would disagree with me. I stand by how I feel and don't expect anyone else to change their views because of what I say.

For the record, I never said I supported what this woman was doing - all I said was that I thought discrimination with regards to overweight/obese/fat people is wrong and it's no different (IN MY EYES) than bullying.

You, like every other person in this world, have every right to express your views, but absolutely zero right to have every person agree with them. That is the case for EVERYONE. I honestly don't care who agrees or disagrees with me on any given subject - every person takes in the world a different way, and every person spits it out a different way. YOU filter this particular story through your particular experiences. And that is fine. I simply try to write from my viewpoint as clearly as possible in the hopes that it does open up a dialogue.

Challenging your view, having an open debate, are not "berating."

Kathy- I love you. Im glad you speak your mind. I have never experienced "thin and beautiful".. I suffered thru my childhood and teen years being teased and ridiculed for being husky...which was a clothing size my mom bought me. I was reduced to tears on many occasions. Had a family member tell me I was built like a linebacker. My 8th grade yearbook was thrown away a few years ago because some asshole wrote "you're a tank" and other weight related cruel words. I've lived my whole life being treated as less than because I was not born with a good metabolism and small bone structure. What I wouldn't have given to have experienced "thin and beautiful". I thought I would never find someone to love me for me. I lucked out finding. Craig who accepted my "husky" tomboy self. So I cannot understand choosing to want to be the fattest woman who ever lived, I cannot applaud this woman's choice to commit suicide by food. She claimed in the 2011 article that she wants to eventually reach a ton ... If she were supporting herself on this quest I would say fine, go for it...but she is on disability and taxpayers pay for her food and healthcare. I could care less if she loses weight....but this quest for fame is not something I feel comfortable supporting.

I was right, I should have just kept my views to myself - I knew I would get berated over my opinion. I read everyone's comments after I posted, and Nat your statical inforamtion is always on the mark - but as much as you all plead your cases, the bottom line is that if you are not thin then other people feel they have the right to discriminate against you. I am not just talking about the person Linda wrote about in her post, I am talking about people in every day life.

I used to be thin and beautiful. When I hit 40, everything changed for me. I am not making excuses for my weight, it's all on me - and I am trying very hard to get back to a sensible weight - but honestly, that is nobody's business except those I chose to share it with. My point is, that sales people are rude to me where they used to bend over backwards, people look at me differently, and judge me by my outward appearance. I've heard snickers and under the breath comments about my weight that were meant to hurt (and they DO HURT). A man even had the nerve to call me a fat-ass once (I punched him in the nose, but that's not the issue here). If I were black and someone snickered behind my back about the color of my skin - that would be unacceptable - but because I am overweight no one thinks there is anything wrong with that? Both are forms of bullying, and in my opinion, both are forms of discrimination.

I love you Linda, but I hope you don't hate me for disagreeing with you on this topic.

...maybe I would have been better off signing my post "anonymous"

Thank you for the statistics, the numbers, the FACTS, the mirror.

And, as always, for being such an inspiration to me and so very many others.

Preventable heart disease cost our country 109 billion dollars last year (pretty much everyone who is sporting a total cholesterol over 150)
High BP cost us 93 billion
Stroke 53.9 billion
Heart Failure 34 billion
All food borne illness. All can be prevented and ALL can be reversed. (except for a very small amount of people, but even those folks with actual medical conditions that cause those things which is about .05% of the population, they too can make better choices that will have the suffer a lot less.
(numbers from the CDC)
T2 diabetes is the same way and costs us almost 100 billion a year.
And then we can get into all of the shit that is caused by smoking - not just lung cancer, strokes, brain damage, heart disease, T2 diabetes and more.
All preventable.
Costing us how much money? And we complain about govt. waste? But yet how many cars drive through McDonalds, how many families buy 2 liters of soda? Bags of potato chips?
I agree - it is a choice, however we have the choice to be intelligent when it comes to our health, and many do not make smart choices.
And we as a nation are stuck with the bill, and now we are stuck with millions of kids facing heart disease, T2 diabetes, high bp, going through puberty far too young, because we are making the WRONG choices.
These are the people who are driving around like idiots without their seat belts, and then when they go flying through the windshield and are half dead, missing a limb or two, want sympathy and someone else to pay for their choice to be a moron.
I get it - believe me, I was well over 400 pounds, I had T2 diabetes, I had heart problems, I had high BP, high cholesterol, arthritis. And I was working hard at doing something, but there came a point that I had to quit my bitching, stop making excuses, and start making huge changes. I don't need another potato chip - I had my chance to eat them all I wanted, I don't need another slice of pizza, I don't need a bite of ice cream. What I want, for me is my life, I want to not have to worry about tomorrow and if I'll feel ok, I want to feel great when I am 80 years old, I don't want to put my loved ones through hell because of the choices I made. People can say all day that their choices don't impact anyone, but those people are full of shit. Your choices count, the impact your friends, family, children, your community, be it now or in 40 years from now when your bad choices catch up to you.
So does this woman have a choice to do what she wants? Sure. Sadly I don't have a choice to NOT pay for her bad decisions, and sadly the people in her life that love her don't have a choice when they have to watch her suffer unbelievably and die a terrible, long drawn out death... And when she is laying in a bed somewhere in unbelievable pain, with a couple of amputations because of diabetes, I hope she thinks long and hard about all of those choices she made. Food is temporary - we literally shit it out after we eat it, but the pain it causes will cost you, your loved ones more than anyone could ever imagine.
That's all :)

An article from 2011. She mentions she cannot work due to her weight, so my "claim" is valid. She is being funded by taxpayers so tho I don't personally feel her hand in my wallet...it is there.


I was extremely careful when writing this, and very thoughtful in what I presented in highlighting the very real difference between physiological issues which keep a person trapped under excess weight, and the self inflicted type of obesity. I would ask that you go back and read the piece again removing the kneejerk defensiveness that exists based on your own admitted weight issues and choices.

As for your comment: "It's NOT okay to call someone out on their skin color, their race or their sexual orientation, but for some reason it's okay to discriminate against those who are obese? What's wrong with this picture?"

This is as a huge false equivalency. A person has zero control over what color they are, who raises them, or how they are hardwired sexually at birth.

But the lion's share of overweight people - those who have no medical hurdle in their way - have no excuse other than CHOICE.

The woman in this piece has made the conscious CHOICE to take in 30,000 calories a day on some perverted quest to be the heaviest woman in the world. As Shawn pointed out, she is on disability because of her weight. So yes, the taxpayers are subsidizing her extremely poor choice - she is affecting more than just herself.

As for her health? That, too, will eventually cave in and fall to others to bear the burden for her choice.

A body is not capable of sustaining life indefinitely under that kind of stress and demand. Her heart will eventually give out. Her organs will eventually let her down.

And I find that as sad as it is, yes, DISGUSTING.

Life is short enough without intentionally lopping years off, and completely taking away quality of life. And I'm sorry, but if your quality of life is defined by what you pile on your plate, you need a new hobby.

What she is doing is dangerous. And irresponsible - she has two young sons. These are her own words: “Why not see how fat I can get? I want to break the stigma that being fat is a bad thing.”

It IS a bad thing. Like smoking. Hell, if I decided to start juggling running chainsaws and lopped off my hand, should I expect sympathy? No. I would expect every rational person to look at me and go, "Stupid lady - what did you expect."

As for discrimination? No, personally I do not see an overweight person and deride them in my head. My friends come in every shape and size. And for the record, a huge heart comes in small packages, too. Do I wish better choices on the overweight ones? Of course. I love them and want them to stay around and give a shit about themselves and their future.

Am I tired of hearing the "discrimination" word thrown around when overweight people have to buy a second plane seat? You bet. When I have to give up half the seat I have paid for so my seatmate can spill over into it - that's a problem. I suppose I could cry discrimination when that happens? Because I have extra room in my seat, I get taken advantage of?

Choices. That's what I was writing about. AND personal responsibility. And Susanne Eman displays a stunning lack of it.

I admire those who have taken the reins of their life and are getting their health back on track. And that is what this is about - not being some supermodel size 0 - it is about making smart, healthy choices. I am such a cheerleader of Shawn - she is challenging every medical hurdle in her way, not just saying "eff it, it's too hard." As for my compassion, I will save that for those who deserve it. Not give it to those who knowingly, willingly, belligerently set up their own problems.

Look, if someone chooses to eat themselves to an early grave, go for it. That is their choice. But like smoking and the health issues which inevitably come about, EVERYONE ultimately pays the price.

Ok, so what is in it for her fiance? Publicity? A big life insurance policy? Otherwise I don't get it.....

It is still her choice to make. Stones/glass houses.

With so many kids taking their lives today over being bullied, where is the glory in being an internet bully about a person none of us personally know. I cannot stomach the insistence that because she is morbidly obese, and plans too get even more so, she's worthy of being dehumanized... particularly when I'm thinking her problem is more mental than it is food. Insofar as I'm concerned, this woman is not on trial, and deserves, if anything, compassion, not judgment. Calling her "sickening" is the equivalent to being an Internet bully. And w/ so many kids taking their lives nowadays over being bullied...

I think I'm done w/ this thread. I'll take my own advice, keep my mouth shut, and move my mouse elsewhere.

sorry, "glutton."

No lynch mob, I promise. And I hear you MPolo and Chicky. My comments were to her appearance and sorry, but it's sickening. Legs are NOT supposed to look like that. And there ARE people that large that don't want to be, and my heart goes out to them, because food can be an addiction, just like smoking or alcohol or drugs. So, it sickens me that her choice is to be a glutten.
And btw, I'm currently 30 pounds overweight and it IS of my doing....or not doing is probably more correct.

I echo Chicky's sentiments, and had the same guttural thoughts... and resisted commenting up until now. I was hesitant to post at all, full well knowing the lynch mob that can rear its ugly head when anyone disagrees w/ the majority's point of view here. But like Chicky, this entire thread infuriates me.

I, in no way, would choose to do what this woman is doing to herself. For starters, I'm entirely too vain, and love being able to fit in the same size clothes I did 30yrs ago. Moreover, I could not afford the food or new clothes if I even wanted to put on 50lbs.

That being said, I do not understand why this lady wants to gain notoriety for being the most obese woman in the world. But nonetheless, it is her choice to do so.

While Shawn claims that she's on the public dole, costing all of us for this woman's addiction, the likelihood is that her body will fail her, and result in death before anyone here personally feels it in their own wallets. I'd venture to guess that anyone (myself included), could be subjected to criticism over choices we make w/ our lives by utter strangers and friends alike. But this is also what makes us individuals. To each their own.

I also agree that that it's become fashionable for people to be obsessed and judgmental over other people's weight... just like it's become acceptable for non-smokers to incessantly whine and bitch about smokers, and so on and on. Perhaps I am just old school here, but I was raised with "If something you see offends your highly-tuned sensitivities, have the sense to keep your mouth shut, and simply move your feet instead." Such could have been done w/ all the "this woman is disgusting" comments. None of us have to live her life. None of us knows what goes on in her brain. And I think all of us could agree that there's considerably worse things she could be doing... like drugs, theft, murder, etc.

Again, don't like HER choices? Then don't repeat them. But they are her choices to make nonetheless. And as the majority of you who posted here (I suspect are woman), whose fundamental rights are under attack right now by the GOP, where is your compassion at on turning on another woman, simply because she is not elevated to your approval w/ her lifestyle? Chicky's right: It's hypocritical to call this woman out in the manner it's been done here. It's tacky at best.

BTW...when you are consuming 30,000 calories a day, it is a choice. You have to WORK at eating that much.

Chicky - while I understand your point of view. This woman DOES have a choice and we are paying for her choice. She is on diability as a result of her choice achieve the world record for an obese female. She is choosing to orphan her children as her body will give out as a result of her choice to pursue this goal. If she were merely obese maybe this wouldn't strike a nerve for so many but she is CHOOSING to be MORE obese. She is revelling in her choice to be even more obese. She is gaining fame as a result of those choices. SHE has put herself out there via the media and internet. Nobody chased her down to ridicule her.

Yes, I am disgusted by her choice to pursue a goal of being the heaviest woman on record. I am also ANGRY that her choices have put her on the public dole and we don't have any say in her continuing to choose to get worse and be a burden on the public healthcare system on the taxpayer dime.

If she were supporting herself, I guess I could say "whatever...do what you want" but when the taxpayer (and I am a taxpayer in AZ as we have property there), she is getting to pursue her goal on my dime. NOT COOL in my book and so yes, she pisses me off.

Okay, I know I'm gonna get the smack down on this - but here goes. Obesity seems to be the last acceptable public form of discrimination. It's NOT okay to call someone out on their skin color, their race or their sexual orientation, but for some reason it's okay to discriminate against those who are obese? What's wrong with this picture?

While I do not agree with her views and her goals, it IS her life and who are we to tell her what she can and cannot do with HER body? Isn't this what we are all fighting against when it comes to woman's issues? Why is it that we can scream and yell when it comes to politicians wanting to control our bodies, but it's okay for you and me to call someone out on their weight issues?

I am overweight. I am embarrassed about it and I am working on losing it - but that does not give anyone the right to berate me for it or tell me that I am lazy or assume that I have control over it. I have overweight and fat and obese friends whose hearts are so big that I think maybe they just need more space to carry all that love - but until I've walked a mile in their shoes, I would never in a million years assume that they are too lazy to lose weight.

I applaud each and every one of you who is losing weight - it is the biggest struggle I have ever faced - but to look at a person and not know her, and say that she is disgusting or makes you sick is saying that you are judging her based on something she may not have any control over - and I think that is wrong.

This is the way I feel, and don't expect any of you to change your views based on MY feelings, but, honestly, when I read this yesterday, I couldn't even comment it made me so angry.

Atta girl Katy!!!

Hey all, I'm working hard for that parade! I packed my workout clothes today, was ready to walk on my lunch hour since the forecast had no rain till afternoon, but then left the bag at home! ARGH! So, even though my legs ache from yesterday's stair climbing and even though I just had my Kino's on, I walked up the seven flights,down 10 and then back up to my floor. Tomorrow I might not be able to walk, but I'm gonna keep trying!! :-D

That's awesome Shawn! You have a cheering group in this Blogmunity so keep up the hard work. And Katy - three cheers for you! You both deserve a parade. Taking control of one's health is ultimately taking control of one's life - it is definitely hard work and a life-long commitment. After reading about this idiotic woman it was wonderful to read about people like yourselves who are making such an effort to stay healthy.

ok, those pictures made me sick! Yuk! Pure stupidity!

But what really needs to be said is....Go Shawn! WOW! I know people with similar health issues so I've been witness to what it takes to stay healthy. You should be very proud!

Shawn: Now THAT DOES deserve a parade! Good for you...no, GREAT for you!! You go girl!!

Shawn great job. Keep up the hard work. You should be very proud of yourself.

Oh, and now I have to go home and burn the spread on the bed in my guest room - same one that she's on. I'll never be able to look at it again without wanting to vomit.

Sue, she does have children. Two sons, I believe. She's been on Oprah and Dr OZ. Dr. Oz was practically begging her to accept his help and she insisted that she is happy and HEALTHY! Of course she's on disability and I just don't get it! This is a CHOICE! Why should my tax dollars support this selfesh idiot? The children should be taken away before she destroys them too. OMG this just makes me so angry! She is gross and disgusting and as for feeder/boyfriend - he needs to be shot!

Katy - those shoes DO make her feet look like hooves!

This article makes me sick and angry. She will be a burden on the health care system in her state and will cost the taxpayers. She is probably already on disability and in my opinion, she is disabled by CHOICE and doesn't deserve to be suppported in her efforts to be even more disabled.

I am one of those with a medical issue that inhibits my ability to lose weight. I have hypothyroid and an underactive thyroid even on synthetic thyroid hormone slows your metabolism and makes losing weight difficult. I have to WORK at it. And so I am! I am making the choice to overcome that obstacle not let it become a permanent roadblock to my personal health and well-being.

I have lost nearly 20 lbs since late February. I have made changes to my diet and am making steps toward being plant strong. My cholesterol is under 200 (199) for the first time in I don't know how long. My blood pressure was NORMAL last time..and if the weight loss and exercise continue...I hope to rid myself of the low dose HBP medication I have to take. I got several high fives by my Dr at my last visit as a result of the changes I have made.

I have been exercising also(riding my bicycle) and have racked up 569.3 miles since Feb 21, 2012. I have ridden my furthest ever 33 miles. Rode in my first event of 30 miles.

I am not trying to brag but I AM proud of myself for the effort I am putting out and the results I have been blessed with so far. Even if the scale is not moving a lot some weeks, I know my health is improving and that is more important to me than a number long term. The weight will come off as long as I continue to CHOOSE a healthy lifestyle.

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