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Friday, May 04, 2012


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Very inspiring video.

I dont know how many here may know who that "one guy is" but that is DDP, also known as Diamond Dallas Page, a professional wrestler. Used to be MUCH more popular back in his day, but has always been 100% a stand up guy with a great flair for performing for fans.

I know personally a lot of "big people" that have changed their lives using his workout. I was skeptical at first and immediately dismissed it as "another wrestler trying to sell some snake oil" but his methods have helped a lot of people and he will personally call you to keep you motivated if he has to.

Definitely look him up if you are interested in what this guy went through to get to where he is today and again Kudo's to DDP for helping.

P.S. Linda - I'd like to say I'm no where near Rudy's dad's age - I hope. I'm barely 50 years old, turns out it was a congenital issue. But no cartilage is no cartilage no matter how old you are.

Thank you Linda for the encouragement. The good news is I used to be a swimmer, so getting back in the water will be good for me. My left hip has been held back a little because the right hip is so bad. They wouldn't do them both at the same time, but I'm really looking forward to the P.T. and rehab, and getting to where I can stand up and walk and not be in excruciating pain. However, my situation pales next to this gentleman's, so thanks again for posting.

I'm with Katy - I can do it too. This man was so inspirational - thank you so much for posting this Linda. <3

After I stopped crying, I felt both inspired by this man story.....and ashamed. I CAN walk unassisted, so what's my excuse?

Rudy's dad had his second hip replacement roughly two months ago and is doing great. He has been focused, all about forward motion ever since. He swims several times a week, has worked up to walks near their home, etc. It's all about the attitude!

WOW! That is amazing-and just what I needed to see today! Thanks so much for sharing!

thank you for posting. I was feeling sorry for myself as I'm going in on Tuesday for my second hip replacement in 2 months.

But now, I'm encouraged, positive and looking forward to recovery and being able to walk again. I'm DEFINATELY going to get started on yoga as soon as I can. Thanks again. And wow, kudos to the guy who stepped up to help.

Wow x 2!

Wow! Thats all I can say! What an inspiration!

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