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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


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Whatever happened to it being God who would judge us for our sins and we were to treat our neighbors as we wanted to be treated. When I was in church, I assumed that meant all neighbors, not just the ones that were "Good"

Linda, I have to comment. Let me preface what I say by saying I do call myself Christian and yes I'm one of them that believes the Bible to be clear in saying homosexuality is sinful. HOWEVER, hatred in any form is also. I have taught children at my church for many years. I know how they can absorb, memorize, and repeat for the approval of their families and people in their church. The danger of mindless indoctrination is always present. The applause and laughter is what these boys will remember as long as they just keep repeating "ain't no homos gonna make it to heaven." Truly heartbreaking and not what my church or any other I've been to or known would condone.

This makes me sick to my stomach and so very, very sad....

I doubt this child even knows what he is saying - he's just singing the words he's been taught.
What a sad, sorry state of affairs that has adults cheering and clapping for those hateful words. They are the people who give "Christians" a bad reputation.

Wow. Just wow. Now what happens to this kid -- and he could not be more than 5 -- if he grows up to be gay? It could happen cuz it does happen. Even to "good Christians" like these people will most assuredly tell you they are. I guess if one of these kiddies turns out to be gay he will be rode out of his hometown of Dumbf*ckville on a rail. And all those nitwits cheering them on. Nothing like a good dose of hate on a sunny Sunday morning to get yourself right with the Lord.

I started trying to decide whether it's worse that the kid has been taught to hate at such a young age or that the mass of dumbass church attendees were clapping and cheering him on. My head started to hurt, so I quit trying to decide - and started wishing that God smite the entire sorry lot.

"You've got to be taught
before It's too late
to hate all the people
your family hates...."

Sound familar?

I saw this today too, and didn't even have the energy to comment or bitch about it on FB because I couldn't bear to even give these people one more minute of airtime. Disgusting.

This just breaks my heart. Really, there's nothing else to say.

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