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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


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It was a fun movie and I have always loved Connie Francis. Mother Dolores' abbey (Regina Laudis) is amazing. They only accept women who have had outside lives. The place is crawling with former lawyers, finance professionals and even a former legislator. You can go for a retreat and join in the work (they are famed for their cheese). They even have a theater where they have a summer theatrical season. For a cloistered abbey they are very much in touch with the world. Am planning to get up there this year. Soul weary at the moment.

I was completely obsessed with Connie Francis all growing up (I mean I still love it all) but growing up my Grandmother had records that I could play, and I listened to them every moment I got. And told a teacher that is who I wanted to be.
Also, I was not popular, when we were asked what female musicians/actors we liked - everyone else was saying Paula Abdul and whatever girls were on Full House - I'd answer Connie Francis.
good times.

The Elbo Room is still there. Last of the spring break bars.

I remember that movie - wish I got a Spring Break! lol

in the picture with Elvis, she looks a little bit like a young Jennifer Connelly. Thanks for the blast from the past!

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