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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


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Preach on girlfriend!!!!!!

As always...well said.

Kenneth looked like a beautiful human being. We are the losers when such a person leaves this world too soon. This just breaks my heart.

These cases are tragic and sad and piss me off. Yes, I imagine in time it does get better. But when you are 14, 4 years is too long to wait. My heart breaks for his poor parents. I sure hope to God there isn't one of those candlelight vigils at his school with all these kids crying and carrying on like he was their best friend and they have no idea how this happened. That sort of hypocrisy is galling.

When I first started my blog - roblogin-robin@blogspot.com, one of my early posts was "Some of my Best Friends Are" about WHY that is a bigoted statement. I wrote it about racial minorities and why my BIL is a bigot. But it applies equally well to those who will accept ONE member of a minority group, but not others. Until and unless we can accept people as people, it applies to us all. In conclusion, I said, "I will be humanist--Most of my best friends are people. (a couple of others are cats!)" Since then, I have expanded my boundries to include a dog!

Couldn't have said it better.

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