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Friday, April 20, 2012


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wow, so offended on behalf of all my Jewish friends.....

Just when you think the Repugnatious can't stoop any lower, they go and proove you wrong.

Debbie is right - your clothes do stink when you smoke - as a 4+ year ex-smoker, we went through our closets last fall to give away some coats to a local drive...I found a leather jacket in the back of the closet that I hadn't worn in years - it STILL STUNK! I couldn't give it to charity without having it cleaned first - it was gross! Having said that, there are few places a smoker can still go to smoke - their own home and car should be permissable as long as they aren't endangering the health of children.

I am so glad after hearing this jerk that I quit smoking. I never once had an issue with other people's rules about smoking in their homes, their cars or in the workplace. To me it was common courtesy not to smoke around nonsmokers. Hearing this whiner yammer compare these rules to the Holocaust? That is soo not on!

The best way for the Democrats to win the elections is to keep their mouths shut. If they do open them, stick to what voters want to hear--ideas for doing away with joblessness, a stuck economy and the like. To this I would like to add the Republican Ohio state senator who condemed the Girl Scouts because they were an arm of Planned Parenthood and promoted abortion and homosexuality. The Republicans are so far to the right they are afraid of fire.

And not to mention that the smoke they EXHALE is more dangerous to MY health, than what they are inhaling.

Really? And this is the same party that's initiating the Holocaust upon women's rights and they don't see that?

Or is it that this particular politician has his pockets lines and campaign funded by the rich tobacco companies??

I think the man is a nut but when he refers to loss of freedom, I think he may be referring to the freedom of a business owner to choose to have a smoking or smoke free business. Personally I do believe the business owner should have that choice

Are you f*cking KIDDING me??

The parallel is beyond ridiculous, beyond offensive. But then again, so is just about damned near everything coming out of these asshats' mouths lately.

And as a former smoker who was CONVINCED I wasn't one of "those smokers" who smelled like an ash tray, I am here to tell you that I was WRONG. I *never* smoked in my house, yet I can open up a file box of papers from my "smoking era," and TEN YEARS LATER, it still reeks. I can tell when someone has just come in from a smoke break outside from twenty feet away, and if they get too close, yes, the smell transfers onto ME.

Do any one of these jawflappers ever listen to themselves? The Holocaust, the genocides in Rwanda and Serbia... not one of them deserves to be trivialized and that is what happens when gun-nuts and smokers act like they are being confined to Auschwitz every time a waiting period for guns or smoke free zone is put in place. They want their rights to outrank the rights of everyone else. If I were a smoker I would probably quit just not to be associated with such asshats.

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