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Tuesday, May 01, 2012


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That has to be the best compliment I have ever received.

I'm seriously considering asking you & Rudy to raise my kids if anything happens to me.

Nice work,


Robin in NM, I was thinking the exact same thing! Of course, that would be too much like doing the right thing, so of course he'd never do it.

Frankly, just think how shocked his audience would be if he had told that parent "Love he. She's your daughter. Know that what you have taught her about valuing other people and their choices is something she is trying to live up to" Now THAT would have given his caller (and his audience) a shock!

What kind of moron seeks parental advice from shock jocks?

These are the same kind of assholes who, if the girl got pregnant from their advice, would force her carry her rapist's baby - because we all know it would be a gift from God.

Linda - I really think you should turn the column into a letter, address it to the employer of this individual and ask that he read it ON THE AIR. Oh, and you're really, really sorry if he finds your suggestion for him offensive. Perhaps rather than putting the shoe on the other foot, he needs it rammed up his ass.

These are the same assholes, though, who would look at a lesbian who HAD been raped, and somehow *blame* her sexual orientation on the rape - the very same act that could, to follow their logic, allegedly "cure" her.

I couldn't agree more. Rape is not sex. Rape is violence against another human being and it is against the law and WRONG. How anyonce could suggest this as a "cure" to anything obviously is in need of a good ass whooping. Posse anyone?

God, how do these guys get away with it? Seriously. And why do people listen to them? The huge majority of these shock jocks are men. Their misogyny is legendary. And the women who go on these shows to show their boobs, or get spanked or whatever are just as bad. But to suggest something like that? It goes beyond. I don't think Howard Stern even would have gone that far. Strangely these guys never seem to go unemployed. They are fined, sometimes suspended. And on the rare day they are fired, another station picks them up before they even have time to collect an unemployment check. The fact that some of these dickheads have audiences that number in the millions is a sad testament to the state of our population.

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